Monday, January 16, 2012

New Clips Available! :)

Hey Team,
Getting late, but just wanted to let y'all know that some of the new clips that I have been talking about are edited and available on my c4s site! :)
Hope you all enjoy!
(Oh! And all of these are in .mp4 format. Someone told me that my previous format of .wmv wasn't working on their mac, so I'm trying to be more compat friendly. These are also smaller files so shouldn't take as long to download. I'm working on getting all the older ones converted and will change the files when I can.)

Handicapped Parking
So my friends and I went to a fancy hotel for New Years to celebrate and to film. Unfortunately for me, Adam decided that he had a matter to discuss with me before any of the celebrating or official filming (I said, if I am getting spanked tonight, it's getting filmed! lol, so the girls made do with getting it on camera!).
So Adam has spina bifida which makes his legs not work from the knee down, so he's in a wheelchair. Of course, for me, that just means his arms and hands are RIDICULOUSLY strong and he has amazing endurance.
He is super mobile, and I frequently forget that he is actually technically "handicapped," and that is the excuse I am going to give for why I parked in the handicapped spot at my apartment building! (There is a laundry list of excuses actually that I give to Adam in the video)
This happens to be one of his pet peeves, and he thought he should make his displeasure at my decision known to me through a firm bare bottom spanking over his knee. It's a fun video with a solid hand spanking.
I am sure I learned my lesson! (well...until the other day when it was raining... *wink* just don't tell Adam!)

Real (Pseudo) Discipline: The Messy Car
Well, this was real, but whether or not it is "discipline" is up for debate. This is actually pretty common in real life for most I think, certainly for us. I was naughty, but not in a way that required stern and sincere discipline. But a gentle scolding wouldn't be far afield and a spanking was CERTAINLY earned... and I mean really, I get spanked for being cute some days, so any excuse Daddy has to ACTUALLY spank me, he'll take! :D
This is certainly a good, hard otk hand spanking, delivered to my dress, then stockings, and then bare bottom, but it is all good-natured, and the dialogue reflects that :). Daddy was certainly not pleased to have an "avalanche" of stuff fall on him when he opened the door to my car to help me clean it, nor by having to literally sit in the back seat for a month before I did clean out the front (whoops! lol), but he is not exactly neat, and not typically one to throw stones.
Anywho, I really enjoy this one, and don't worry, my butt got its well deserved tanning for my very very very messy car. :)

Bad Santa, Naughty Reindeer
I promise we were NOT on drugs when we made this video.
Its just a fun video with me in a sexy outfit. The bloopers might be the best part actually. Well... that and my boobs... :)  This is definitely a VERY sexy video. It's mean to excite and to entice.

I did a fun new thing on this video- Picture in Picture. The reaction shot is PnP through the entire thing, and I think the face cam with tons of boobage might be the best part of this hand spanking, cropping, flogging video.
Well, that and the Easter Egg at the end :) You have to watch to find out what! :D
I have never had more fun making a video, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi-
    I normally never make comments on blogs, however I had recalled some where on your blog you saying if any of your readers ever saw your material posted any where else to make you aware of it. I found your clip i guess you would call it of your apartment tour here:
    and just thought I would bring it to your attention incase you where unaware.
    Also since I am de lurking (lol) I guess Ill take this time to also thank you for your enlightening and entertaining blog. Its a great read.

  2. Wow that first clip is like it was totally made for me. I too am in a wheelchair unable to use my legs and also because of spina bifida. My name isn't Adam but other than that I could swear this clip was for me lol. Nice work, love your blog, long time reader of the Princess.