Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Clips Up :)

Hey Team,
Again, sorry for the delay- stuff is coming this weekend I promise! :) But I did get a chance to film a bit and post a couple new clips for those who are interested.
Princess Kelley

This one just happens to be my new favorite :D If only bc of the awesome new setting and real lighting lol :)

The Tutor
In terms of how well the final product turned out, I am fairly certain that this is absolutely my favorite video I've done. Its a great scene and a VERY hard spanking (again, those who might have thought my spankings were too light- lol- being spanked frequently really ups the tolerance!) and it looks wonderful :)
This scene in many ways mimics my real life (although reversed). I work as a tutor (which is how I had an SAT prep book on hand) and when I worked as a tutor even in high school there were just So many times that I thought all this girl needs is a good spanking! So I figured, lets film it!

I am a young girl who is supposed to be preparing for the SAT before her tutor arrives, but I got distracted on my cell phone, and once again he arrives before I have completed my assignment. He lectures, and gives me the choice of telling my father or he will take care of it himself. Thinking there is no way he spanks harder than my Daddy, I chose him.
Boy was that a mistake!
Little did I know, that my Daddy had spoken to him already, and he was even aware of the location of my dreaded wooden paddle, which he uses very effectively on my naughty bottom when I decide to mouth off.
The scene ends with me on my tummy, red bottom up, finishing my test :)
This scene is sweet and pretty light hearted in nature, but the spanking is definitely real! As I said, one of my favorite that we've ever done. I hope you enjoy!

Real Discipline: Self Injury
For those who might be looking for the hardest spanking in this clips store, as of right now, this one probably wins. The reason why is probably evident in the title.
I have a bad habit of scratching at my arms when I'm feeling especially bad or scared or self loathing, and this is obviously not something that is allowed. I fell prey to this bad habit again about a month ago, and this is my much over-due punishment for that.
It is quick and to the point in the spanking, though he does a good job of making me feel loved and safe and explaining why I am being punished before hand. He uses his hand, a leather paddle, and a very hard (and brand new) wooden paddle from Spanking Paddles by Walt (I'm a fan of theirs) made from Bubinga wood. Needless to say, I learned my lesson!
Afterwards, Daddy holds me in his arms, and I rub my bottom to try to get rid of some of the very painful sting! I'm realizing that being close to my Daddy all the time is amazing, but my bottom is having a hard time recovering from all his attention! *wink*

As is the case with all of my discipline spankings, this is very real, and very personal, and I hope that you enjoy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back Home

Hey Team!
I'm so sorry for the ridiculously long hiatus. I moved back home last Wednesday and things have not gotten any less crazy! Its good crazy now though. I'm looking at apartments, got my business up and running, and am really enjoying being in my first ever non-long distance relationship! lol, Its taking a lot of getting used to actually, but I'm loving every minute. :)

I have been meaning to post more, but it just seems to have slipped away from me a bit- maybe the break will have been good for me though :) I think I have some things to say now.

I would really like to say first though thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. Some of them were extremely profound and had a huge impact on me, and not just for that one issue. I've been talking to my parents quite a bit lately about this part of my life, and some of the advice I received has helped me explain things to them.

This coming weekend I will be replying to comments from the last 6 months, lol :) I will be linking to the posts when I do, so you can keep track at home *wink* And a spanking will be given as comeuppance and posted at the end of it as well :)

I love you all so much and I'm so happy to be back! Can't wait to get things going again!

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For Your Consideration

Hey Team,
Ok so I really wanted to do a big written post (I have three on the docket) but I just feel like I'm working all the time lately. I'm at work, then I'm home and I'm launching my tutoring company so it'll be up and running when I get home next week, and I've been doing a lot of web work for videos and all that nonsense... but I miss ya'll. I miss my team, and I know that things always go down in the summer (something I never understood lol) but I was hoping to spring up some discussion and get things back to basics a bit!
(a text post?!?! What?? WHERE??? *wink*)

But sadly I don't have the energy tonight- tomorrow maybe. However, I have news that will hopefully result in lots of comments and discussions.

First though, just fyi- before the end of the month, when I get home to Dallas, I am going to sit and spend an entire day just replying to the last 6 months worth of comments and emails. I'm that person that feels like when it piles up I just put it off longer and longer (like cleaning my room) until its a massive ordeal! lol, so I'm going to dig myself out, and then I will start fresh and be a good blogger like I was back in the day when this all first started. I feel like many original "team" members have jumped ship lately, and I'm not sure why, so I'm going to do all I can to bring everyone back.

So the news. I am seriously considering filming with Punished Brats. I have become really good friends lately with their web guy who runs Spanking Resource and Spreview with David Pierson and we've been talking, and Idk, I just think it would be fun. Punished Brats and Shadow Lane are the only studios I would ever consider filming with (other than maybe Amber of Spank Amber) and it would have to be in many ways on my terms, but a lot of the reasons I wouldn't do it before have changed. My parents know (they want me to be "successful") and I have graduated, so I'm really considering it. I'm really curious as to y'alls thoughts though.

My biggest concerns are that first, my body might not be for everyone, and despite the fact that I've been putting myself out there on the internet for 3 years now, trolls, and mean people still upset me. I'm not sure that bringing that many strangers into my "home" here would be good. Second, I feel like some people here are resenting me for "selling out" or whatever. And that is upsetting to me.

For me, the great part about all of this is that it isn't even a source of income I live off- its just for fun and some spending and travel money (though again, my parents knowing everything makes things WAY easier)- and won't ever be. I'm never going to be dependent on this or be a "pro" like some girls. I just really love what I do. That's what has kept me around for so long as it is. The dream would be to be like someone such as Erica Scott who comes and goes in the scene and has had a very long career, but really does whatever the fuck she wants to do, and has a life outside all of this as well.

Nothing is even remotely finalized. My friend at PB (I don't know his scene name lol, sorry!) still needs to talk to David about it, and I would need to talk to him and my man and everything, and just give it more thought, but I really want feedback from ya'll.

Plus I might go on a comment related strike soon, lol, so I vote you should discuss. Should I do it? Would you watch?

Princess Kelley

PS. I was told by a friend that my comment function wasn't working for them :( If that's the case for anyone else please send me an email so I can try to get it fixed! Love ya'll. HUGS

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Video Up! Kelley Spanks Natasha!


Hey team, :)
So its up! After discussing the amazingness that was getting to spank Natasha yesterday in my vlog I remembered that I hadn't actually posted the clip yet. But I have now, and its up! :) Bc Natasha was really hesitant to let me post it at all (it was originally filmed just for my pleasure, lol) there won't get to be any preview clips from this one- sorry guys :(- but I hope that those of you who get a chance to check it out enjoy, and I'd love your feedback on my technique! *winks*

Princess Kelley

Friday, August 5, 2011

Giving My First Spanking

Hey team!
Overdue, but its here!

Highlights for those who don't want to watch it all, but don't want to miss out (though I think this one is really good and you should watch the whole thing.)
1:30- about my bisexuality
2:30- gushing over Natasha
2:50- lessons learned (aka holy crap my hand hurts!)
3:55- apparently I'm a great top
5:20-10:00 what I loved about spanking her
6:15- me deciding I should do some of the video in sunglasses
9:00- me sucking as a sadist
10:00- me demoing on my own ass where the "secret sweet spot" is
11:45-end-  I'm hooked, and the possible future

Princess Kelley

My "Masterpiece"

The video says it all actually... even the "hey team"...

LOVE Y'ALL. Please comment! This one was done specifically w/ ya'll in mind :)

Princess Kelley


Ok, so I'm calling this my masterpiece, lol. I had the idea to put this together awhile ago and finally got around to it. Its meant to be just for fun- clearly none of these were serious or real discipline spankings (I do those too, but I'm usually pretty contrite in those), they're either role plays or just us having a good time and goofing off.
I apologize for the crappy video quality in some of it, but hey, that's how its been, lol. I just decided to start filming for fun back a few months ago- I'm not a pro model or anything- and thus the quality has evolved. One of these clips (which I haven't put up anywhere else before) was literally a spur of the moment, point and shoot camera balanced on toast, behind the scenes kinda moment. Then there are also some of my nice quality ones that I've been doing more recently.

As I said, not meant to be serious. I'm just having a good time, and thought I'd share it with ya'll and have nice fun spanking times for everyone :).

If you're interested, the full clips for all of these are either available here, on my blog or on my clips4sale site.

Clips featured (in order of first appearance):
Birthday Spanking Compilation (c4s)
Back from College Syndrome (c4s and preview here)
I May be Wearing Pearls But I'm Not June Cleaver (c4s)
Spanking Fun (c4s)
Naughty Wife (c4s and preview here)
Consequences of Teasing (here)
Curfew (c4s)
Wet Bottom Spanking (here)
A New Perspective (c4s)
A Letter to My Fans (available exclusively on my blog)
Behind the scenes (exclusive to this clip)

Princess Kelley

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Promo Clip: Spanking Fun with Natasha and Kelley, Parts 2 & 3

Hey Team,
Here's a new promo clip that I just uploaded for these two parts together. Its actually a pretty long promo- I tried to get a bit of everything Quite a few people have purchased part 2, but only a couple have purchased 3 so far... it is a very long part though. And its certainly not for everyone. But I hope y'all enjoy it!

Flight home just got booked! Arriving on the 17th! Soooo long from now in my opinion, but as soon as I get home, you can bet the very first thing I do is going to be to drive to my man's house and get my as spanked! lol :). So filming won't come too much later after that :). And then once I find my new apartment and get settled, blogging will start being a much more regular thing :)

I hope ya'll are having a good summer (and surviving the heat). Oh, and don't forget, comments are my life blood :D (especially on clips- I'm so self conscious when no one rates well or comments)

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Clips: Continuation of the Adventures of Natasha and Kelley

Yay! Excitement! I finally finished editing the rest of my adventures with the super sexy and wonderful "Mistress" Natasha! :) Still to come is the scene of me giving my first spanking, and a wax scene that I still haven't decided about posting yet, but I thought I'd show ya'll the little screen grab montage from these two parts, and send you the links- I'll say more soon- but its past bedtime and I need to head to bed.

Love ya'll!

Princess Kelley

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life Update Vlog: Nervous Breakdown, Telling My Parents about ALL of This, and Other things

Yeah... its long... I actually edited it from 25 minutes down to 15... I go from topic to topic as always (editing made me realize JUST how much I do that, lol) but yeah... it covers the last week and a half. Quitting my job, moving back home, and telling my parents the truth. Oh yeah, and the nervous breakdown.

Love y'all! We'll get back to business as usual (meaning sporadic and crazy but sometimes spanking focused at least lol) soon I promise. Love to hear from everyone.

Princess Kelley