Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spanking Tour of My Apartment (and mom update)

Hey Team,
Happy New Year everyone. There is, as I am sure many of you know, lots to post about and talk about. But before I get into all of that, I thought I would share this really fun video that I finally finished editing that is a SPANKING tour of my apartment. (yes, as in there is some spanking in the actual video :)).

Oh, and important update. My mother's cancer has not spread, so that is very good news. The treatment will start soon (and is apparently really barbaric... I mean radiation burns the skin, and the skin they are literally burning is her privates) but will hopefully be really successful. Thank you all so much for all of your kind words, prayers, thoughts, and support. I am sure we will be needing them as this is going to get far harder before it gets better.

Princess Kelley


  1. LOVE it!!! :) You really do have a great apartment!


  2. And praying for you and your family! Sorry I forgot to mention that sooner! Love ya! (sorry to hijack your post!)

  3. Wow is it like we were just there!! i didnt realize how spanko friendly your apartment was i will have to remember that lol. Love you

  4. Kelley
    My mom had a breast cancer scare last summer and needed minor surgery but it all turned out as well as we could hope. She is fine.
    I will hope for a similar outcome for your mom.

  5. Wow.
    Cancer is one scary disease. I already have you on my prayer list and have just put your mom on there too.

    *avuncular hug, forehead smooch and friendly peck on the cheek

  6. Hi Kelley

    Well, first and foremost (and belatedly) thoughts and prayers to your mom and her situation.

    Your apartment tour was a work of comedic spanko genius. I especially loved how Mozzie seems to be an expert at inserting himself into the foreground of every scene. However we still don't know the answer to the question I posed a few months ago, namely "does the door hit you on the ass on the way out?"

  7. Oh Wow.. I love your place. Hehe, Mozzie was everywhere. A very cute kitty. I hope your mom recovers quickly and gets rid of all the cancer.

    babygirl aka angela

  8. Kelley you have a nice house very nice and spanko friendly as you showed us very well ,very glad your Mummt is getting better lovey ,love and spanks from Tim in u.K.xx

  9. Great video,tour/ thanks for sharing it.It was lots of fun to watch. Thanks, also for the update on your mom. Thinking of your family.

  10. Great post, but I somehow missed the reindeer posting. Or, have you posted that yet?

    Mozzie looks so playful! Great personality for a cat. Still prefer dogs, but Mozzie looks like fun.


  11. I read about your Mom and I want to encourage you in the Lord. Jesus loves you and He loves your Mom. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ touches your Mom and heals her, so that He may get the glory, honor, and praise. God Bless You !!!