Wednesday, December 3, 2008

? Still trying to figure blogger out

So I just posted about the whipping I got last week that resulted in all my bruises...but it ended up posting down at the second post b/c I had started it last week. Pout! Not what I wanted. But if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you can read my massively long story about the hardest spanking I've recieved to date, accompanied with moderately random but nice photos. :)

On another (happier) note, I'm going to Daddy's house this weekend during study days for some relaxation and "motivated" study time. Daddy's a little bit antiquated, and so he has no cable, dial-up internet (I didn't know this still existed til I met him!) and bad cell reception. Basically it's the wilderness. And by "motivated" I mean with a wooden spoon to my bare backside if I'm not doing my best! I'll be sure to post after I get back on the many spankings I'm sure to recieve, if not sooner.


Princess Kelly
UPDATE: Yay!!! :) thank you to everyone for all the help with this crazy thing! lol, and now the post is where it should be, right under this one :)


  1. And please do not forget the nice strap that will be proudly displayed across your bare bottom if you do not do your required homework....other than that, great job on the blog sweetie, and I am looking forward to your visit...
    Edward aka Daddy

  2. Daddy-
    You should make a legit account so you can post more easily and read other blogs...not that your computer works ;). And pout! Homework sucks :( hmph!....but so does that strap...
    :) I'm really excited to see you this weekend!

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Nice job on the blog and great pictures too! It's nice to see someone else with personal pictures of their punishments online. Brave of you to show yourself like this!

    Nice panties Mistress would probably love for me to wear those... (blush!)

    I'll check back here regularly, since I've also added you to my Blogroll.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Aw, next time you have a post that you started a very days later there's a button on the bottom of the area where you write that says "post options" you can change the date you wrote it to the current one. This has happened to me too.

    Awwwww I miss MY Daddy now! Of course I've been missing him all day... Be careful of that strap k?

  5. Hi Kelly... go to "Posting" and then find "Edit Posts." From there find the post you want to change and select "Edit." On the bottom left you'll find "Post Options." Select it and 'Post Date and Time' will appear. Pick the date and time you want... without changing Blogger's format... and then select Publish. Your post will then appear where you want it.

    Tricky when you're figuring it out. Let us know if we can help.

    Todd & Suzy

  6. Mark- Thank you so much for your compliments! And yay, posting the photos is a bit scary if I think about it too much, but I think its fun so :)... :)

    Girl- thanks so much for the help! And awww I'm sorry you miss your Daddy! I miss mine a lot during the long times we're apart- this summer was especially hard. And lol, yeah I got to watch out for that strap and now Daddy's new paddle! *shudder* ;)

    Todd and Suzy- thank you so much for the help! And I will certainly remember to ask if I have more problems. :) Glad to hear from ya'll again. :)