Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mom Update

Hey team,
So I just wanted to give you all an update on my mom.s situation. As you all probably remember, my mom was diagnosed with anal cancer around Christmas last year. All of your support meant so much to me and my family- there really aren't words to express how much. I know I didn't do the best job replying and keeping up- I never do- but that really meant the world. My mom laughed that she had so many different people praying to so many different gods, somebody had to listen. And then she laughed that the kink community was praying for her and keeping her in their thoughts- more people can't hurt she said.

Treatment for the anal cancer was really really rough. She went through chemotherapy and radiation, which was a total bitch. At first it was fine but things went down hill quickly. She got third degree burns all in her privates from the radiation. She had horrible diarrhea from everything and so she wasn't eating anything or keeping it down which resulted in such severe dehydration that she had a heart episode and had to be hospitalized. She was in the hospital after that for a couple of weeks so she could have an iv all the time and round the clock care- my dad tried so hard but just couldn't always be what she needed.

After that the decision was made that she would be moved to a nursing home for the duration of the treatment and side effects. That was hard- the place just felt like death to me- but they took good care of her and she preferred it bc she wasn't a burden on the family.

She was released from the nursing home around Easter this year and things were looking up. The diarrhea was finally subsiding and she was gaining weight- she was down at about 106 pounds and is 5 8- and gaining strength. She cut what was left of her hair into a pixie cut which I think now looks cute as its filled in. Her hair is now dark like mine with silver streaks which is strange since she has been blonde my whole life. She has her wig and she was getting back to life as normal.

They went on a trip to celebrate her recovery- just to bermuda so it wasn't too stressful for her- and by this summer things were looking up. A trip to Colorado and Italy were planned and she was stronger and happy.

Then unfortunately we got some bad news. While we got the great news that it looked like the treatment had worked and there was no evidence of cancer, there was a blip on her pet scan on her thyroid that needed to be checked out. They said there was only like a 20 percent chance it was cancer.

It was cancer. We found out actually the day before all state- not a good week that week lol. Thankfully it is a totally unrelated cancer- really what are the chances of that!- and they caught it really early. Plus as far as cancers go, thyroid is one of the easier. They just take out your thyroid and you take medicine for the rest of your life. It just sucked you know? She thought she was done. Had all these trips planned, was excited for life to be back to normal and then bam!

So she put the surgery off so she could travel and enjoy her time as much as possible- residual back problems from the fall off the horse in January and the radiation made golf hard but Italy was good.

So she had her surgery this morning and I am typing this on my phone as she is asleep here in the hospital. The surgery went well they say but she is in a lot of pain. She said its worse than she expected. But I mean they slit your throat open- not going to be easy or pleasant.

So hopefully this is the end of the cancer. Got it all over in one year. Again, thank you all for all the support- you really have no idea what it means to me.

Got to go now. I love you all.

Princess Kelley

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Glitter Photo Shoot

Hey Team,

Sorry for the epic fail in posting. Getting back on that asap. So I have started doing photo modeling in the last two weeks, and while I want to and will write about what that means for me and just yadayada I am feeling lazy right now and just feel like posting pictures. So, here are some of the shots from my latest photo shoot that I did with Young Wang using tons and tons of glitter! :) Enjoy

Princess Kelley