Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Hey ya'll!

I'm so sorry that I've been away for a while, I'm actually on a cruise in the Carribean right now, which in theory should be fun. Unfortunately, I got very very seasick last night, and also just discovered that I have a sinus infection, so I'm not feeling so great :(. Not a very good way to start off the new year, but it should still be fun.

Its odd actually. 2007 was what I would call the best year of my life- most certainly the most eventful. I graduated from highschool, moved across the country and started college and just had the most amazing time. And this year has been interesting in that it feels like it has been very up and down (which it has), but this year has been the year of spanking! I got spanked for the first time in April, something that I keep forgetting. It seems like its been so much longer! So regardless of the ups and downs, this year has been beyond rewarding, and I've had so many dreams fulfilled. But I will say that I am very happy about starting 2009. I think its going to be good for me.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday, and has a very safe and happy New Year! I promise I'll update soon. (actually, I'm going to be seeing John on Monday, on my way back to school, and I have some punishments coming, so around then will be a great time to introduce him).

Princess Kelly

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Punishment spanking

I can never again say that I’ve never cried from a spanking. Though granted this not by any stretch of the imagination the hardest spanking I’ve ever received. MAYBE it cracks top 10. I’d say top 20 probably. And yet, it’s the only spanking I’ve ever cried real tears from. I’ve sobbed from spankings before. Actually, since the first time I did that, that’s become very common for my punishment spankings. I’ve always known that crying is, for a lot of women, from the emotion of the spanking than from the actual pain, and it appears that is how it is for me too.

Back Story: So last week, the day I got back from my wonderful 5 days with Daddy, I went back to my dorm room, and tried to study for my final the next morning, but for some reason I fell into this kind of depression. It was like all the negativity and stress just came rushing back to me and I was completely overwhelmed. And my roomie (who I love more than the world) wasn’t back from her trip yet, and I just felt incredibly alone. Needless to say, I did Not do well on my test the next morning, and that was just the breaking point. I couldn’t handle it. I called Daddy, crying on the floor of my room, yelling about how I failed, and he told me to go for a walk, to just get out and clear my head. Well…about 10 minutes into my walk, I decided to run away. Yes run away. Yes I realize I’m 19 years old, and too old for that, but I did it anyway. And my plan was to just go explore- take a bus wherever it took me, but instead, I went and met up with John, the spanker I mentioned a couple posts ago. He and I had been talking for a while, and I’d met him the week before for coffee. But I ended up just going there, and then I went to his house, got spanked, and then stayed the night, and part of the next day, and my “walk” turned into a 24 hour adventure.

I will write about the details of that adventure (and John’s EPICALLY hard spankings and hand) another time. But let’s just say Daddy was not happy. It was incredibly impulsive, and I’ll admit a bit reckless. John is now the 3rd person to ever spank me, and I’ll admit that the first time with each was rather spontaneous..or if not impulsive, then not exactly super safe. And it’s hard to look at them as dangerous, when everything has worked out so well for me. But Daddy was NOT pleased….and I won’t go into all the details of the drama of the few days after that, but I did not consider all of the ramifications of what I had done. I just did it. I needed to escape. I needed…. I don’t know… like I said, I was spiraling.

So he and I figured everything out but it was decided that I would be punished. Hard. So I was bratting around on Friday afternoon (I arrived on Wednesday night and we celebrated Christmas on Thursday [read: I got a day off from punishment] and I left on Saturday), and after I got a pretty hard hand spanking for something- I honestly can’t remember what at this point, I asked Daddy if I could go ahead and have my punishment spanking. He nodded solemnly, and sat on the edge of the bed. He placed me across his lap, my torso resting on the bed, my bottom already bare, in nothing but his button shirt that I stole long ago. He gave me a VERY hard hand spanking, and I was squirming and struggling by the end.

Daddy and I keep a punishment book outlining all of my misdeeds and on occasion the pre- assigned punishment. Daddy had decided that for part of my misdeeds I would receive 100 strokes with the domestic discipline strap. So I knew what was coming. But before we got there, Daddy picked up the bathbrush, and I pleaded “no daddy! No! please no!” but he just said to count to 10. I did, with a sir after every count, just like a good girl. Then Daddy stood me up and told me to take off my top, asking me how Daddy straps me. I knew the answer, it’s always in the nude. He had me bend over, my elbows resting on the bed. I hung my head down and let my hair cover my face, and I got ready.

I don’t know what it is about strappings but I take them much better than I take any other punishment. I rarely, if ever move, reach back, or plead. I may suck in a breath, or yell out, and I know my knees buckled on a couple especially hard swats, but I always keep the count, and Daddy always tells me I take my punishments very well- something that always makes me feel great inside. I love making my Daddy proud.

He started the strapping on my already sore bottom, alternating sides after 5 or 10 swats. Around 30 though he started to lecture, saying how much I worried him when I didn’t call, and how dangerous what I did was. I took all of that in, and was fighting the pain and then all of a sudden he says how much I hurt him. That my actions and what I did had caused him anguish and pain. And I couldn’t take it. I just started to cry. All of the emotional crap that had been going on just burst again at the thought that I hurt my Daddy. The man I love more than the world. I never ever meant to hurt him, or make him question us. What I did was really a response to my bf M, and how he had been treating me. I was careless and reckless with both my safety and my Daddy’s heart, and that was just too much for me to take.

I was crying with every stroke, but I took them. I needed them, I knew I deserved it. At 50, Daddy stood me up and held me, held me tight and said I was taking my punishment so well and I just sobbed in his chest and begged him to forgive me. That I never meant to hurt him. I don’t think he said much….I know he was still upset (honestly, he’s still upset today, and I almost wish he had gone ‘til 200 if that would have helped) and I asked him if we could finish. He kissed me and bent me back over and I got the rest of my hundred, crying most of the way. But not from the pain really. I mean I’m not going to lie, some of those strokes killed but it wasn’t the worst I’ve received from him. At 100 he held me and sat on the bed and let me curl in his arms. I calmed down, and asked for a tissue, which he got for me, and he kept holding me, til he said, “you know you still have the bathbrush coming right?” And I clawed at him and pleaded no daddy no! Please it hurts! He paused and said that I was getting 25.

He brought out the folding chair and put it in the center of the room. He beckoned me over and I lay across his lap after handing him the brush. I screamed at the first smack. By 3 I was clawing at his ankle saying that I couldn’t take 25, and he sighed and kept going. By 5 I was crying again, pleading, saying how sorry I was, and he said, “5 more baby, count them.” Those last 5 were excruciating! It felt like fire! Then he put the brush down and said he was going to finish up with a hard hand spanking. Not much consolation but at least it didn’t sting so much. And I think it was nice and personal, to help both of us.

In the end I was crying again as Daddy picked me up and sat me on his lap, as I begged forgiveness. He was hesitant and I cried harder, saying that he should spank me more if he wasn’t done because he had to forgive me! He sighed and kissed me and said he did, he promised. And that he loved me. He stood me up and I sniffling asked for a new tissue- the whole box I yelled as he went to get them- then he came back and I was lying on the bed, rubbing my sore bottom and he sat with me, petting my hair, saying that he loved me. I looked up at him, and he said, “and you look so beautiful when you cry from a spanking.” (I have to disagree).

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!! I'm sorry that I didn't update sooner, its just been a bit of chaos around here. Between my mother griping and nagging all the time, and seeing all of my friends, and getting ready for Christmas, I've been pretty busy. My family is actually going on a cruise on Sunday, and then I go from there straight back to school, so I'm only home for a week and I have so many friends to catch up with! But its been lots of fun.

For anyone who was wondering, I was on Santa's nice list this year! :) I got some lovely presents, and no switches! Though I guess we can count that bathbrush Daddy gave me as my naughty present *pout!* And yes, I have been a bit naughty this year, but all of my misbehavior was punished with lots of very thorough spankings so I think Santa decided the good girl should be rewarded. :)

Anywho, I'm going to do some updating tonight, and also I'm going to be making some changes to the blog in regards to privacy. It makes me sad that I have to, but I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and people have been saying that I should, and I don't want something that I do when I'm 19 years old to come back and bite me in the ass later on.

Well....ok I'm out of things to say on this post....lol...moving on!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all :).

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Brat is Back

Well, she never went away, she was just weighed down a bit by stress for a while. But she’s back. And oh is she ever making up for lost time! *wicked little grin* :) Nervous? You should be.

To be Continued….

Christmas gifts and First Aid: what they have in common

My Daddy, as always, was too nice to me for Christmas, and got me the most wonderful gifts. I must say though, that the best part about them was how easy it is to see how well he knows me.

Chocolates- does this really need explanation? My love for chocolate (or food in general) is possibly the only thing on this planet that could even come close to rivaling my love for spanking. :)

A Souvenir Spoon- I collect them. He remembered. Aww :)

Panties- Squee! :-D So those very pretty panties that I mentioned after my last visit are now in my possession (along with 5 more pair that I bought when I dragged him back to my favorite store (VS of course!) yesterday!). I have a HUGE panty fetish, and I will write a post about it sometime soon, promise. J But can I just say, that men can NOT agree on what they like! Lol, yes I realize that all men are different, but you would think spankos would have some sort of consensus. Alas no. I thought that there was an agreement against thongs until I met M, and that dream got shattered! Sigh. Well I suppose I’ll just have to wear what I like, and ya’ll will just have to deal with it :-P. Oh, and btw, what I like is usually lacy, but sometimes just playful, or bratty. Any color that’s pretty. Either low rise bikini, boy shorts, or my favorite- cheeky panties. Anything that makes me look spankable really.

A First Aid Kit- this will be explained in detail in a minute. You know you’re curious ;)

Shadow Lane’s “The Mischief Makers” on DVD- My first ever spanking DVD! J I’ve downloaded a few of SL’s wonderful videos before (as well as other sites great productions), but I’ve never actually ordered one to have a copy. Very cool. And I have a ridiculously huge crush on Samantha Woodley. Granted I’ve had it for a LONG time, but good lord she is delicious! I can’t decided if I want to spank her (most likely), kiss her (2nd most likely), be spanked by her, with her or just be a fly on the wall to watch that beautiful backside get spanked and that even lovelier face react! Ok, I could go on for hours, so I’ll stop myself now, lol, but I would also like to add that Steve Fuller is a great spanker! My Daddy knows me well.

And lastly….

A Bath brush from Rosy Bottoms- I think this might be the equivalent of the switch santa leaves in the stockings of all the naughty children. But me? Naughty? Never! *Big innocent brown eyes*. Anywho, I was the one who introduced Daddy to this site a few months back. I was attracted instantly by all the pinups (I secretly dream that I was born earlier so that I could have been a 1940s pinup) but Daddy apparently decided he liked them as well- a little too much if you ask me! We now have a otk wooden paddle from them, as well as a vicious leather paddle and now this bath brush. Daddy says it’s for me to use on the naughty girl I find to spank (if only!), but in the meantime, it’s for his use, and I’m not so happy about that. *pout*….though I will admit, it is pretty cute ;)

Ok so wanna hear the story behind the first aid kit?...you do, I promise. It’s too good to pass up!

To be continued….

You Better Not Shout, You Better Not cry, You Better Not Pout I’m Telling You Why…

...Santa Clause is coming to town…

…Wait a second! Fuck Santa!... It should “Daddy will blister your backside if you do.” :)

So I’m so sorry that I never updated about my last trip to Daddy’s but in the meantime I’ve finished my semester and gone to see him again, and I am currently on my plane back home to see my family and my friends wondering how I ever survived without the internet! So I have tons to tell and I’m not really sure how I’m going to go about doing it, but chances are it will be in lots of different posts, b/c I have TONS of photos and stories to share! Yay! :) I know you’re excited. Don’t lie. I see you smiling ;). Plus I’m on vacay so I have a lot more time to post. And the attention whore in me is just dying to get out :)

So to start I suppose I’ll do an overview of what has happened since my last post, and then I’ll go into details. Well, after I went to see Daddy last time, and had such a wonderful time there (and I will eventually post about some of my time that time), my life kinda spiraled out of control. I’ve been going through a lot of relationship drama, not to mention all the stress of finals, and it all just took its toll. In the chaos, I made some impulsive decisions, that were moderately reckless and I endangered my safety (though everything worked out very well in the end) and I hurt my Daddy some in the process. NONE of which was ever my intent. But it caused a LOT of drama. I’ll go into the details in my recount of the punishment that I received for it. Then on top of that, I had my finals. All of my procrastination caught up to me, and it was a real struggle. I set very high standards for myself, and am judged based on my very distinguished peers, and it can all be very overwhelming.

Now that it’s all over, I can look at it in perspective, I simply just did not handle the stress well, and I made everything worse. But hindsight is always 20/20, and as long as I learned from the experience, that’s all that really matters. And I have learned.

Ok, this has been incredibly glum! And there’s no reason to be! There’s so much GOOD NEWS!!! :) I did REALLY well on all of my exams, and I achieved my main goal for the semester- to get back on the dean’s list, which a month ago seemed out of reach. Plus I got an A on a research paper that almost killed me back around thanksgiving and started all of this drama. I can’t even explain how it felt to turn in that history final (my last one, which I had a nervous breakdown studying for) and get that paper and see a big A on it. I just felt like all the weight that has been on me for a month just went away. Like I’d been validated. Yeah, there’s still boy drama, but when is there ever not boy drama? And most if it has been worked out. Still a bit to go, but without a bit of conflict life would be boring right?....well I tell myself that at least.
But anywho, back to spanking. :) So after my final exam, I packed up in the quickest hurry of all time, and after having a chat with my now definitely “pseudo” bf, who I haven’t heard from in a while, I headed down to see Daddy for a few days. It was so nice to just be hugged by him. To feel safe and protected and loved. The first night I got what Daddy calls a “little girl spanking” to remind me that I am his little girl, and that he loves me and that I’m his. I was super tired (I hadn’t really slept much…or at all… for a few days) and so the plan was to give me my spanking and put me to bed early, with a nice warm backside to help my sleep. Sigh :)

We got back home after he picked me up at the train station, and after sitting in his lap in the big recliner, we went back to the bedroom for my spanking. Now, this wasn’t a punishment, nor was is supposed to be. It’s like a hug in the form of a rosy bottom. Daddy gives the most wonderful hand spankings, and he did not disappoint. He had me take off my pants and panties, so I was standing in front of him in nothing but my t-shirt (normally he would have had me in pjs, but I was too tired to go through my bags to find them). Then he put me across his lap with my torso resting on the bed, and he warmed up my backside nice and slow, ‘til it was just the perfect shade of deep pink. And then he picked me up and held me on his lap, but apparently, as much as I wanted a nice light warm up, I needed a bit more. So started being a bit naughty. He warned me that he would send me to go get the hairbrush, and I whispered that that wasn’t what I needed. And he just knew.

Back over his knee I went for a much harder, much faster hand spanking. The kind that just stings a lot and feels very warm but doesn’t make me want to die or get away, despite the pain, and once it’s done, I feel oh so sleepy and content. He’d asked if I was going to be a good little girl, if I’d gotten rid of my attitude, and all it took was one little “hmph!” pout or very teeny tiny foot stomp and down came another barrage of stinging swats to my poor defenseless bare bottom.

It’s amazing! Sometimes I say that I just can’t help but be a brat and that is SO true. Even when my ass is on fire and I’m begging for it to stop, if it stops just 3 swats too soon, my inner brat knows, and she won’t put up with my needs not being taken care of, and she will make herself known. So I really do mean it when I say that “It hurts Daddy, it hurts!!! Please daddy please stop!” I just might not always be aware right then what it is that I need. But Daddy knows. Or the brat knows. But either way, I get taken care of.

So after I was finally sedated and had a nice warm stingy backside, and Daddy and I had cuddled for a while I got ready for bed and Daddy tucked me in next to him, and I fell fast asleep, and had easily the most restful night’s sleep I’d had in over a month. *purrrrrrr*

To Be Continued….

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Cheer

Hey ya'll! :)

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated yet like I promised. My life kind moderately spun out of control there for a bit, and this week is finals week (I have one in...35 minutes actually) and so I've had little to no free time. Thank you everyone who has messaged me and I promise I will respond super soon! My last final is on Wednesday, and then actually I am going back to Daddy's house so there will be more goodies about that.

Oh and I have a new spanker. lol. So now I'm the girl with a Daddy, a psuedo-bf (long story), and a disciplinarian/friend....my life is CRAZY!!!

But in the meantime, I thought I'd share this little gem w/ ya'll. Spanking surprises are so the best.

Caption: "I had the weirdest dream about Santa last night..."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back to School

Hey Ya'll!

So I'm back from Daddy's House, and I've got lots of fun (and naughty) photos and stories to share, but I have a final exam in 2 hours, so I have to finish cramming for that. But I just uploaded my photos to the computer, and I thought I'd give a bit of a teaser. :)

I'll update later today, I promise :)


Princess Kelly

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Greetings from Daddy's House! :)

Hey ya'll!

First of all I would just like to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has left comments or sent me emails. It has made me feel so special, and so happy, and I can't thank you enough. It's so nice to know that I'm not talking to a void ;). lol. I promise to respond to each of them very soon.

Right now I'm at Daddy's house, and thus have very little internet access (the crazy man has dial up! can you believe it?!) not that he's letting me on much. I have finals to study for after all. (yeah right! ;) ).

Well it is safe to say that I am standing to write this quick blog entry. Daddy has been Very strict with me the last few days (as I'm sure I deserved), and I am blistered. *pout* Oh, and for some reason (that I am NOT happy about) my crazy tolerance is GONE! Vanished! I don't know where too, but I miss it. I can't believe I used to wish that I was like everybody else in regards to pain. Though I suppose it's "nice" that I'm able to feel "punishment." Daddy's not complaining that's for sure!

Well I promise to post more the sordid details (and the more tame ones as well) as well as some very lovely (and risque) pictures. I even went outside in the snow (squee!!! :) :) :) ) in nothing but my underwear to get some pretty pics ;).

Ok, gtg for now, but I'll be back soon. And again I'm so glad that people are enjoying my blog. It's been SO much fun to do, and I absolutley love it!

Princess Kelly

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Completely Random but I can't help myself....

So I should be preparing for my Italian oral presentation, but instead I'm being sucked in by music and YouTube! Gr!!! Well, originally I was being sucked in by Britney Spears earlier today. Watching all of her old videos (she was so innocent!) and her new song Circus (amazing!)...but anywho, not the point!
But now, ok, so I should preface this with I'm a hopeless romantic. Like completely and totally. And I'm not normally I fan of country but this song is just so.... SQUEE!!!! and pop-like so it's allowed. It's called Love Story by Taylor Swift and it is just Perfect! Every little girls dream.

Plus she talks about Princesses so it is moderately relevant ;).

Cause you were Romeo, I was the scarlet letter
And my daddy said, "stay away from Juliet"
But you were my everything to me
I was begging you, please don't go
And I said

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes

Romeo, save me
They try to tell me how I feel
This love is difficult, but it's real
Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess
It's a love story
Baby, just say yes

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you is fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town
And I said

Romeo, save me, I've been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you, but you never come
Is this in my head, I don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring
And said

Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, Go pick out a white dress
It's a love story, Baby, just say yes!

Is is really so wrong that that's all I ever want to hear. "You'll never have to be alone. I love you and that's all I really know."

SIGH. :)

Ok, back to Italian now.

(Princess) Kelly

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

? Still trying to figure blogger out

So I just posted about the whipping I got last week that resulted in all my bruises...but it ended up posting down at the second post b/c I had started it last week. Pout! Not what I wanted. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can read my massively long story about the hardest spanking I've recieved to date, accompanied with moderately random but nice photos. :)

On another (happier) note, I'm going to Daddy's house this weekend during study days for some relaxation and "motivated" study time. Daddy's a little bit antiquated, and so he has no cable, dial-up internet (I didn't know this still existed til I met him!) and bad cell reception. Basically it's the wilderness. And by "motivated" I mean with a wooden spoon to my bare backside if I'm not doing my best! I'll be sure to post after I get back on the many spankings I'm sure to recieve, if not sooner.


Princess Kelly
UPDATE: Yay!!! :) thank you to everyone for all the help with this crazy thing! lol, and now the post is where it should be, right under this one :)


So I figured that it was about time to post something clearly spanking on here. I just had the most horribly stressful school week I've had in years, and finals are about to start, but I think I deserve a bit of a break to blog, don't you?! ;) So I meant to finish and post this last week after I got that mega spanking, but I was a good girl and did my work first. But here it is...the explanation of the bruises.

I've been going through a lot lately. Both from the stress that always accompanies the end of a sememster and also from some changes in my relationships. My bf (we'll call him M) is in law school, and his exams are coming up so he hasn't had a lot of time for me lately. I don't blame him- I know it's not his fault- but he hasn't always handled the situation well, and I can't help but feel neglected some of the time. And all the stress has been building for weeks, and I've been falling way behind due to my worst flaw- procrastinating. When I get too stressed, and everything just feels overwhelming I just take a break. I don't do anything. It's really not effective, but it helps keep my mental sanity. What (obviously) would be better, would be to get a spanking to help relieve some of the stress, so it was tolerable and also to motivate me. But that hasn't been an option of late.

But then an opportunity arose (and after a few fights that I won't get into yet) I was able to see my bf last Wednesday before I went home for Thankgiving. So I got up early (too early) and went over to his apartment. I promised him that I would only stay an hour b/c he had to study and I had class and needed to pack, so I set the timer on my phone and after a much needed hug and some kisses, we got down to business.

One thing my bf is really good at doing is lecturing. He is one of the few people I have met that can out rationalize me and therefore can make me really realize what i've done wrong. But in this instance, very little lecturing was needed. He basically told me that we'd had this converstation many times before, and that from the very first time we met, he said that I wasn't living up to my potential and that he was going to make sure that I did. And that this time he was going to make sure I learned my lesson.

He and I had been talking recently about how he was feeling frustrated because he felt that my bad habits and behavior wasn't improving because he thinks I like the spankings too much. And to an extent he's right. I have a Very high pain tolerance (I've never cried from the pain of a spanking and only once from the emotion- though I've "sobbed" from the emotion many times) and I do LOVE spankings.

So he told me that he was going to push me to my edge and probably past because he needed to make sure I got the message.

When I know I need and want a punishment I fall into my submissive mode very easily. It's all "yes sir" and "no sir" very quite and very obedient. The exact opposite of me in real life. So I obeyed easily when he told me to take off my pants and get on the other side of his chair. I was wearing a black thong, and I don't wear thongs much. I LOVE panties and have TONS but M really likes thongs so I wear them around him some. But there is something about a thong that makes me feel very exposed. I am not a shy or modest person and I have no qualms about being around people in a bra and panties at all. But a thong for some reason is different. I am very concious of the fact that my backside is exposed even though the rest of me is covered (this fits in my exposure theory I'll share later).

So anywho, I was eager to get over his lap, and incredibly eager to get my spanking even though I knew it would suck. I'd been craving it for almost 2 weeks. He started out with his hand, still lecturing some. Then he moved to one of the hairbrushes. We have 2- one big wooden paddle brush that is pretty light and one very small but very heavy one. He started with the lighter one, and I was definitely feeling it, but I'm pretty quite, b/c honestly it didn't hurt That much. Then the heavier one. Some discomfort but not a ton. Then up and in the corner I went. He told me I wasn't done obviously. Then back over his knee for more with the brushes. Then back to the corner.

I knew it was coming. The belt. But I was NOT looking forward to it. Unlike many woman, I have no affinity for this leather object. I will go into why later but I typically think of it as being cold and brutal, and for me spanking is about love and caring. But M is REALLY good at the belt. And when he does it it hurts more than anything. And he also knows it's one of the only things that is pure punishment for me.

So he laid me across the edge of his bed, a pillow under my hips, and he just started going. Normally he gives me a number and has me count but not this time. I think I got around 80 strokes, 5 one side, 5 the other. It was HORRIBLE! I was cringing and crying out from the 5th one. He had me count the last ten, and tell myself that I would do better after every one. By the end I was breathing very heavily and having to keep myself together. And back in the corner I went.

He was done. I knew he was. But I wasn't. It wasn't enough, I still felt guilty and I wasn't in a good place yet. I hadn't been punished enough. So when he got me out of the corner and held me in a hug I whispered that I needed more. He sighed as though he knew (this has happened before). And he looked at me and said, "Kelly, I normally wouldn't give you this choice, but I want to know what you need. Do you want to go back over my lap or over the bed?" "....I need the pain" I whispered in reply. He nodded and said "back over the bed then." I got back in position but instead of picking up the belt first, he picked up the light hairbrush. But from the first Very hard swat I knew it was going to be bad. The belt had tenderized my butt to the point that a flick would hurt and he was just going at me with that brush. Then after about 50 he stopped and picked up the belt. I was having a hard time now but was breathing deeply. He started in on the belt and I was dying. Every stripe was fire and the flick on the end felt like a punch. I knew i was bruised and swollen already.

Another reason I hate the belt is that it's hard to control and on occasion he hit too high and there is nothing like that pain. Then also it sometimes wraps around and those bruise so quickly and make me squeal! I think spanking on the spanking surface only is very important. But those side hits hurt so much and i almost always reach back. But M get's in a rhythm. He scolds and tells me to stop reaching back. But one time he didn't stop in time and the tips of my fingers got hit. Fuck it hurt! He didn't stop though and i got 75 more or so. Then he picked up the brush again but this time i pulled him down next to me on the bed when he spanked. So I was on the bed but i was wrapped in his arm and could feel his body next to mine. And I grabbed onto his sweatshirt with my hand when it became to much. He pushed me to the edge. I was very close to tears and it was becoming very very very painful. And then he stopped. He sat with me for a bit and then placed me in the corner one last time.

But it still wasn't enough. I think part of me wanted to see just how far I could go, but a bigger part just needed this punishment to count. And I had been so close to the edge.... I just wanted the release. So as he hugged me I whispered that I think I needed a bit more but "No more belt though please! please no more belt!" "Are you sure?" Honestly, I wasn't. "I trust you.....but if it's too much........I trust you." He kissed me and nodded and placed me over the pillow and got the brush and sat next to me.

SWAT SWAT "AHHH Ok Ok I changed my mind! I changed my mind!" "what?" "i changed my mind, I don't need any more" I pleaded frantically. The time in the corner had been just long enough to let any lingering numbness wear off. "Haha. Nope. You're getting this. I'm going to make sure that you get your release and this lesson is learned." I grabbed back at him as he kept swatting hard and fast in the dead center of my cheeks. He grabbed my hand in his with his free hand and I just collapsed. It hurt more than any spanking ever had. I probably got 50 more with the hairbrush.

He helped me up and hugged me and then sat down and had me sit on his lap (one of my favorite after punishment care places). I just hugged him and started sobbing (not crying...though I did have a few tears during the spanking). Then he laid down with me and after I was feeling better, I felt SO much better. All of the bad thoughts and feelings I'd been having were gone. All of the guilt, the stress. Gone. All of the self-doubt and self-destructive thoughts that had been plaguing me were silenced. Like never before. I guess that's what a real punishment feels like.

Plus my backside was SO swollen and tender and I could feel where the bruises would be. And I looked in the mirror and then shocked exclaimed "You never even took down my panties!" :)