Friday, February 22, 2013

What Should be Question Friday

Hey Team,
So I am sad to say that I did not receive enough questions to do a question Friday video this week. :( I guess I did so many I answered them all! Lol. :) So let's take a break this week and check back in next week and see if there are more to come. :)

A bit of a life update as well. Things are crazy hectic here. I am headed next weekend to Las Vegas for a private spanking party as well as filming with Dana Kane and the amazing Ralph Marvel. Then the week after that, I leave for LA for a week to do vanilla modeling! *crazy scared eyes* It's going to be hectic and frantic. I am going to do my best to keep up with everything here, but I make no promises.

Also, the playbag video is still in the works. I filmed the whole thing and then was beyond disappointed with how it turned out, so I need to re-shoot it! :( Gr. It's on the list. The never-ending list that grows faster than I can possibly cut it down.

Also, been working on TASSP stuff today, and wanted to post a reminder to everyone that it's coming up in June, and you HAVE TO COME! It's mandatory. lol. Jk, but you really should join us if you can. It's a great group of people, and a blast of a weekend. Information and registration information is available and if you want to email us you can at

Ok, going to get back to work trying to dig out from under this massive pile!

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Random 2011 and 2012 Pictures

Hey Team!
So I am currently organizing my new home office, and part of that is putting up pictures. As I decided to start  doing that, I promptly realized that I actually had basically no framed pictures up of people (lots of art I've done, but no memories). I also didn't have sufficient frames. So I went and bought a ton, and have been going through my old printed photos and the like getting things set up. But that also meant that I realized I hadn't printed any photos in at least two years, and needed to go back through the one's I've taken. It's sad actually, how few are of me NOT naked, that I can post to like Facebook, but I did find some random ones of me naked/semi-naked/in compromising positions, that I realized hadn't been posted here before, and I thought I'd share. :)

In chronological order as best I can:

October 2011: Trying on my pirate costume. :) Didn't end up
actually using that one, but I do use and have all the pieces :)
(actually I lost that corset at a shoot recently! goddamn, lol)
October 2011: How could you ever be mad at these
faces??? Back when Mozzie was still adorably

November 2011: The bottom's view :)
November 2011- I don't actually know what we were doing that night. I must have thought I looked cute or something...and my bottom is slightly pink :)

November 2011: From the painting day. :) I've posted
some from this series before I believe
November 2011: Um... kinda freaking love this
 pic for some reason

New Years Eve 2011: Lol, I just love Shay's face in the background. I believe Adam and I were doing a mini photo shoot and I was sending a pic to a boy

June 2012: This photo makes me happier than possibly any picture on the planet. It also makes my head want to explode in the most meta and amazing of ways. This is THE Amelia Jane Rutherford hemming my school skirt for me because I was freaking out and she is the nicest human on the planet IN MY PARENTS KITCHEN. She fixed my mother's sewing machine as well, which my mom really appreciated when they met. I used to watch her videos upstairs at this house... and then she was in it... *brain explodes*
June 2012: so later that week... lol. TASSP 2012
was a difficult week for me. Lots of stress and over exerting
myself. So Paul gave me a wonderful cleansing
spanking and just let me cry it out. I took a pic for y'all since I
pretty much never cry from spankings, and just forgot to post it!

October 2012: Me and my new Daddy at the
State Fair of Texas. :)

Hope you enjoyed!!!
Princess Kelley

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey Team,

Just wanted to pop in and say hi and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Daddy came over last night and is spending a bit of the day here, so I am a happy girl. :) This is only my second time really to have a Valentine, and it is lovely. :)

We did gift exchange last night, and I thought I would share. For Christmas, I got Daddy a bunch of BDSM toys- things he wanted and I knew he would like (a signal whip, dragon's tail, straight razor) in part because I didn't want there to be any chance of anyone accusing me of getting him a gift for me! But then of course after the fact he was all "I thought I was going to get a paddle or something spanking related. I mean, you are the Princes of spanking aren't you?"


So for Valentine's, I decided that I would create a "spanking starter kit" for him. I was planning to get him a few different paddles from my favorite makers and domestic items. It ended up getting scaled back because two of my three favorite makers are no longer creating implements (! come back Mr. Zia and Miss. Kitty!) but I did end up with the most beautiful paddle EVER by Miss Rose (Compass Rose Creations). I was going to get this one for myself, and then thought, oh no, Daddy will love it. And of course he does. It's hickory with what I believe are blood-wood inlays. It's gorgeous. And I brilliantly forgot that I hate wood and have lost almost all of my previously high tolerance. So I now HATE almost every toy I got him! lol. Plus the man is adverse to warm ups, but likes heavy toys- it's an unfortunate mix.

After the beautiful, smooth, well crafted paddle (daddy had crap paddles- I wouldn't let him use them on me), what is the key to any spanko bag? Domestic implements. A heavy (mean) wooden spatula/spoon, wooden hairbrush, and a leather belt. :)

I was quite pleased with how it all turned out if I do say so myself. I was planning on also getting him a leather strap from Cane-iac (and still might) but couldn't make up my mind in time on which one to get him. So we'll see what happens with that.

Best part was, this all stayed well within a reasonable budget (which of course the x-mas gifts did not). :) What do y'all think?

And then Daddy got me the sweetest gift for his little girl. :) Her name is Princess Cupcake. And I love her! She is the biggest baby I have at the apartment. It's funny, she is the same brand as Gabby, who was my other Valentine's bear (from Edward, many years ago). She makes me happy. :)

I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's whether you have one or are brilliantly single! I actually kinda preferred "single's awareness day"- less pressure- but I loved all the handsome men at Central Market yesterday buying flowers. :)

Anywho, got to go! Please leave comments- I haven't received any on my QF video and it's making me sad. :(


Princess Kelley

Update: Results of belt and hairbrush. Apparently I shouldn't answer the door for the repair man in nothing but a blanket after daddy says to go put on clothes and that he will answer it. :-/ Ouchie. :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Question Friday #4

Hey Team,
As always, apologies for the delay. Was a busy weekend, then ended up not feeling well yesterday, and have just been a bit worthless at getting anything done today. But it's edited and up! I hope you all enjoy. :)

Currently working on getting a tour of my toy bag edited. Made the video based on a bunch of questions I received, and it was all definitely too much to fit into a QF video. Expect that mid to later this week.

Thanks for all the feedback I've been getting lately- it really means a lot. Trying really hard to get this back up and going again. As always, please leave questions for the next QF video in the comments below! :)

Princess Kelley

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My 1st Video: 19-yr old me :)

Hey Team!
So in continuation of old videos that I hadn't posted before, I thought I would share this one.

I filmed this when I was 19, with my first ever top/Daddy Edward. Was never intended to be shared necessarily, but there wasn't ever really a purpose to it. Lol. I had never shared before because he uses my real name in it, lol, which I have now just edited out!

This video makes me laugh a lot though. In part because it's still me hiding my face and all of that stuff, but mostly because he is spanking so lightly! He would wail on me but if we turned on a camera it went WAY down, lol. And so I'm spending like half the video trying to brat him into spanking me harder. I curse and I kick and I do everything I can... but Edward being Edward is steady as a rock and possibly even more stubborn than I am. :) There is actually a video that I don't ever plan on sharing that he and I filmed and I had gotten frustrated the first time bc he was playing patty cake, and so you can tell that I had said something along the line of make this one real because when the second take starts he is saying "Oh it'll be real alright little girl." lol

This was during study days that year. I went down to see him for about a week with the intention that being in the middle of no-where (no internet, no cable, he was at work during the day) I would get Tons of studying done! That wasn't entirely accurate, lol, but I did have a wonderful time with him. I believe, if you check far enough back in the archives, there are some pictures from this trip. Would have been in the first couple months of the blog.

So I hope you all enjoy this (all I keep thinking is "God! I was so thin!") as much as I do. It is the only video that exists of me as a teenager, so if nothing else that's pretty fun. :)

Princess Kelley