Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh NOOOO!!! Missed Blog Birthday and Boucher


Well my blog's birthday anyway. For some reason I had it in my
head that our second Birthday was on the 28th, but it turns out it was on the 25th!!! Nooooooooo

Oh well. That was Thanksgiving this year, so at least it was a well celebrated day! :D

In other news :) I'm working on my research topic for one of my art history seminars and it turned very fun :). I got to chose the topic and picked the sprawled out female nude. Sweet!

So, as part of my presentation tomorrow, there is definitely a Playboy picture thrown in. It is meant to illustrate how one would have felt looking at images such as the Venus of Urbino at the time, and not as we do today. We have become desensitized to images such as these, which are both "artistic" in nature, and thus deny some of the punch of the nudity, in part due to their iconic nature. So I just picked a random Centerfold and hopefully she will convey the emotion I am trying to describe. Oh! And in her pictorial she just happens to be an artist! ;)

Also, Boucher's little Louise O'Murphy! (see above)
I don't care that she was 15 when she modeled for him and then became the favorite of the King and his mistress, she is just adorable! And who doesn't love this pose? I'm reading a (make that 10) book right now, this one in particular discussing this pose and how it is unique in art history and particularly degrading, and I just keep thinking, really? I think this looks like fun! :)

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey Team,

So whoever decided to make a huge fuss about security today was an asshole. 
And wrong. 

(random note of person thought: anyone else think that the terrorists are just picking horrible places to hide their really poorly made weapons in order to result in us having more and more annoying screening? (shoes, then liquids, now underwear.... just saying ;) )

Anywho, so I ended up at my gate about 2 and a half hours before my flight took off and now I am on said flight, which I still have another 2 hours on, and I am bored out of my mind! I have tons of work to be doing for school, and I would have done it at the airport, but there was no wireless (and I didn't get a book from the library bc I was worried I was going to be late to the airport! ha!). I now clearly have wireless, but planes make me sleepy *pout* not that I can actually fall asleep of course. So doing research is so not happening. And the internet isn't good enough to even watch fun stuff on Youtube and I think I've read all the spanking fanfiction that exists. 

and POUT, did I say POUT :(

So I thought I'd come on here and say hey :) and Happy Thanksgiving! :) We're coming up on my 2 year blog birthday, which is crazy, btw. 

Also, my best friend is having her first play date this weekend with a (really sweet) guy (23) for whom this is also kinda a first time thing. So any advice you'd like to send them, post in the comments. I'm sure they would love any last minute words of advice you can give :)

I hope that everyone has safe travels and enjoys their time with families and friends. And for those of you who might happen to be British, this is my response. :) 


DAMNIT. Grrr I wrote all that out before I found the clips. They were very witty. But of course they are not on youtube. The first was of Giles calling all American's "Bloody Colonials" in the episode Pangs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Thanksgiving episode (that happens to be my favorite) famous for and for the "You made a bear! Undo it! Undo it!" and "Syphilis!? It gave me syphilis!?!" and "Angel!....Are you evil?" "No! Why does everyone keep thinking I'm evil!") But of course what i wand it not there!!! *Throws something* HMPH!!! 
The second one was of Russel Brand on Rachel Ray the other day (God I dont' watch that show, but I saw the clip online and it was funny) of him saying that on thanksgiving all Brits hand their head in shame. It was funny :)

Oh well :(

Well, still, have a happy thanksgiving. I might post a Thanksgiving spanking related post tomorrow if I can. :)

Princess Kelley

PS. I need a spanking- anyone want to dish out a few swats? ;)

PSS. Omfg, the women next to me just busted out some very smelly wrap type thing. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! basic manners people. basic. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

happy Halloween!

So i haven't put my photos from Halloween on my computer yet but i realized i could email this one from my phone to my blog. Pretty sweet!

Anyway, this is night one, and my first Halloween of age, and thus in a bar. Uh oh. Kelley in a bar? Recipe for naughtiness!

And this photo inspired my response and thus quote of the night

'Oh you look hot! are you britney spears?'
'thanks! Actually no, im a fetish'


Princess Kelley

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gleeful Spanking


I bet ya'll will be excited. Oh My Gosh! She's actually going to write a post that has to do with spanking! lol

Well, I could spend hours talking about my love of Lea Michelle's voice (and Rachel in general) and how I sang her solo from their version of Don't Stop Believing for my accapella group last year, and how much fun it is to sing songs that someone with a very similar voice to myself is (not that in anyway I think I'm as good as she is! I mean she is beyond a gem (as are Amber, aka Mercedes, and Chris, aka Kurt), but my voice has similar patterns). Sometimes I wish that I could just post the videos for ya'll- its so much fun for people to see me perform. :( Oh well. Its part of a different life. :)

BUT anywho, that is NOT the point of this post. This post is about this picture.
So I first saw this in a blog article linked from Yahoo questioning bullshit about if the cover currently on GQ or this one was too risqué for the show or the actors. Whatever. Like I said, bullshit.
Rachel, as those of you who know the show well know, is in desperate need of a good spanking (hopefully from Mr. Shue in my opinion- actually I read a good fanfic of that if anyone is interested). But regardless of that, Lea's backside....well its just asking for one, wouldn't you say?

(Interesting side note: Lea got her first shot at stardom in the Tony award winning Broadway show "Spring Awakening," and in the show her character is switched. Actually she begs to be switched. I watched the clip though, its a bit creepy in my opinion, but fascinating nonetheless)

I'm just wondering though, if the first time you saw the Glee picture the first thing that popped in your head was this oh so wonderful and just classic National Lampoon cover?

Love ya'll! :)

Princess Kelley

PS. I saved these images over a month ago...damn I'm behind on blogging....maybe I need a spanking? ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Love Pink

The color too, but right now I'm talking about the singer, P!nk as she is officially known on iTunes.

I have been a huge fan of hers since I was 11 and she came on the scene with her hiphop esque first album. Then of course, Misunderstood.... I don't think there has ever been an album that spoke more perfectly to those of us in middle school than that CD. And that was me at the time. Plus "Family Portrait" I truly believe is one of the greatest and most heart crushing songs of all time. I love the vast majority of her songs (Dear Mr. President, Glitter in the Air, Sober, Just Like a Pill, God is a DJ, Who Knew, U and Ur Hand all come to mind), and then of course there is the fact that she has a very similar belt range to me. Thats a singing term. Mine is a bit higher than hers, but that just means all her songs are really easy for me to just belt to the heavens. (I sang Dear Mr. President acapella at my high school (in TX) open mic night- it was fucking awesome)

The song Trouble was my person anthem for about 4 years. I never did anything really wrong (other than get in some fights with teachers....and get them fired :) ) bc I needed to get into college (naturally) but in my mind, I was trouble. Oh soooo much trouble. :)

Hmmm, guess I wasn't too far off....

Well the reason I'm posting this is because I have just watched the music video for Raise Your Glass about 7 times, and I just....LOVE it! I mean some of the animal rights stuff gets a bit intense, but the overall message, and especially the end with her dancing, LMFAO. And I just felt like I really needed to share. :)

Anywho, you should all watch it. And just rock the fuck out. Bc we ARE all awesome, and wrong in all the right ways.
Spankos sometimes, well we tend to look down at ourselves for a good chunk of our lives I feel. Until we find this type of arena, when we realize we're not alone. But I totally know, for that reason and so many more, what this is all about, and I am just so thankful that we are all here together to be able to say loud and clear, "here I am. If you don't like me, fuck you!" And I know that one day we will all be able to say that out loud too. Even if its only to ourselves.

So, we should fucking raise a glass to ourselves because we deserve it.


Princess Kelley

Wow. So I was just adding all of the links for this post, and I was listening to Dear Mr. President...I had forgotten how powerful that song is, even if you don't agree with the political message, the music itself is so amazing. I just want to belt it out! Damn dorm room!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bullet Points

Not joking, so sick of writing in actual writing format, so ya'll are getting bullets. But I promise more non-bullets to come. These are in no order, and of no specific topic. revision- I'm doing pseudo topics separated by spaces...maybe...if html wants to cooperate

  • So Yahoo decided to spam half of ya'lls comments on my last post. Stupid yahoo. I live for comments. They make me feel so special. And had I gotten them I might have been encouraged to do this sooner (unlikely, but possible)
  • Yahoo did NOT spam the 3 from "phonesex." seriously yahoo? Seriously?

  • I am a pharmaceutical company's wet dream.
  • about a month ago I was diagnosed with clinical depression. This is in addition to my generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks. It was bad, but not bad like I know many people who suffer with depression do. Mostly probably as a result of the fact that I was already on meds for the anxiety.
  • I am also in the middle of an identity/existential crisis.
  • This is probably the biggest reason I haven't been on here much, or responding to emails. I just haven't done anything.

  • If you have emailed me, and I haven't responded to you, I PROMISE I am not ignoring you. In fact, your email might have been the only thing that made me smile, or think of this world that day. I read them. I love them. I am a failure as a southerner for not responding. Bc ya'll deserve a response. Thank you for being the greatest friends/fans ever. :)

  • Glee is the best show on television
  • Ok. False. Welllll. Glee is the best show on television, BUT, Supernatural (which is still on tv, but I'm not loving this season) is in the running for best show of all time (currently about to overtake Buffy as my favorite ever. Joss Whedon still rules all though).
  • Glee=singing= Rachel =love=spanking- a post will follow about this i PROMISE.

  • I literally spent 27 hours the other weekend reading Supernatural spanking fanfiction. Some wincest (don't judge, wincest is just slash but better), some not. But yes, 27 hours. This is only slightly abnormal for me.
  • However, there were also fanvids involved. this is abnormal. They have nothing to do with spanking.
  • I also intend to attend a Supernatural convention. Not joking. I am that person.
  • If you didn't understand half of the terminology involved in this section, don't worry. You're normal. (But I must say, so not cool *wink*)

  • Speaking of conventions, no I was not able to attend the Shadow Lane party. Mainly because hosting a "Back to School" party generally means that those going back to school are, hey, what a concept, back at school.
  • Also, given what happened in London this summer, I don't think I will be attending a party unless I am "known" or have a date.

  • Also speaking of Shadow Lane, just rented the new Keith Jones movie, "Smarty Pants." Great film! Love the new girl, she is very pretty. Kinda reminds me of me when I was thinner. Definitely brats like I do. Hey, sometimes the answer to, "are you going to behave?" is simply "No."
  • Also rented for the first time Cold Comfort Farm. Damn. I know that the spanking is pretty weak, which is probably why some people who haven't watched a shadow lane video since the 80s might think that they're all like that, but I didn't care- those girls were hot. SOOO dated, but still hot. And Keith before he turned grey! OMG! Its like when I saw Mark Harmon (Gibbs) was the Sexiest Man Alive in 85 and was young and I was like, wtf?
  • that bullet had too many teenager isms

  • Rachel Maddow rules my world :)

  • I have no desire to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, or for that matter what I plan to do after I graduate! I'm thinking Europe.

  • I like wine. A lot. But alcohol in too large a quantity is baddddddddd (re: don't do shots of Baileys and vodka)

  • I got an Android. Love it. :)

  • My roommate is the hottest thing that God ever created. I kinda forgot this when I asked to room with her. It can be a bit distracting....
  • She needs a spanking SOOOO badly
  • She's Super vanilla. :(
  • I am a massive creeper.
  • There is a photo on here of her ass from a year ago....I've taken more since.
  • Yes she knows I'm bi, but she just likes it because I give her good attention that her long distance stupid boyfriend doesn't give her. And because I can tell her what lingerie looks hottest. And she knows I know these things :)

  • We have a mouse in our room. We named him JJ. Jerry Jr. Bc I had a mouse last year that I named Jerry (Tom and Jerry), so this one is JJ.
  • We may have named him, but we REALLY want him to go far far away.

  • One of my seminar professors is letting me write my research paper on the history of the sprawled out female nude. Not joking. So fucking excited.

  • And speaking of the word Fuck. Two best songs I'm listening to right now that aren't from Glee or directly Top 40
  • Fuck You by Cee Lo Green. Watch this video. Not only is the song awesome but the video is just....omg.
  • Black and Blue by Zach Chance, I have no idea what this video is- just listen to the song

  • Halloween, oh Halloween. I'm sorry ya'll didn't get your annual post, but you will get pictures.
  • Day One. Naughty Catholic School Girl.
  • "Oh! You look so hot! Are you Britney Spears?"
  • "Thanks! No, actually, I'm a fetish."
  • Day Two: Vampire. I don't think my boobs have ever been that out there.

Ok, I'm tired now, that's all I have to say for the moment, but the Glee spanking post as well as the Halloween photos....and maybe some of my sketchy photos of my roommate as well....will be up soon.

I love you all for always

Princess Kelley