Thursday, February 9, 2017

Go Vote for Me!

Hey Team!

So, this is exceedingly belated (even for me) as the voting on this category closes tomorrow. BUT, I thought it'd still be worth posting about here. If nothing else, it's giving me an extra little push to post something.

As you might recall from my last post (a year ago), I came out of retirement from videos in 2016 to shoot videos as a top. Other than in my relationship with my Daddy, I top probably 90% of the time in my real life at this point, so it was a natural transition, and I love shooting and it's been a blast this past year getting to hang out and shoot with my friends and some amazing people I've just gotten to know.

Well, in the process, I've been nominated for Best New Spanker of the Year over at Spanking Blogg, and it would mean the world to me if you'd go vote for me!

I know that a lot of people that are still here or come back here occasionally do so because they like seeing me as a bottom. And this is of little to no interest. But it's my life, and I've never made any apologies for this blog being about whatever the fuck is happening in my life at the time, and I'm not about to start now. :)

As a bit of enticement, here are some pics from a few of my shoots that were released in 2016. These are for Northern Spankings, Real Spankings, and Kitchen Sink! The bottoms include Ava Nicole, Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Harley Havik, and Syrena! Couldn't be more grateful to everyone I've worked with for the opportunities. :)