Saturday, January 28, 2012

Footie pajamas! with ducks! :-D

Shay has spent the last 5 hours sewing these AMAZING pjs for me! We will be adding a drop seat in the morning! Pictures will come of course! :-D:-D:-D:-D

So happy!


Princess Kelley

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Clip! :)

Hey Team,
So I promise to do an actual blog post soon, that has substance and shit, lol. :) But again, please bear with me while I shamelessly advertise myself in the meantime. :) But hey, I mean, y'all still get sexy pictures :)

The Mischievous Student
One of my new favorite videos :) I think the quality of video and of production on this one is just stellar, and I am really happy with the way my body and ass look... which let's just be honest here... is important to everyone! lol :)
So in this one, Paul plays my study hall/homeroom teacher, and I get caught dosing off in class. Instead of being angry at me, he makes a joke about it- but unfortunately, I don't take the joke well, and throw a royal temper tantrum.
He then spanks me over his knee with my own hairbrush!!! He then bares my bottom and continues to spank and lecture until I am promising to never dose in class or throw temper tantrums again! He then sends me to the corner with my bare bottom on display while he continues his class lecture on chemistry! A sassy comment from me has him reminding me what corner time is supposed to be rather forcefully.
I think this will be an instant favorite among my fans. I love it, and I hope y'all do too! :)

Ohmygosh! I can't believe I almost forgot to post this one! I thought it was in the last post! Love you sweetie :)

Skipping Class
Miss Kelley is tutoring Shay in history, and caught her skipping class with a boy when she was supposed to be taking a test in history! Miss Kelley confronts Shay about it, and decides to try a different approach to teaching a lesson.
Knowing that Shay's father is the old fashioned type who still spanks his daughter, Kelley wastes no time turning her over her knee, baring her bottom, and soundly blistering her with her hand and bathbrush until she is promising that she has learned her lesson! :)

This was really fun to film. I am really enjoying getting to explore my interests as a top with girls, and this scene hit really close to home. I have seen students skipping class and just felt my hand itch! (Would never do anything in real life of course! So I get to do it in video!)
Shay is so wonderful and so gorgeous! I love me a redhead! lol. She also has an INSANE tolerance! I would never have been able to take a spanking this hard! She wears my arm out, but it is great for getting to use fun implements in videos.
She is a good friend, and does the best job as a naughty brat! She has the role down pat... hm... I wonder what her husband Adam thinks about her behavior... lol :)
Hope you guys enjoy!

Princess Kelley

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Clips Available! :)

Hey Team,
Getting late, but just wanted to let y'all know that some of the new clips that I have been talking about are edited and available on my c4s site! :)
Hope you all enjoy!
(Oh! And all of these are in .mp4 format. Someone told me that my previous format of .wmv wasn't working on their mac, so I'm trying to be more compat friendly. These are also smaller files so shouldn't take as long to download. I'm working on getting all the older ones converted and will change the files when I can.)

Handicapped Parking
So my friends and I went to a fancy hotel for New Years to celebrate and to film. Unfortunately for me, Adam decided that he had a matter to discuss with me before any of the celebrating or official filming (I said, if I am getting spanked tonight, it's getting filmed! lol, so the girls made do with getting it on camera!).
So Adam has spina bifida which makes his legs not work from the knee down, so he's in a wheelchair. Of course, for me, that just means his arms and hands are RIDICULOUSLY strong and he has amazing endurance.
He is super mobile, and I frequently forget that he is actually technically "handicapped," and that is the excuse I am going to give for why I parked in the handicapped spot at my apartment building! (There is a laundry list of excuses actually that I give to Adam in the video)
This happens to be one of his pet peeves, and he thought he should make his displeasure at my decision known to me through a firm bare bottom spanking over his knee. It's a fun video with a solid hand spanking.
I am sure I learned my lesson! (well...until the other day when it was raining... *wink* just don't tell Adam!)

Real (Pseudo) Discipline: The Messy Car
Well, this was real, but whether or not it is "discipline" is up for debate. This is actually pretty common in real life for most I think, certainly for us. I was naughty, but not in a way that required stern and sincere discipline. But a gentle scolding wouldn't be far afield and a spanking was CERTAINLY earned... and I mean really, I get spanked for being cute some days, so any excuse Daddy has to ACTUALLY spank me, he'll take! :D
This is certainly a good, hard otk hand spanking, delivered to my dress, then stockings, and then bare bottom, but it is all good-natured, and the dialogue reflects that :). Daddy was certainly not pleased to have an "avalanche" of stuff fall on him when he opened the door to my car to help me clean it, nor by having to literally sit in the back seat for a month before I did clean out the front (whoops! lol), but he is not exactly neat, and not typically one to throw stones.
Anywho, I really enjoy this one, and don't worry, my butt got its well deserved tanning for my very very very messy car. :)

Bad Santa, Naughty Reindeer
I promise we were NOT on drugs when we made this video.
Its just a fun video with me in a sexy outfit. The bloopers might be the best part actually. Well... that and my boobs... :)  This is definitely a VERY sexy video. It's mean to excite and to entice.

I did a fun new thing on this video- Picture in Picture. The reaction shot is PnP through the entire thing, and I think the face cam with tons of boobage might be the best part of this hand spanking, cropping, flogging video.
Well, that and the Easter Egg at the end :) You have to watch to find out what! :D
I have never had more fun making a video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do

Princess Kelley

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spanking Tour of My Apartment (and mom update)

Hey Team,
Happy New Year everyone. There is, as I am sure many of you know, lots to post about and talk about. But before I get into all of that, I thought I would share this really fun video that I finally finished editing that is a SPANKING tour of my apartment. (yes, as in there is some spanking in the actual video :)).

Oh, and important update. My mother's cancer has not spread, so that is very good news. The treatment will start soon (and is apparently really barbaric... I mean radiation burns the skin, and the skin they are literally burning is her privates) but will hopefully be really successful. Thank you all so much for all of your kind words, prayers, thoughts, and support. I am sure we will be needing them as this is going to get far harder before it gets better.

Princess Kelley

My Mozzie...

Just because I can...

Princess Kelley