Contact Info

My contact information and general policies regarding each one.

Email is by far the BEST way of getting in touch with me. This is my email address for everything in the non-vanilla world, and I check it every couple hours (if I'm not replying to it from my phone). I read every single email I get almost right after I get them. I promise. I read every single one. But whether or not I respond to every single one is a different matter.
Since I read them right away, even if its not at a moment that I would be able to respond, I sometimes forget later to respond to the read messages, and sometimes I'll actually think about it so much that I think I responded. And then sometimes I just fall behind.
Hint though: if your email doesn't include any punctuation or is one sentence long, chances are lower that I will respond :)

FetLife: PrincessKelley

I used to never be on here, but now it is one of the best ways to get in contact with me. I am still bad about answering messages, but they do all get read. I accept all friend requests with the one unwavering exception of anyone who has a penis in their profile picture. Hard and fast rule. :) But otherwise, request away! :)

SpankingTube: PrincessKelley

I accept all spankingtube friend requests by default. I love getting comments on here, but I almost never read the messages. This is where I host my videos, but it is not somewhere to contact me- go to Fetlife or my email for that :)

Princess Kelley