Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey Team,
So this is a rather long (approx 40 minutes- sorry guys! lol) audio post about the idea of limits and my limits in particular.
I discuss (in summary) physical limits, sexual limits, emotional limits, and physical limitations, as well as the various levels of respect that can go along with said limits and limitations.

What I talk about (this is at this moment as close as I'm going to get to a transcript of sorts- I'll try to expand on it after I finish my paper).
How people in the scene (both tops and bottoms) respect other people's limits and the various types of respect
basic respect- ie you don't cross someone's limit
general respect- you don't cross and you understand why they would have that limit but you think that they are less strong than someone who could take more and/or you attempt to pressure the person into changing their mind
full respect- you don't cross, you understand why, and you don't think that person is any less than anyone else for their choices in limits and you do not attempt in any way to pressure them

My Physical Limits
-No blood
-No whips or anything of the sort (including things like rope or those loop things but not including gentle floggers (though I think it goes without saying that for me those floggers that have pieces of metal or hard objects in them are an absolute NO when it comes to me)
-No canes
-No thick wood (frat bats, ect)
-(oh, just thought of one I didn't put in the recording- I don't do the bent over grab your ankles position- its too dangerous as well as completely impersonal and cold feeling)
-No intentional bruising (the story behind this and my personal reasons are in the audio- it is long and I will type it (maybe) later)
My sexual limits (most of these of course change if you are in a committed, exclusive, and loving relationship- these apply more to hookups and play dates with "friends")
-No penis shall enter my body in any way. (if I choose when comfortable, to give head, that is my choice and will be initiated only by myself)
-No kissing men who are spoken for (even if the woman is right there telling me I can)
-No sex does not mean that I don't like sexual play- I do very much so. If I'm willing to let you spank me, 99% of the time that means I'm ok enough for you to see my tits, lol :)
-If you want my clothes off, you can do it yourself (meaning I'm fine being naked, you just have to say when, and often, do it yourself)
-I prefer my spanker and men in general to stay clothed
-At least one person will wear underwear to bed
(oh you also get to hear the story about why I hate penises :) lol)

My emotional limits
-NO degrading- re: no calling me a "bitch" or a "slut." No hair pulling. No spitting. No feet kissing, etc [I do really like exhibitionism and embarrassment- there is a difference]
-After a spanking, aftercare must be immediate (no corner time AFTER a spanking)
-corner time during a spanking can not be too long (see limitations) and you can't leave for an extended period of time- only for a couple seconds to get an implement. You must be in the room
-Just avoid the phrase "you do not deserve..."
-Do not call me a "bad girl" in a discipline setting. I am a good girl who behaved poorly, or a naughty girl
-understand that I have triggers, and that you might have to deal with them, and be kind and understanding while doing so
-ALWAYS respect my headspace

My limitations
-I can't kneel- my knees will pop out of joint. I don't do kneeling anyway, but on occasion it feels appropriate, but it is not possible
-I get dehydrated very easily (you have to remind me to drink water when playing) and get dizzy sometimes when in the corner. I have passed out more than once. Thus, I can't be in the corner for much longer than 5 (max 10) minutes.
-I have panic attacks that make it so I can't breathe. If I say I'm having one during a spanking- which can happen- you have to let me up to get my medicine

-my safe word is "safeword"

Ok team, I think that covers it :) Please listen to the audio if you can- I think its pretty decent. And please, as always, don't judge what I say based on only the typing- I might answer your question in the audio. And also, these are my PERSONAL limits, and I don't think that everyone does or should have the same limits. :)

Princess Kelley

Life Update

Hey Team,

Audio post about what the title says. I don't really say all that much of note (except perhaps for an explanation of the above picture), but I'm about to post an audio about limits, but I just wanted to get all the life stuff out of the way first :)

Love ya'll
Princess Kelley

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Baaackkk

Not that I really ever went anywhere :)

I'm not sure what is crazier- that I now have posted enough posts in February as there are days in the month or that the fact that I hadn't posted in 4 days felt like a REALLY long time.

I'm kinda tired right now- aced a midterm this morning (yay me! lol) and went to Bahgram (hot room) yoga last night, so I'm a bit tired and worn out. So I'm not going to do a big long thing right now, but I will super soon I promise- I actually kinda need to think of what I want to post...I know there are lots of things...but they are totally escaping me right now.

Ok, just wanted to pop in and say hi and thanks for all the comments- I promise I'll get to all of them asap. I love ya'll!!!

Princess Kelley

Monday, February 21, 2011

"Do you think our love can create miracles?"

The Notebook came out a long time ago. And as a person, a girl, who loves ridiculous romance, and loves movies, one would think this would be on my all time favorites list. One of the movies that I would pull out and watch again and again with my tissues near by.

But that's note case. I knew it was supposed to be epic- every girls favorite movie. And I knew that I would love it- everything from the wrap around porches on the big southern homes, to the 1940s hair and make-up. But I just never did. I could never find the moment where I just wanted to cry. Going into a movie just knowing you're going to end up bawling your eyes out- even if you don't know why- for me at least, makes me less likely to watch it.

But tonight, I don't know. I guess I decided to bite the bullet. I wanted to feel like that, to escape into another world the way great movies can. So I'm sitting here, tears streaming down my face, and I can say that I don't regret that decision for a moment. In fact I dearly regret not having seen this sooner.

"But in one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who's ever lived: I've loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough."

Princess Kelley

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Because someone requested a version of the last photo with my face. These are a couple of my favorites from that day (I have a lot of favorites :) lol)

Princess Kelley

The Hangover

Hey Team,

So of all of my super rambly, meandering, what is she talking about audio posts, this one would definitely be the most meandering, lol. :)

Its about my night last night and my drunkenness; my current state of hangover ness; my wonderful relationship with Todd and Suzy; the fact that I am in trouble with Todd and Suzy for getting drunk; talking drunkenly about world politics with my roommate, at one point I start rapping... yah, get excited for that... basically its me, hungover. :)

Just got out of the shower, and while I was in there I was thinking about of all of the things I have learned about drinking and From drinking while in college. This is not in the audio post, so it is not a transcript or summary of any kind (see above for an attempt at that), but rather just something else I thought was fun, and would be fun to post. :)

Brief introduction: I did not drink in high school. My parents are big wino-s and my older brother loved to drink and party. I did not. :) I actually went into college with the mindset of being a non-drinker. That did not last that long. I think 2 months :). I don't drink beer if at all possible bc I don't like fizzy things, and I just don't like beer.
The first night I drank...was epic...ended with my first kiss....and was just...really epic, lol. But that's a story for another time. Here's the list. In no particular order
All learned (sometimes sadly) from experience :)

  1. Water water water is your best friend ever. Coffee is going to do nothing but make you more hungover and it will not sober you up.
  2. Alcohol EDU (which is an online course you are required to take as a freshman) will teach you something, despite the fact that you will skip through the entire thing; and what it will teach you, is how to drink safely. :)
  3. If you start alcohol EDU as a "non-drinker" it will just tell you how awesome you are for not drinking :)
  4. Beer before liquor, never been sicker. liquor before beer, you're in the clear
  5. Tequila is evil!
  6. Champagne will give you a headache the next morning no matter how much water you drink.
  7. On the Fourth of July you can pull of the "what do you mean you don't want a beer? Do you not like America?" This is why it is my brother's favorite holiday. :)
  9. addendum to #8: if you don't know how to mix your own drinks, only let someone that you really trust do it (re: a girl who knows what she's doing, not your roommate or a boy)
  10. When you are mixing your first drink by yourself don't try to judge how much vodka to pour based on the 6ft 4 240lbs guy in front of you that just made his drink. :) (that was an interesting night)
  11. If you go to a party hosted by any sort of singing group, expect drunken singing.
  12. When drunk, and in a singing group, don't try to initiate the most difficult song in your repetior, or ANY sort of "sing off"
  14. It does not matter if you are drinking a $200 bottle of wine, if you drink it out of anything plastic, it will taste like it cost 10 bucks. Thus, if you refuse to purchase some sort of glass wear, buy cheap wine!
  15. When mixing a screw driver in a red solo cup, the first line is adequate for vodka, as long as you fill the entire rest with orange juice
  16. Don't try to say that a screw driver will help you get over your cold bc of all of the vitamin C
  17. If your medicine tells you not to drink alcohol with it LISTEN TO THE BOTTLE! And either don't drink. Or figure out how to take the medicine just at a latter time :)
  18. If someone wants to get on a bus at any point when everyone is really drunk, bc they want to see the monuments, just don't.
  19. If you get your older brother to buy you and your freshman roommate a fifth of vodka to store in your room and he is SO proud to do it (yes, that is my brother, lol) and then he comes back to visit 9 months later and you have not yet finished said fifth, he will mock you.
  20. Rules of Day drinking (according to my brother): Start drinking really early, and just go for it, but pace yourself. Alternate with water. Then around 5 you can sleep for 2 hours but NO MORE, or you will give up and not want to go out that night. (I have never succesfully day drank. And I don't really intend to)
  21. Friends don't let friends drink and text.
  22. Eat something before you drink. Unless you want to be super efficient (and seem like you have an eating disorder, lol) in which case don't eat anything, but be really aware of that fact, and limit yourself to 3 drinks!
  23. Eating once you're past that horrible threshold where you go from happy drunk to sick drunk and you start wanting to cry because you know you can't take it back is just a bad idea. It won't absorb any of the alcohol and you'll just throw it up.
  24. Guys' bathrooms are disgusting. I don't understand how it is that girls, who have way more hair, and shave more places, even those that don't clean their bathroom ever, manage to not have hair and greasy coating every surface of their bathroom
  25. Dirty Girl Scouts (if you ask, I will tell you) are magic
  26. Try not to think too hard about where that beer pong ping pong ball has been....
  27. Playing beer pong with your parents is ALWAYS a good idea!
  28. Playing liquor pong bc you dont' drink beer is not.
  29. Drinking with your parents is a great idea if you like nice wine :) And they are paying :)
  30. I don't like Sauvignons.
  31. If you have the alcohol, you have the power
  32. If you don't like the part of being drunk where things spin, don't drink at sporting events. Things will suddenly seem REALLY high up.
  33. if you make a list like this you will suddenly feel as though you drink a lot, even when almost all of this came from freshman year. And even then you didn't drink that much (see #19)
  34. When hungover, eat a primer coat of something like crackers or bread, then go for the grease :)
  35. Sometimes the pregame with your friends is the best part of the whole night. :)
And of course, the part that is the disclaimer and important (and are things I follow relgiously) Never drink and drive, or let someone drink and drive. If you live in a place where people dont' drive (like me) and are thus walking late at night, don't let people walk home alone, and never think that just because you are sober that you aren't a target. Always be safe, and if you think you or a friend has had too much, get help :)

That was interesting. :) I thought of funnier ones in the shower, but I can't remember a lot of them...

Ok, going to eat something and be a good girl and do something productive for Todd and Suzy so that I can earn good girl points :)

Princess Kelley

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hey team,
So its been a nice day, but a not so nice evening. Just feeling kinda down- stupid hormones. So I'm sorry for being a bit behind on emails.
So instead of doing a full out post, I thought I'd just share this photo with ya'll, which is one of Jonathon's (the spanker and photographer of this photo) favorite from this shoot. (Well, lol, his favorite is not postable, lol :) But he does like this one) and so do I. :) Its just so...simple. :) A nice change of pace amongst all the others from that day.
what do ya'll think?

Princess Kelley

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Author: Robert Louis Stevenson - 1850-1894
How do you like to go up in a swing? Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!
Up in the air and over the wall
Till I can see so wide
Rivers and trees and cattle and al Over the countryside-- Till I look down on the garden green
Down on the roof so brown -
Up in the air I go flying again
Up in the air and down!

I skipped my afternoon class today to play on the swings.
Well not really. I skipped bc i wasn't prepared for class. But i took the opportunity to go pick up prescriptions and buy groceries. It just happens to somehow be 70 here when it should be 30! So when i stumbled upon this little park i decided to give into my inner child, who really isn't exactly hiding anywhere lol, and swing. Higher and higher. Until you get scared you might fall or this time might be that time you Actually go over the bars.

I might be getting older and more jaded every day. But that doesn't mean that swings and stickers, shiny things, a hug, puppy kisses, a baby.s laugh or harry potter songs can't still make me happier than most things. Its all those little things that make life worth while.

Princess kelley


idk. I just like this shot. Its been a weird night :)

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Cab Drivers in My City Kick ASS!!

Hey Team,

I can not even begin to tell you how happy and relieved I am right now. So yesterday evening my mom emails me saying that the cab driver has my wallet and wants to return it to me! Apparently he had found it underneath the seat when he had gone to wash his car and found the phone and called a bunch of numbers before seeing one labeled "mom" and calling her.

(thank god for skype) I called him yesterday and then we scheduled a time and he drove all the way here this morning to give it to me. I gave him quite a big reward (basically all the cash that was in wallet) which he was not hesitant to take, but to me, the money was the Least of my concerns. And apparently, with cab drivers in my city, this happens a lot when peoples' phones are left. I mean, obviously, some people will steal them, but as a cab driver I had yesterday said "I don't want anything that isn't mine." And as he said this morning when I was just telling him how much this meant to me, "I have children. I have to teach them honesty." All he asked was that I send an email to the cab commission saying what he'd done for me. Something I am more than happy to do.

When I found out... I had already canceled all my cards and gotten a new school ID, suspended my phone and ordered a new one. I made a list that had everything in my wallet on it, trying to figure out what was replaceable...It was the irreplaceable things that were the most upsetting... but I kept it together. But when I found out... I just cried. I just broke down and sobbed from being scared and stressed and from the relief.

I just am so grateful that there really are such good people out there, and that they would be so kind to a stranger.

Thank you everyone here for all of your support yesterday- it really meant a lot to me. Nothing like this had happened to me before, and it was just very difficult. I also thank you for all of your kind thoughts and words of hope and encouragement. I am a true believer that positivity like that can make a change, and maybe it helped him bring it back to me :)

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worst Day Ever

Hey Team,

So this day started out so well. I went to my nutritionist, had a good week, made good progress, was happy. My paper was finished, the sun is shining.

Then I was at Trader Joe's checking out, and realized my wallet was gone.

Now for most people that's just a pain. For me that means that my phone, my ID (school and licence), my key, my credit cards, my cash, my insurance cards, a prescription I needed to fill, and quite a few memories (including a note I got from my late Mommy Mary from the day before she died) are all gone.

So I waited outside my doctor's office (she had gone for a run) to see if she had it. She didn't. So she let me call my mom and loaned me $10 so I could atleast get back to campus! I've already missed one class, I haven't eaten anything today, and have no money to buy food.
It seems that I dropped the wallet into the cab when I was getting out. Or dropped it in the street.

I just can't handle this.

Thank god for skype- I was able to call my mom again, and the people at security in my dorm let me in, but I just like don't know what to do. The only form of identification that I have is a photo copy of my Italian student visa! Sigh. I've been carrying my wallet like this for 4 years and have NEVER lost it. It is literally my entire life.

I just don't know what to do. Its like I just want to cry, but I'm not crying. Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet. (I've also never lost a phone, and never had to get all new numbers before). I will be phone-less for 4 days. Which means that I won't leave my computer or the internet ever because if I do I will have a panic attack.

I know that I need to now go to the office that does the student ID's so that I can get in buildings. Hopefully they will put some meals to the cafeteria on their for me so that I can get something to eat. Then I need to go get a new key to my room. My poor roommate will have to get a new one too- they will change the locks. Oh, and I still need to turn in my paper.

Then I'll just try to call every single cab company (of course I don't remember the name or number) in this huge city. Oh, and I'd just gone to the ATM yesterday- I highly doubt someone would give that back.

Like I said, one of the worst days ever.

Princess Kelley

Hopeless Romantic

Hey Team,
so it is really late, and I am like a dead man walking (too many late nights will catch up to you) but I just really wanted to post this real quick. (I finished my paper a couple hours ago btw. It took in total an hour and 15 minutes once I actually got started around 11 lol).

But anyway, so I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm not sure if that has adequately been expressed on here enough, but its true.

So I was chatting with Jonathon today (my friends with benefits spanker who I love to death :)) (and who also asked me to be his Valentine, aw) and not only did he make my life by having all 100 photos of me from our first time together that I lost only a couple months after we took them (and 95% of which ya'll haven't seen and 100% of which make me happy) but he also sent me a song for Valentines Dayyyy :). It was Valentine by Martina McBride and it just made me feel all mushy and gooey and happy inside :) Sooo cute.

So anyway, after that I was finishing up making this necklace I had started (I make jewelry and have a small jewelry line) only because I didn't want to lose the loose pearls I had floating around and didn't want to lose them. But anyway, so I start listening to music on my iTunes that I think is romantic, and I just had to share this one. :)

So anyone on here who is roughly my age will remember which boy band team they were on. I personally was an AVID 98 degrees fan for a very long time, but I have always respected the music of Nsync and Backstreet Boys. But the best I think are the *Nsync love songs. Most especially Drive Myself Crazy, This I Promise You, and God Must Have Spent A Little More Time on You.

So This I Promise You is technically a wedding song. And while I know that there is no way I will have an *Nsync song played as my first song at my wedding, I honestly think this song really encompasses everything that I hope the love I have for the man I marry will be.

Princess Kelley (still searching for her Prince Charming)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Its like a pink cupcake with frosting :)

The after effects of the photo below
Valentine's Day, 2009
A very, shall we say "happy" (read: drunk) Princess Kelley on Single's Awareness Day, 2008

Hey Team!

Happy Valentine's Day. Or, to those who prefer, Happy Single's Awareness Day :).

I'm supposed to be working on my paper right face Nana thinks that is what my furious typing is for, hehehe :)... but I'm not worried about it. I just looked at it again, and its only 3-4 pages double spaced. I mean come on! I wrote a 19 page research paper in one night and got a 94 on it last semester. This is cake! lol, but I do need to get it done. ...(want to know a little secret? I think I might just be putting it off in part because I want to get Todd's attention...*bites lip* Is that bad?)

Anyway but I just had to come on here and wish everyone a very Happy Valentines! When I was younger, this used to be my absolute favorite holiday. I had never once had a Valentine until my ex, but that didn't stop me! I mean any holiday that is all about Love and chocolates and flowers and hearts, I can get behind that!

But it has been a surprisingly fun day actually. It miraculously got REALLY warm here today, and I got flowers both from my parents and my Nana and Papa, so my room is very sunny :). Ans while I may not have a boyfriend right now, I have multiple Valentines (in my world that is allowed, since one of them is my super old and married Papa, lol) all of whom are very special to me, and so I am happy to celebrate this day of love. :) Because love is way more than just the person you kiss goodnight. :)

So here are a couple pics that make me think of Valentine's- either bc they are from that day or they just make me think of it :).

Kiss (and spank) the person you love and go tell the other people in your life that you love (even not romantically) that you love them. There is never a bad time to do so. :)

Princess Kelley

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Lost Photo

So I'm not sure if I'm awed or disturbed my this, but I am apparently able to identify myself by my ass now. This was on the profile of one of my ex's who friended me on Fetlife, and I was like WTF is that me?!? I've never seen that picture before!?!?

Apparently I have, and I gave him permission to use it, lol, but it was not on my computer and I don't remember it. But yes, that is me, and I'm sure that was a fun night :)

Princess Kelley

PS. not happening :)

Nervous Excitement

Here is an audio recording I did a couple days ago about going to this party in March. It recounts my nervous and excited anticipation, discusses my best friend, and also a character flaw of mine that comes to front in groups of large people.


Princess Kelley

PS. Thank you for all of the emails and comments lately! I feel very flattered and a bit overwhelmed! :) I am wanting to respond to all of them right now, but I have a paper due on Tuesday and my Papa is being a meanie head and saying that I could post this but then I have to do work before I can do more spanking stuff.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Photos You Never Got To See

Photos from MANY moons ago (I'm pretty sure these are September 2008). The first spanking photos of me ever taken. I'm not sure if any of these have been posted on the blog before. But if any were, they were killed in the iconoclasm. The FILES were then lost during the death of my computer last year. I saved them from an old email an hour ago. (Listen to the audio post from the last post).

Princess Kelley

PS. I am going to get this body back if it kills me. At least I know that I had it at one point...and I thought I was too heavy then too! lol. But I'll get there, I know I will :) the healthy way this time :)

PSS. I still wish that the one that is my profile picture could be my desktop background lol :)

Thank God I Never Delete ANYTHING

OMG, So I just re-found a ton of my oldest photos that are honestly the best that I have in an old email (like 4 years old).
This is me really happy about it, and then talking about nostalgia, freshman year and my time with Edward.

Princess Kelley

Audio Format Poll

Hey Guys,
So I would really love it if you would answer these poll questions for me in regards to the audio post format. I like it a lot, but I worry that it may be turning people away or scaring away any newcomers. Feel free to choose as many answers as you like!
Please be honest, and let me know your thoughts, "others," and comments, in the comments section.
Princess Kelley

Do you like the new audio post format?
Sorta free polls free polls
If Yes, Why?
It makes it seem more personal/ intimate It means you post more often I like knowing what you sound like You edit yourself less It allows me to do other things at the same time I'm an audio/visual learner Other free polls
If No, Why?
Dude, I know what you sound like, just get to the point! (For Francesca) I have trouble downloading the files I'm not comfortable downloading the file I hate your voice It takes for freaking ever. I just want you to get to the point You talk too fast/I can't understand you other, post in comments I miss reading I prefer to not know what you sound like, and rather imagine it in my head free polls
If Sorta, Why?
I like the idea, but you use it too often I like the idea, but they are too long I like the idea, but I won't/can't download a file I like it, just not for every post Other free polls
In general, you wish that I would
Keep posting! More More More! Stop this nonsense all together Post, but always have a written summary/transcript Use this format, but only for special posts Use it, just less often Keep doing what you've been doing Other

Friday, February 11, 2011


Since I posted so many photos on fetlife last night, and the last few posts here have been picture free... well I thought I'd give ya'll something fun too :).

I would like to say thank you to everyone who gave their two cents in regards to whether or not I should post this picture. In the end I decided in large part based on the fact that this photo does feel so artistic to me, and I am never one to shy away from art (that would go against my entire belief system). If all my photos were to come out at some point, this photo would not be the one that would cause me worry. It is not just a shot to to show my boobs. It is a sensual moment and an artistic revelation.

So, every rule has its exception, and this is mine.

Princess Kelley

Weekend Goals

Hey Team!

So, lol, as you might have noticed, yesterday was kinda an exhilarating day for me! Between the nasty comment, realizing I'm going to a spanking party, becoming a member of a new (for me) spanking community, and then the visit from my idol Erica Scott, it was quite the day!

I actually spent some time on fetlife last night (something I basically never do- I go maybe once every 6 months to accept friend requests and read messages), which was how Erica found this blog it turns out, and added photos and stuff. So this morning I wake up with 36 unread emails! God, you spend 5 minutes there and its like pow! lol. But also a lot of emails were from people here and old friends, so thank you for the wonderful wake up this morning :)

Anyway, so I was in the shower and thinking about all of the things I want to do here and in the community and all the posts I want to do and the emails I want to send, and I thought about some goals that I've had for the blog for a while now, and though, hey, why not get them done this weekend?

So here is my weekend goal list.
  1. Return the blog to its former glory. By this I mean restore all of the images from the posts in 2008 and early 2009 (wow, have I really been blogging in 4 different years now...holy crap) that were removed during The Great Iconoclasm of 2009. I'm not sure if I'll be able to remember what all of them were originally, but I'm going to try!
  2. Finish Archive. Not really sure if this is a feasible goal for a single weekend, but I'm going to try. (the archive btw is those drop down menus in the right side bar)
  3. Return all emails. Again, lol, not sure if this is feasible, but I'm going to try!
  4. Create a poll on the audio posts.
  5. Do an audio post about the upcoming spanking party.
  6. Do an audio post about why I love spanking aka Back to Basics.
  7. Do a written update of an About Me. I wrote a "who I am" when I first started this blog, but a lot has changed in 3 years, so maybe I should do an update.
  8. Do a written tale (with pictures) of my recent spanking with Jonathon. I haven't forgotten, I promise!
Wow, so that ended up being a lot longer than I first, do I have any homework this weekend?...

Princess Kelley

PS. If you want to find me/friend me on fetlife, I'm on there as spankedprincess. If you want to friend me please send me a message saying that you read the blog, or if you have actually communicated with me, or if you are a commenter, say that. Fetlife is kinda like the black hole of fetishes, and to be honest half of the people on there scare the crap out of me. So just let me know you're a reader, and a spanko, and we'd probably be good :)

Erica Scott


I don't know if I'm more concerned that my little unintentional foray into gossip got so far that Erica had to comment on it, or just AMAZED AND HAPPY AND having a freaking panic attack that ERICA FREAKIN' SCOTT knows I exist!!!!!

Lol. Sorry for being a fan girl ya'll, but if you haven't noticed by my endless commentary on her and Keith Jones, she's kinda my idol :)

So everyone, we have distinguished company. Best behavior ya'll *wink*

Princess Kelley


(title is a Rachel Maddow quote in case you didn't know. :) I adore her)


Ok well ya'll don't have to freak out, but you know I am, at least a little bit (given all that's happened). Lol. In March, over what is my spring break, a party that I got invited to is happening, and Francesca agreed to go with me, so now I feel safe and confident!

More details to come in an audio post tomorrow :)

Todd and Suzy- email me! I miss you, and want to talk to you about this :) Hugs

Princess Kelley

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hey Team,
So I've been watching the Millionaire Matchmaker (a show on Bravo) and have been thinking lately about getting back out there, and into the dating scene, looking for a long term relationship. So this audio is about that and the concept of "non-negotiable's"- one of the Millionaire Matchmakers signature tenants. (Things like religion, wanting kids, etc.)

(The list (for Francesca, who already knows what I sound like and wishes I'd just give her the summary ;)). 1. Spanko, 2. Willing to Commit, 3. Gentleman/Good Man, 4. Driven/Has a Zest for Life, 5. Tall-ish (don't judge! Listen to the audio for reasoning))

Listen to the audio for my thoughts on this (starts around minute 7) and for my thoughts on getting back into a relationship. (this is in the correct format since it was recorded on my computer)

What are your 5 non-negotiable's? What do you think of mine? What do you think of the concept in general (please only answer that if you've listened to the audio and actually understand the concept- don't flame me if you don't know what's going on please :))

Princess Kelley

Damn Roommate!/Body Image

Ugh! In the middle of an audio post when my roommate walks in! Its like SERIOUSLY?! The girl is gone for hours at a time and then she somehow manages to show up at THE most inconvienent times. GRRRRRR

Go Packers.

First three minutes before I get cut off- basically me talking about football, lol. :)

Ok so I decided that if I can't make my new audio post that I would post an old one that I made but never posted a couple weeks ago. I recorded it on my phone in the airport before I went up to visit Jonathon. I honestly don't remember what all I talk about, but I know I talk a lot about body image, and its long and certainly on the more serious side. I know that I have probably talked about this way too much on here, so if you want to refrain, feel free :). But here it is until I'm able to get some privacy and record something else :)
Update 2: My "trial subscription" to my converter that converts the sound files from my phone, so sorry team, but its in AMR form, lol. :( Fail. Just epic fail.
Update 3: Listening to the audio..not all about body image...kinda interesting...maybe?

Princess Kelley

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spanking Info Help Please :)

Hey Team,

So I'm going to write you something longer asap, and I was going to do another audio post (which I REALLY want to right now) but my roommate is in here so boo :(.
Anywho, so I'll just get to my question(s).

I was watching Part 2 of the Being Keith Jones Trilogy from Spanking Epics (you have probably heard me talk lots about part 3) called Trouble in Carson's Gap. I LOVE COWBOYS. lol, great movie. You should really download it. lol. anywho, so there was a guy in it as a spanker that I had never seen before, but who I am now kinda in love with, lol. His name is Sam Hill and he does a few spanklets and movies with them. He seems to be with/married to a woman named Renee Evans. Now I have spent the last hour googling and have found NOTHING on him outside of this site! How can that be! Well it can be bc his name is goddamn Sam Hill which, even when used with spanking, leads to a LOT of Google results! Grr. So, questions:

  1. Who in the Sam Hill is Sam Hill?!?!?! What has he been in, does he still do any videos? I want details people! :) I know you can do it team!
  2. Has Steve Fuller done anything lately? I'm kinda secret fan of his :) I love when he and Sierra get together- I think they would make a great couple. He doesn't rile quite the obsession in me that Keith does, but I always like what he produces, and always enjoy watching him :) (I certainly would love to be over his knee lets just say that, lol).
  3. What in the world happened to Sierra? She disappeared off the face of the earth it seems. I hope she's doing OK. Has she been in anything lately?
  4. Paris Kennedy. What do we know about her? She had such an adorable little pout and such a spankable bottom! I'm a fan :). Who else has she worked with?

Ok, headed to bed. Going to have to just hope to dream about spanking since I got interupted again tonight ;). But I've got lots in the "spank bank" so to speak ;). A good, caring, discipline scene strikes my fancy right now.... more will come soon, I promise.

Princess Kelley

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picture Post Number ...

Hey team,
Sorry for being a "tease" lol. :) My family is visiting this weekend so I've been a bit busier than usual, but here are some pictures to hold you off for a bit longer :)

Princess Kelley

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tits and Ass (won't get you jobs, unless they're yours)

This was one of my favorite songs in high school and my last post made me think of it. I hadn't heard it in years but can still sing it all by heart. Just so wonderful. Given that most of you men probably have never even heard of "A Chorus Line" I thought I'd post a link and the lyrics.

Dance: ten; Looks; three.
And I' still on unemployment,
Dancing for my own enjoyment.
That ain't it, kid. That ain't it, kid.

"Dance: ten; Looks; three,"
I like to die!Left the theatre and
Called the doctor for
My appointment to buy...
Tits and ass.
Bought myself a fancy pair.
Tightened up the derriere.
Did the nose with it.All that goes with it.
Tits and ass!

Had the bingo-bongos done.
Suddenly I'm getting nash'nal tours!
Tits and ass won't get you jobs
Unless they're yours.

Didn't cost a fortune neither.
Didn't hurt my sex life either.

Flat and sassy,
I would get the strays and losers.
Beggars really can't be choosers.
That ain't it, kid. That ain't it, kid.
Fised the chassis."How do you do!"

Life turned into and
Endless medley of
"Gee it had to be you!"

Tits and ass!
Where the cupboard once was bare
Now you knock and someone's there.
You have got 'em, hey.
Top to bottom, hey.

It's a gas!Just a dash of silicone.
Shake your new maracas and you fine!
Tits and ass can change your life.
They sure changed mine.

Have it all done.
Honey, take my word.
Grab a cab, c'mon.
See the wizard on
Park and Seventy-Third

Tits and ass.
Orchestra or balcony.
What they want is whatcha see.
Keep the best of you.
Do the rest of you.
Pits or class.
I have never seen it fail.
Debutante or chorus girl or wife.

Tits and ass,
Yes, tits and ass
Have changed...My...

(for the record, I am 100% natural, and will stay that way until I have kids at which point I will get a breast lift, or lets just be honest here, I'm going to start poking eyes out if I turn too quickly. They already have a tendency to go places on their own without adult supervision, but lets not see what happens when they're at my navel, lol. Other than that, I think I'll stay away from the knife. Doesn't mean I don't love this song though!)

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to Post Pictures?

Hey Team,

I've got some stuff brewing in the works here, but I am wondering how in the world I want to go about posting these pictures?! There are so many good ones, that I just don't know what to do. Part of me wants to hold a lot back, and save them (for the next dry spell (or a rainy day I suppose)) but the other part just wants to post them all at once!!! (Have I mentioned before that I'm not a particularly patient little girl? ;))

I think I'm going to be good and post them over time, but here is what I believe is my absolute favorite from the entire bunch.

New profile pic? :)

Now, question. My other favorite is one of me fully nude on a bed, that is a very artsy piece, that I Love! However, I have a policy that I have thus far always stuck to, which is no topless photos on the blog. I am not ashamed of any of my photos, but I like that fact that were all of this to get out that I can say that I was never just that girl that sent topless pics to her boyfriend. I'm a model, and a blogger, not a porn star. Also, I like that there is a little something left to the imagination.
This picture though, in my mind, falls in the art category, which for me normally would mean that different rules would apply. So I am wondering what ya'll think? Should I maintain the one rule that I have actually managed to stick with, or are ya'll just all horn dogs and want to see my tits? lol :) Seriously though- what do you think?

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photos are In!

Yay!!! I got a new camera cord! :)
Just a small teaser sampling for now. I'm on my way to dinner, but I thought I'd go ahead and post a couple. Jonathon did a GREAT job- and I have almost 100 that I love (after deleting the horrible ones of course, lol). He does however seem to have thing for my breasts in many ways (lots of photos of me changing) and I have a small rule about no topless shots...but there is one I might make an exception for :).)
Get excited team!

Love ya'll :)

Princess Kelley