Monday, June 25, 2012

The Week from Heaven and Hell

Hey Team,
So have you ever had one of those weeks where you just can't seem to stop from bursting into tears for seemingly not enough reason, and you feel every emotion there is to feel, and you are just about to have yourself committed, when blood starts coming out of your vagina, and you almost cry with relief thinking, "oh thank God! I'm not insane, I'm just hormonal!"

Ok, now that I've alienated all of my new readers, and half of the male population, I shall commence with the beginning of what I guess will be a rather long series about my first week as a producer, my first big party, and the joy and frustrations of hosting guests and parties. :)

The craziness for me actually started I think three weeks ago now, when after spending a ton of time and energy on finals, my birthday, and another estate sale for Daddy (I will eventually write about that I think), I could finally start to work on preparations for filming and the final prep for the party. I made the decision in the last few months to launch a members site and a DVD site (that was supposed to already be up, but my goals frequently exceed my actual time constraints and capabilities) when I learned of all of the amazing models that were going to be at TASSP, and how many I could hire and work with. I am going for it, and going to do it my way. Make something that I'm proud of and would want to watch. Things I'm happy to put my name on.

Anywho, so right after the estate sale finished, I decided that I wanted to paint and decorate Paul's house so that we could use it as filming headquarters. I HATE when videos show a "school room" and you're like, "NO you idiot! You are clearly in a hotel!" The only problem with that was wallpaper. Specifically entire rooms covered in what we soon learned were two to four layers of wallpaper. We worked until we were bleeding (literally) for three days, and some friends of ours (Kerri, Mike and Dave) were going to come in over the weekend and just roll on the paint. I kept asking Daddy if we could just go hire a day laborer, but he was stubborn and said we could do it.

He was wrong.

Saturday, Paul came down with what was either food poisoning from bad oysters, or the 24 hour bug, and I lost it. I went into his house, which is always a disaster, but was now covered in wallpaper shavings, furniture was everywhere, and there were holes in the walls we had managed to create while "stripping" the wallpaper (I will spare you the details), and I looked at everything as Kerri walks in, expecting to be able to start painting, and I broke down. She then says "Didn't Paul tell you that I used to be a general contractor? Why didn't you guys call me?" Were he not so sick, I would have murdered my daddy. lol :)

So Kerri made calls to people who have people and we got this guy and after working day and night, we got the place painted. It looked so much better! But then of course, I didn't have time to do any of the other bazillion things that I had left on my list to do, because Sunday night (at 1 AM) my new favorite person in the entire world came to my apartment.

Amelia Jane Rutherford.

to be continued...

Princess Kelley