Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Countdown: My Favorite Posts

So I can't decide if this is completely and totally self reverential or practical and hey, let's call it both!

I'm currently still just on cloud nine from the Spanking Spot interview and the wonderful comments I've recieved on here and on his site. (Unfortunately though, my Nana and Papa were so excited too and wanted to read it, and they Loved everything...except the bit about me saying how much I wanted to model...Papa's not so keen on his little girl doing spanking videos...but he said he's "open to the conversation" so that's good).

This whole thing has also kinda sucked me back into the spanking scene/industry scene which I have been out of for a while, and its kinda fun! Everyone is just so wonderful! I think I might be able to convince papa to let me do it ONCE, for the experience. I want to meet all the people, and get to film and just all the fun things. And once I start going to parties I'll meet more people too and get to play. lol, it feels a bit like the "popular crowd" and I just want to be a part of it. :)
But anywho, back to what I was talking about. I have to write this quickly as Nana and Papa are in a meeting at the hospital and I'm supposed to be finishing the first of two papers that I've been working on since finals started a month ago (and my teacher SOO kindly let me do over break) and if Papa catches me... my butt is TOAST! And I already got a paddling today :(( and it HURT! So lets keep my bottom atleast just pink for the moment.

But for the new year, I thought maybe it'd be fun to do my top 7 favorite posts that I've done, since I'm probably having some new visitors to my site, and just for those who haven't had a chance to go through all the archives. So I guess these are in order...but I suck at being decisive so let's just say I like them all. :)

(note: WOW I forgot about half the things I've written! holy crap!)

Honorable Mention: My First Spanking video- because I know its most people's favorite, though as far as posts go, it wasn't exactly strenuous.

7: An Interesting Email- I actually still get this question a lot. How do you meet your spankers and how can I find a partner? Well here was my response.
6: Deal with it (Parts 1-4)- a fun spanking story, and one of the only mutli parters I've finished.
5: The Spanking Industry: Becasue I've been watching it since I was 10- I got a lot of great response from this post, and I really loved it. If I were to update it, I would inlcude a new found love of Firm Hand- Great site! Omg, well my love of Samantha Woodley should make that obvious, and this summer I went gaga for her Domestic Discipline series.
4: Implements: Because a Spanking is not supposed to hurt the spanker- Another post I got great response for, and one that I worked really hard on, so this happens to be a post I'm quite proud of.
3: I LOVE PANTIES!!!!- B/c I really really do. :)
2: Anal Beads Rock- This was an easy choice to pick. I think I almost came just writing it.
1: The life of a Secret Keeper- Again, and easy choice. One of the most serious posts I've ever written (other than following Mommy's death and my breakup) but I am very proud of this post, and if I could, I would use it for school.

So Yay! My countdown is over. Now I want to hear from you! What were your favorite posts? Do you agree with my rankings? Anything get left out? And most importantly, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE NEW YEAR!?!?! Happy New Year everyone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be safe. No drinking and driving, and just remember to make good life choices. :)

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exciting New Year's News!

So at around 7:00 eastern time my interview with The Spanking Spot goes up!!!!! eeek! Lol, I'm like giddy nervous and excited! Its the perfect way to cap off this decade I think.

(Update: just saw the finished thing! OMG!!!! Love it! I'm so excited. And I just am obsessed with the new layout of his site! It looks SOOO good! I'm flattered and happy and just...squeeee!!!! Happy Dance!!!!)

Just in case ya'll didn't do the math, I was 10 when y2k happened and so I went through all of middleschool and highschool and half of college in the 00's, and it has been a crazy decade with the most intense ups and downs. I started watching porn around 2000 so its probably fitting that I have a pornographic inteview to start 2010.

So I also am going to answer the questions a few of ya'll emailed me, and I hope that you enjoy both the interviews (and accompaning photos) and that everyone has a happy and SAFE new year.

Princess Kelley

From Jesse:

1. Would you or have you done any videos? Would you ever do one(or more)? I have not done any professional videos, but I have done just some fun videos with past boyfriends/daddies and one of them is posted on SpankingTube (the link is on the side). I would definitely be up for doing more.

2. Have you ever received any other discipline methods other than spanking? I.e. Mouth soaping, enema, et cetera... Thoughts? Sigh, Nana is going to wash my mouth out. Currently we're doing "imagined" soaping with real spankings, and when I get to her she's goign to do it for real. It scares me A LOT so she won't make me do it myself or until she can hold me in her arms.
Obviously I've experienced the basic- cornertime, grounding, etc- and I've also had a butt plug used as punishment, and exposure used as punishment (though that was more fun than punishment ;) ). I'm not a fan of enemas at this stage of the game.

3. Would you ever consider becoming a spanking model or doing any professional discipline style media? Yes- if he doesn't post the full version answer to this question, I will here.

4. Ever been spanked by a Canadian? Would you ever want to? *winks* lol Haha, no I have not, though one of my first spanking friends in the scene was Canadian. Have I expressed my thoughts here on the surprisingly large number of Canadian spankos? Maybe its just that I don't know any other Canadians.

5. when punished, do you cry easily? Getting actual wet tears from me is close to impossible without physically beating me (which has happened) or starting with me crying. But getting me to "Sob" and feel that cry and release is pretty easy. If I'm in a certain headspace, I can take a monster spanking without a single sniffle, but in the right headspace, I can be a sobbing repenant mess after a dozen firm hand spanks.

From Jack:

Which feeling is better: being spanked or just having been spanked? Does it depend on the implement? Hm. That's a very interesting question. I wish I had been spanked more recently- I feel I would be better equiped to answer this. I will say that yes it depends on the implement, and that my general answer will be being spanked. I do however love the feeling of a freshly strapped bottom- when its just perfectly red and hot but not bruised or welted or raw, mmmmmmm. But in general, I'm a big fan of the moment, and for me, the feeling of a spanking doesn't last that long- my spankers always joke that I would like to just be across their lap getting spanked the Whole day- and that's not too far from the truth! But please make time for kisses (I haven'tbeen kissed in 7 months :( for the record).

I'm sorry if I missed anyones questions. I'll be happy to keep this as a running list and answer any more that I recieve :) Love ya'll!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Chistmas!!!

Hi everyone!!! So I'm finally home, though still writing one paper (boo :( ) and hoping that everyone is enjoying the holidays. Heres a couple pictures from my spanking fun last Christmas with Edward. I'm going to be going to stay with my Nana and Papa in a couple weeks and I'm sure that while they don't spank me for fun, that I'll earn one on my own just fine. :( He gave me a Really hard one yesterday and my bottom was bright red! *pout* I don't even want to think of what it will be like when he's Really in control!

Oh, and this is a wonderful poem that I just recieved in an email from Spank Amber that a member had sent. I love it and I hope ya'll enjoy.

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town
Her pleas could be heard as her panties came down.

"Oh Santa, dear Santa, don't spank me, I pray!
I'll be ever so good, starting right from today!"

But Santa just chuckled, "I've heard that before
From many a bad girl with bottom so sore

As she wriggles and squirms 'neath his hand's hearty sting.
But a promise like that - why, it means not a thing.

What matters, dear One, as you'll very soon see
Is that you should be spanked across Santa's broad knee

Till your sassy bare bottom is burning bright red!"
And with that, the old fellow did just as he'd said,

And proceeded to spank her with all of his might
Till her yelps echoed loud in the cold frosty night,

And each swat, ringing out like a loud pistol shot,
Turned her soft, round bottom increasingly hot.

Then, when she'd been hand-spanked with many a smack,
The jolly old fellow reached into his sack

He produced a fine paddle of well-seasoned wood.
"Now, this is the thing that makes naughty girls good."

He remarked with a grin. "And I think you'll soon find
How effective it feels on a soft, tender behind!"

"Oh please, Santa! No more!" she cried in dismay,
But the paddle cracked down without further delay,

And despite all her protests and wailings and shrieks
It soon deepened the blush on her squirming, rear cheeks.

Poor Dear how she wriggled but all was vain,
For the paddle descended again and again

Till her bouncing bare bottom was sizzling and sore
And as red as the costume that Santa Claus wore.

But at last he relented allowing her to rise,
Hugged her warmly while wiping the tears from her eyes,

And murmuring, "There, it's all over, my dear!"
Rubbing soothing cool cream on her blazing, hot rear.

Then he exclaimed, "Well Miss, your sweet bottom so curved
Has had the sound spanking it so richly deserved.

From now on, I'm sure, I don't need to explain,
If you're good then I shan't have to spank you again.

But if you are naughty - remember, my dear,
That Santa keeps watch for the whole of the year!"

Then smiling, he shouldered his bulging big sack,
And sent her away with a crisp farewell smack.

So she hurried to bed with satisfaction you know,
With a song in her heart and her bottom aglow

And a sense that all manner of things were all right.
But she slept facing down on her tummy that night.

Princess Kelley

PS. My Nana and Papa just lost their daughter two days ago. She was killed in a car crash along with her husband and daughter. Their 9 year old son wasn't in the car. Now, I'm not a particularly religious person (very spiritual but not religious) but I would ask that anyone that could, in the holiday spirit, pleas pray for my Nana and Papa and their two other daughters and that poor little boy. I love them so much. They are my mommy and daddy and its just so hard to see them hurt like this. Thanks :)

PSS. My interview with the Spanking Spot should be up either next week or the week after. I'll keep you posted :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Why can't I Cum?!?!!?

Ok, so its 11:56 PM on Thursday night and I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to cum. Well I don’t know if I should say trying, since I did technically succeed, but not like I should, and not like I normally do. I AM SO FRUSTRATED!

So this is me using this as both my diary and my blog. I just need to get this out so badly so I’m writing it, and once again I find myself so grateful for this outlet and this opportunity and all the support I have received.

I’m supposed to be working on a term paper right now that was due 2 days ago and I got an unofficial extension on because my teacher loves me and I am struggling still so much to get all caught up. I took my last “final” today, but I still have 3 papers, a term paper, and a presentation left to do in the next couple days. Oh yeah and move out, which just brings up SO many emotions.

And then the computer where nana and Papa and my little sister are lost internet so I had some time like actually to myself and I thought, hey lets make use of this. I mean I love being their little girl more than anything in the world and they accept me for exactly who I am- all parts of me. But they can’t fulfill the sexual parts of me and for the first time in a while I’m really feeling like I just need some attention in that way! I am a sexual girl. But since I’ve gone on my anti-anxiety meds in the summer I just haven’t been the same. I recently actually upped my does (from what was a tiny amount to a normal amount) b/c I was having panic attacks again, even though we were worried about having more sexual side effects, but my sex drive has actually increased, which we think is a sign that the problems were actually a symptom of my anxiety/depression/grief.

But I’m nowhere NEAR where I am supposed to be. If there is one thing on this earth that I am good at it is cumming God Damnit! Ask any man that I’ve been with- even those just over the phone. After cumming 18 times in 45 minutes with a guy on the phone once I literally left him speechless! I KNOW HOW TO CUM! And yet, what has just happened?

Well what happened was I got my toy out- put new batteries in half way through- and started watching a short clip from domesticdiscipline (SIN) that I know I like and is really sexy (which I like when masterbating- I like punishment for just enjoyment and foreplay, but I find it distracting during the actual act). And I got turned on for sure, was hitting all the right spots. I had my towel under me so I wasn’t nervous about making a mess (I squirt, and no it is not awesome). And I was peaking but not getting there! And then of course getting frustrated. I finally turned off the video and just did it, but they were baby cums. Nothing to scream about, no back arching, no earth shattering, no need to do the next and the next.

Sigh. Maybe its just the stress of finals.

So then I’m laying there on my back, naked, rolling my little lipstick vibrator up and down my stomach down to my hips and up to my ribs, and just thinking about stuff. I suddenly felt the urge to upload this video that Edward and I made this time last year (literally possibly to the day this time) on SpankingTube, and that made me feel good for like 10 seconds. And then I thought, why would I do that? You haven’t even talked to Edward in like 2 months, Kelley, and you’re just going to post a private video that you haven’t asked him about? What is wrong with you?

And then that made me think of something else totally random but related.

So as I mentioned in my post a few days ago, I’m obsessed with the Kardashians. And as I’m sure those of you who don’t live under a rock know, Khloe Kardashian just married Laker’s player Lamar Odom a few months ago after only knowing each other for a month. They just recently started airing the footage of them meeting and falling in love, and I would just like to say that I have it all figured out.

Khloe is beautiful, but she is the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, and Khloe is the tallest and the heaviest, so I doubt she’s ever felt beautiful in her life. She’s never had a good boyfriend before b/c she’s known for kinda self sabotaging the situation. Then comes Lamar who genuinely seems to love her, and they both seem a bit insecure. But every moment he is telling her the things about her he loves, how she is so beautiful, and how she will be the best wife. And you can see the joy, as Khloe actually starts to believe that in herself.

So I’ve figured me out. And women like me. Those of us that fall hard and fast and don’t do it any other way. Everyone just wants to be loved, but those of us that don’t necessarily love ourselves are often so shocked to find that others do, and the emotion and power and passion that can come with that is indescribable. My new psychiatrist (meds person, same therapist- love her!) doesn’t know about all of me, but she was so impressed when she found out that I’d beaten bulimia (you don’t “quit” bulimia, it’s a disease. You beat it.) and I explained to her that it wasn’t me. Well part of it was, but most of it was laying naked on a bed with the man that I loved standing across the room just staring at me b/c HE thought I was perfect just the way I was.
So maybe the reason I wanted to post that video (and I still might after I talk to him) was because I’ve just been feeling really inadequate lately and this not being able to cum thing was just one more thing. I’ve spent my life being a student. I go to one of the most prestigious universities in the country! I have ALWAYS made it happen and I have accomplished almost everything that I have ever set out to do. And its really feeling like this time its just not going to happen. Even if I get everything finished and turned in, it won’t be my best work, and I just don’t like that feeling.

And also I stupidly got on a scale at a doctors visit a few weeks ago, and there have been some very unflattering photos of me on facebook from parties around all these thinner but still curvy in all the right places girls that next to I just look like a whale. And I don’t have a man anymore telling me I’m beautiful. I finally have “parents” that do (my actual parents are the opposite) but somehow it just doesn’t have that impact.

And I feel like I’ve let so many people down. I haven’t kept up with my blog, or my friends on here. I still haven’t sent photos to BrushStrokes over at the SpankingSpot who was so wonderful to do that interview of me, and I just…somebody tell me I’m beautiful please. Someone tell me that you like my blog still even though I don’t have a boyfriend or sexy stories or new and exciting photos all the time.

Somebody please just tell me I’m enough.

Princess Kelley

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Christmas Gift Idea Ever?

Custom designed wooden spoons. I kid you not. This set is probably my favorite.
Ok, back to studying. Its 2:20 am and my Italian final is a 12:30. I haven't started studying yet.
Princess Kelley

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Oh Christmas! My Christmas Tree is Delicious!

HOLY CRAP!!! So i knew it had been a long time but I didn't realize just HOW long. I've missed ya'll! I keep thinking of things I want to say when I'm away from my computer and then I just haven't had time. For those of you not in school or without children that are in school it is FINALS season, and currently I'm about ready to die. So hear are my current life thoughts.

1. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I have SOOOO much work! I'm pretty much doing 80% of my semester in this past week and this coming week do to all the illnesses I've had and Mommy's death. So you can understand what I mean by A LOT of work, this is my last week:
  • Paper, Presentation, quiz, paper, MASSIVE presentation, Final exam, Final exam.
Now this is what I still have left to do (by Saturday):
  • Presentation, Test, Paper, Workbook, Final exam, Final research paper, Paper, Paper, Move out

Now lets compare last week and this week to the entirety of my semester:

  • 6 Quizzes, 1 test, 1 paper, 2 midterms, one poem, and various homework assignments

So I think by that you can see why I sadly have not been able to be on here much. So now what follows are various thoughts of mine that I have/have been having.

  1. I studying abroad in Europe next semester and along with all the OMG excitement comes quite a lot of anxiety and nervousness both about being there and about what I'm leaving behind while I'm gone.
  2. Oh, and that also means that I have to move out of my dorm. Something I've never fully had to do before- and certainly not by myself! AHHHH!!!! I barely have time to breath, let alone pack!
  3. I've missed ya'll. Like you don't even know.
  4. Ok, my yahoo messenger is up constantly, literally 24/7 almost b/c i'm on with my baby and nana and papa who sleeps with me on (the baby so she feels safe, and nana and papa so they know i'm safe- my baby has been in the hospital for the last few weeks by the was really scary for a while...but she should be ok). SOO that being said, if you message me on Yahoo and I don't get back to you I promise I am NOT ignoring you! I am probably either not at my computer or I just dont' notice it b/c i'm on the call with them. I am SOOOO sorry to anyone who feels I have been rude to, and to those who I have been rude to and to the relationships I have negleted.
  5. Ok, SpankoLife...I was going to write a post on it like this past summer... I was really really good friends with the founder. I actually was like the 3rd memeber and my ass was at one point the logo. But I have trouble keeping up with facebook as it is...and then he and I had a falling out of sorts, and I just haven't been back. So if you sent me a message or a friend request, do not fear, i have not logged on in literally 5 months! I will go in over Christmas and try to accept all the requests and all of that, but that will never be the best way to get in touch with me.
  6. I will answer interview questions- thank you to those that sent them in! On my flight home on Monday at the latest so I will have that up soon.
  7. OH! My computer died over thanksgiving- another reason that I have been MIA (and brushstrokes, if you're reading, that's why you haven't gotten those photos for my interview yet *hangs head in shame*). But everything has been recovered thankfully and I freaking LOVE my new computer!!!!!! Its a Lenovo ideapad with WINDOWS 7!!!! Its like God came down and handed someone Windows 7 and said here is my gift unto you! lol. Needless to say, I love it. :)
  8. The title of this post comes from Lady Gaga's new Christmas Song. Youtube it or download it. Listen, love, and think of me and smile :) Pretty please :)
  9. I NEED A SPANKING! Like one I get from someone else, not directed self spanking. But I don't mean punishment. I get that. Nana and Papa do an amazing job. I feel contained and loved and safe. I mean I need someone to give me a naughty good girl spanking and then fuck me hard until I scream! some of my sex drive is back :) lol. That being said, that does not mean I need a man. Would I love to be in love again? Absolutely. Do I have the time or energy? No. :( And I'm sorry to those readers here who miss my lovers stories and my boyfriends, but this is the life of me, a college student, just going through life. I'm going to have to be single sometimes.
  10. Oh, and on that same note, my Nana and Papa are NOT a fantasy. They are as REAL as you and I and there love for me is unending. Just because we are long distance and we have to be creative sometimes, doesn't make them less than my family. Oh, and yes, :) it is SOOOO amazing knowing that they think it is perfectly normal for their little girl to get her bottom spanked at bedtime when she's naughty :).
  11. Betsy at the Party- the girl I have a crush on, this redheaded freshman in my singing group has the BEST ass in the whole planet, and I got to grab and swat it a bit last Friday when she was massively drunk. God it is the most perfect ass on the entire planet. I'm so glad I'm a woman that I could just grab at it a bit and die on the inside and not have the whole world knowing by a tent in my pants! Lol. haha, boys suck.
  12. Jonathon you need to message me! I miss you!
  13. I love you all and Papa is scolding that I need t get back to work.


Princess Kelly

Saturday, November 28, 2009


:D :D :D :D :D :D

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I feel really silly right now, b/c it is three days after my blog-anniversary (I missed it!) but I did post on that day, November 25th. I currently have to rush, b/c this is my parents computer at home (my laptop officially blue screened to death yesterday- I bought a new on this morning and my computer guy is transfering all my stuff- so I am without privacy) but I just HAD to pop on and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone here who reads, and go me! lol to myself for keeping this going. Sure, there have been some epically long absences, but there have been atleast 2 posts a month and 103 posts in a year is like 2 a week, so I dont' feel too bad lol :).

I'm flying back to school tomorrow, and will then get my new baby up and running and I will post some more things- I'm starting to have ideas again! Oh! and thank you to the couple of you that asked questions for the interview, those answers are coming soon.

Got to run! Be safe and I love ya'll!

Princess Kelley

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So I just got home from watching the Cowboys spank the Raiders in Jerry Jones' monstrosity of amazingness of a stadium with my brother and am currently awaiting my tryptophan induced coma that will hopefully be combated by enough pecan pie to keep me awake :). lol.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful and SAFE (Read: no deep frying of turkeys) holiday (on what is one of my favorite holidays of the year) and enjoying being with their family and/or friends.

I am thankful for so many things in my life- despite my recent hardships, I have been very blessed in this world- and one of the things that I am most thankful for, especially as of late, is all of ya'll. My wonderful friends in this community and those of you who encourage me and encourage this blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the bottom of my bottom).

BIG HUG!!!!!!!

Princess Kelley

Friday, November 20, 2009

"Just Wait Til Your Father Gets Home!"

So I have a second family. I know that I told ya'll about Mommy (who passed away in September) and my baby sister Deb, but I'm not sure how much I've mentioned about my Nana and Papa. All of these people are vanillas, but they all spanked their children and don't think anything is wrong with the needs and desires I have.

I'm not going to go into detail of how my new family came to be, but here's the reader's digest version. Deb found me here- she was googling spanking b/c she had just been spanked for the first time and was curious- but as I said NOT a spanko- just a "little" girl who is craving discipline she has never had in her life. Mommy was her "mommy" and I met her through her. Nana was Mommy's best friend of 15 years, and Deb's doctor. Papa, is Nana's husband.

After Mommy died I turned to Nana for support and we became so close. Then as time progressed I got to know Papa and then we suddenly were one big family.

Mommy "spanked" and disciplined me, and so Nana did too. But in their family, Papa was the one that had done all the spanking (they have 3 grown daughters). Also, since I happen to be 6 inches taller than Nana, and Papa is nice and strict too (just like I need), he has taken the roll as my head disciplinarian as of late.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is. Even if for the moment its still all over the computer, it's so amazing to just get to be a safe little girl with my Nana and Papa and to know that I am their child and they love me. That I don't have to pretend to be anything I'm not, but that its not a sexual thing either (though I have also come to learn the importance of the sexual part once its gone, lol). He's big too (6 ft 3), so he can pick me up and I really am little to him :). He calls me his Princess and I'm their little girl. And they love me and my baby sister- its jut really wonderful.

Except when I have to get spanked! *Pout!*

So the other day I was being a brat with Nana...and then it kinda accidentally came out that I had lied to her the previous day and she literally said "Kelley May! Just wait til your Papa gets home!"

Of course I was in super little girl head space so I didn't think about it until later, but when I did I was like, "did you just say pretty much 'just wait til you Father gets home?'"
"It was a very common line in our household."
"Well its very common in the spanko community too, but I didn't know anyone actually ever said it!"
"Well we do, and it applies to you little girl."

So I've gotten a few spankings from Nana and now from Papa at this point, but I feel last nights is worth recounting.

So last weekend, I went to a dinner party right off campus in a not so nice area (not bad, but it is pretty much unspoken policy that you NEVER let your friends walk in there alone at night, especially drunk). I had gotten in a fight with my family, and I was still really upset about it. So it was about 10:30 and I decided to head home- my friend at the party was staying, but thought that I had someone to walk with me. I didn't.

I was mad, and sober, and I thought I'll be fine, and they won't care anyway. (typical naughty little girl (or teenager) thinking). So I walked home. Got home just fine, but I knew what I'd done was SUPER naughty and dangerous.

Then when Papa and I made up (which of course we did) it started to nag at me, knowing that I'd been so naughty. So the other day I confessed. They were NOT pleased. Stuff about "risking your life!" and "You were looking for Papa's attention, and you need Papa to take care of you little girl. Well you found it." It was also especially naughty b/c a couple months ago I got a really creepy email from an anonymous person on my campus that had pretty much been stalking me, so they were concerned.

So last night I got my comupance. I was put on my tummy on my bed with Gabriel (my teddy bear) and had to pull down my panties and bare my bottom. *Papa picked me up and sat me on his lap and held me tight as we talked about my naughty behavior.* After we talked and I was completely just the littlest little girl ever, and already crying from my naughtiness and knowing what was coming, Papa had me place my pillows under my hips and get my brush. *Papa then turned me over and placed me over his knee, my bare bottom ready to be punished*

He scolded me for my naughty behavior and told me how much he loved me. "What happens to little girls in this family when they are naughty Kelley May?" "*sniff* they get their bare bottoms spanked Papa *sniff*"

And with that I was given 75 swats with the brush in sets of 25. *Papa began to spank my bare bottom with his hand, teaching me a lesson about not putting myself in danger ever again.* Then I did 75 more, also in sets of 25, and i was crying by the end. *Papa then switched to his little paddle to finish off my punishment.*

*Papa picked me up off his lap and held me so tight* He told me how much he loved me and called me his wonderful little Princess and that I was never to put myself in danger like that again.

"Now babygirl, no more spanking from me tonight but take your Nana's hand baby girl." *Nana took my hand and helped me off Papa's lap and then over hers!*

"Mew!!! Nanaaaaaa! Papaaaaa! Noooooooo!" I whined. My tummy dropped and clenched at the same time. I felt so little, embarassed and just Naughty! Being passed from my Papa to my Nana for another spanking. And knowing that each was watching the other. (blush, I will admit my kitty started to quiver just a little bit)

*Nana patted my bare, sore, red bottom now drapped over her lap* "Little girl, you fibbed to Nana earlier about brushing your teeth didn't you?" Groan. "Yes ma'am nana, I'm soooorrry." "You know better than to fib to your Nana, Kelley May."

And with that I was directed to give 75 more swats with my brush as she continued to lecture. *Nana spanked my bare bottom with her hairbursh*

"No more fibbing, Kelley May. This is your last warning. Next time and this will double and Nana will take you across the hall to the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap."

"NOOOOOO nana!!! No soap! I'll be a good girl!'

"You are my good girl sweetie. And I know you won't fib to Nana again."

*Nana picked me up off her lap and helped me pull up my panties* I moved the pillows back to my head and pulled my panties up, still laying on my tummy, clutching Gabby. *Nana kissed my head and held me tight.* "Its all over pretty girl. I love you so much. Do you want to snuggle with your papa now?"

I nodded and sniffed. *Papa scooped me up and set me in his lap, my head resting on his chest, my bottom tilted a bit off his thighs as he held me so tight*

"There's my Princess. Let Papa rock you until you fall asleep baby. Its time for eyes closed. I'll carry you into your room when your fast asleep."

I curled up in my blankets and closed my eyes and had the best nights sleep I've had in weeks, knowing my Nana and Papa loved me and we're keeping me safe.

Princess Kelley

PS. Yes its sappy. But its true. I have become the littlest little girl somedays and thus, sappy appeals to me. Deal! lol. Oh, and this happened a week ago- i started it then. Sorry for the wait. :( I was trying so hard to be good!.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Post 100!!!


We made it ya'll! And I just got over 100,000 views. Holy Crap. What happened to my little old blog that I just made for fun one day and that like all of 20 people knew about? lol. How times have changed. My First Blog-Iversary is coming up at the end of the month, and I'm going to do some restrospective thing for then, but I thought of something else to do for now. But its just so ridiculous to me how big this has grown to be. I'm currently doing an interview for the Spanking Spot, and Richard Windsor commented on my blog (even if it was a spam type post!).

So here's what's in the pipeline that is my head (if it cooperates- I've been having debilitating migraines for the past two weeks to the point that I can't read, and I've missed so much class one of my teachers is talking with the dean about giving me an incomplete and trying to have me make it up in Italy next semester... but hopefully i'll have moments enough of lucid to get some posts churned out!):
  1. This post, lol, which is going to be a photo post, greatest hits of all of my spanking sessions that were photographed.
  2. A Life Update that just needs to be written (and I don't really give a fuck if the majority of ya'll just want pictures and could care less about my life, bc this is my diary too)
  3. A positions post (b/c i did implements and panties and exposure so now I should do positions)
  4. An interview post- I want everyone to message either on here or email with a question or 5 that I will answer in a post, in honor of the other interview I'm doing.
  5. PLEASE SOMEONE SUGGEST SOMETHING!!! Its been so long since I've been spanked, and the anti-anxiety meds I'm on are killing the nympho in me. :( Its really sad- but atleast my photos are still hot, and i know how i SHOULD be.
  6. The anniversary post.

Ok, so on with the show....

These are in chronological order as best I can starting from the beginning. Most of these have been seen here before. Some are new. Some were on here and were lost in the Spanked Princess Iconoclasm of 2009 (the name I have given that month where I deleted all of my photos, lol). But I still think that most of you will enjoy them none the less.

The first like 4 months of my relationship are not photographed, and most of my relationship with John was not photographed. But there's still a lot. I'm not sure it's all going to fit in one post even!
So this is the first nude-ish photo that was EVER taken of me! It was probably the fourth or fifth time Edward and I had gotten together. I didn't bring my camera with me...or maybe I did, and the battery died (always a good possibility)... so he took it with my phone. Btw, the panties say "Pink Genius."

Ok, so this photo is also from that day. He only took 3 or 4 photos, and I really liked this one. The lighting in that hotel wasn't the best, but I think it ended up looking kinda cool. Oh, and at the time, those were my "sexy panties." These are like June or July 2008.
This photo is titled "favorite" for a reason. That reason being that it was, and still is to this day, my favorite photo of me ever taken. There were others from this weekend- which was in like in July or August I think- that I also like a lot, but this is still my favorite.
So this photo and the next are from a beautiful fall weekend when I took the train down to Edward's house. His back deck is just so wonderful, and he lives on like an acre of land (in a rural area) so we had privacy enough for naked photos (though not for spanking sadly). But the main reason I picked this picture is becaue it has my brush (RIP) in it. I talked about that brush in my post on implements. He gave it to me for my 19th Birthday, and was WONDERFUL but broke in October (by Max on my bottom). Just a fun weekend all around.
Ok, LOL. This photo, also from that weekend, displays my first taste of a butt plug. *blush*. As I have written about on here, I have come to prefer beads, but that plut supplied us with some pretty fun times (and some less fun punishments). Also note the wonderful Tinkerbell flannel pj bottoms. We went to Walmart (actually one of the only times I've ever set foot in that store) and bought like some bread, honey, handcuffs (from a Halloween costume), lace panties, these little girl Pj bottoms and like a water filter. The check out person gave us some curious looks.
This photo is from October 2008. Still Edward. I just really like the mostly naked faked action shot, lol. :) I love actually "spanking" pictures, not just ones of me lying half clothed on a bed. But its really hard when its just two people playing.

One of the photos that made me famous. This is from November last year (so like around when I created this blog), and Todd and Suzy loved it. I love it too :) But I took it down because it had my face and well...I just try not to do that.. there is an edited version, but I figure, for old times sake I'll leave it up for a bit. I'll probably smarten up and change it to an edited version soon, but as always, just be respectful, and dont' freaking steal my photos. Oh, and that little wooden paddle is by Rosy Bottoms (I love pinups) and hurt like hell!!!

Max's Belt. So this was after a belting I recieved from my boyfriend in November/December of last year. If you've been around for a while you probably read about this belting (or actually one that came after this one, that at the time was the hardest spanking I had recieved) and you also probably know that I don't like belts but rather straps. I also don't like thongs much (though he was quite fond, thus the thong) but I am a fan of this photo. :)

Study Days, 2008. Aka, pre finals I went to see Edward for some focused study time. This was also about a week after my first ever wax. You can see the result of both efforts ;)
Chirstmas time! lol, thus the hat. :) This is another one of my personal favorite photos. I happen to be a big fan of this position in general if you hadn't noticed, but I just love the hat and the panties. :) It was a fun week for sure.
This was the first photo john took of me. We did it just because my bottom was SOO bright red (John, as you all know I'm sure, was an ABSURDLY hard spanker) and I wanted documentation. This photo bugs me though bc I was between waxes and so I don't look pretty and smooth...
Valentine's Day!!! My first switching. FREEZING FUCKING COLD!!! lol. But it was my first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, so it was just the most perfect weekend ever. I went into detail about it, but I'm not actually sure I ever posted the photos (that was during the iconoclasm). We went hiking (not my thing, but I loved him so much I would have gone skydiving and enjoyed it just to be with him) and just did other romantic things... sigh. But that switching almost had me in tears after 6 strokes.
Ah, my beautiful strapping photo. Daddy used the Domesotic Discipline strap on me, and after 15 strokes (well and a weekend of spanking) this was the result. Perfect. Just a rosy red bottom. No bruises. Just a bottom looking the way it should.
Me. 30 minutes post losing my virginity. Nuf said?
This is a Jonathon photo (God decided to curse me with men all with E's (Emery, Emmanuel (both vanillas) and then Edward) and then J's (John, Jonathon, and now James)). From my trip to boston this summer. These are the last photos of me from a spanking. In JULY!!! I NEED A SPANKING!!!!

The END *wink*

Princess Kelley

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Naughty Kitty aka Me :)

Princess Kelley

PS. This is my 99th post! Get excited for 100 coming soon
PSS. Migraines suck more than almost anything!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Ok, I officially suck! I didn't do a post on my favorite holiday! *hangs head in shame* lol. I've just been really out of it lately. I got a sinus infection and pink eye (it was lovely as I'm sure you can imagine) this last week, and so just life has pretty much sucked. Which honestly is par of the course this semester which has been: IL flu, bronchitis, death of a loved one, grieving, depression, sinus infection, pink eye. Aka, God hates me. LOL

Ok, anywho so, I was DETERMINED to have a fabulous Halloween weekend. Like I said, its my favorite holiday. You might not have heard (or you might have) but I kinda love costumes and dressing up. If I could do it every day I would. Sadly, society seems to frown upon that. So I wait for themed parties and Halloween, and just bask in the gloriousness.

My camera currently hates me and decided that doesn't want to upload pictures so I'm having to use not so great ones from my camera phone.

Night one. Naughty School Girl.
This is the third year in a row now that one of the nights of Halloween I have gone as a naughty school girl. This year it was a bit different, as I had to use a black polo instead of white (since my mother stole the white one claiming it was stained) and I actually had matching black knee socks!!! WOOT WOO!!! (yes that is actually a big deal for me, lol). Also, this year, the skirt that has always been very very tight, was just a bit too tight, and I had to move the button. But since I did that, I was able to also roll the skirt so it could be a bit shorter :) I think it was a good life choice. :)

Night two (Halloween itself). 1940's Pin up.
I've done pin-up before (and I would show you pictures, but i'm 17 in them and i'm not sure about the legality of that, so for all our safety, I will refrain), but again, this year, I did it a bit differently. All of my friends were bitches last night and no one helped me do my pin curls, so I did them on my own- which for all the men out there that don't know- is really difficult. I was going to take them down and wear actual pincurls, but instead since it was kinda raining and gross here, and I wasn't sure they woudl work, I left my hair up in the pins bc I thought that way it would atleast be obvious that I was from some other decade, you know?

I then wore the same corset from the Rocky Horror photo, except I reversed it and wore it on the white side. I then wore a spandex "figure skating dress?" as a skirt that I got from American Apparel. If you have not been to that store, GO. Tomorrow. Its absolutely ABSURD!!!! How in the hell could anyone where half of their clothing? I don't understand it at all. But it was perfect for slutty and crazy Halloween costumes. I paired all of that with my fancy garter belt, and thigh highs and a comfortable pair of wedges and 1940s makeup and ta-da!!! I was totally born in the wrong decade. If I had been bore in the late 20s I could have been a 40s pinup and then a 1950s house wife! lol. :)

So, what did all ya'll go as? Did you get to pass out candy to little kids? I miss doing that. Well actually I miss being a little kid and going trick or treating, but passing out candy is pretty awesome too. :)

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If A Picture is Worth a 1000 words....

Then that's good b/c I'm crunched for time and I owe ya'll a post! If only school were this easy...

Princess Kelley

School should be like this more often!

So I had an assignment in my art and poetry seminar to go the museum and pick any work of art that inspired me and write an ekphrastic poem. I didn't mean for it to become so erotic! The painting is by Matisse.

Good Evening My Love

She tilts her head slightly,
Her doe eyes noticing my presence in her mirror.
She smiles warmly, knowingly,
But acknowledges me no more
As she resumes her nightly task.

The bright peonies on the counter
Match the color of her cheeks.
Arms raised more gracefully than a prima ballerina
Displaying her beautiful breasts,
She works to complete her nudity.

My gaze travels down her spine
The curve of her waist,
Flaring to the swell hips
Knowing, without seeing,
What lies between her thighs

I walk behind her
The smell of her perfume wafting towards me.
Vanilla and sandalwood.
I lean down,
Caressing the nape of her neck with my lips.

Her warm flesh responds to my mouth.
I hear her breath-
The sharp intake and smooth sigh
And I feel her heart beat.
She cannot help the luxurious purr
That escapes.

“Good evening my love”
I whisper gently in her ear.

She divests the final remaining pin
From her “coiffure.”
Her hair falls in waves
The brown locks cascading down
Her lithe and sinuous form

Her shoulders finally relax.
At last she is fully nude.
For my darling is never truly bare
Until her entirety is free from confines.

She stands from her chair
Confident in herself.
I run my hand through her luscious mane
Her being instinctively curving into my palm.
Into me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hey ya'll!
Its great to have people back! Thank you for all of the wonderful replies on LOL day. :) And based on your comments, and just the increased activity since I posted that pic, I thought I'd share this one. :) It has my face, but only b/c its not a naked pic :)

So this is what I wore out to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you don't know what it is, your life is not complete and you should rent it and then go see it live! :) This was my first live show, and so I was a "virgin." Before the show starts all the virgins have to come to the front of the theater and bend over and grab there ankles and the audience yells "fuck you" lol, and this REALLY hot guy that was on the set crew was walking around with a flogger and I briefly felt it on my back. I'm so disappointed in myself for not going over to him later and asking for a private session.

Then after that, they picked like 10 of us (and based on my outfit I was one) and we made orgasm noises into a microphone.
Needless to say, I loved the entire experience. Everyone in slutty outfits, half the people in drag, girls in just their bras. Its a wonderful place :)

Princess Kelley

PS. My computer crashed last week and I've been having SERIOUS issues with it, and I almost lost all my pictures! Scary thought! So wish me luck to get everything backed up soon!

PPS. I also wore a blazer with this, and the original plan was to go without the skirt and just in panties and the garters with the blazer- but I wasn't bold enough- next time :)

PPSS. I'm wearing a kitty cat version of this for Halloween this year :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I LOVE My Lurkers Day 2009

Hey Ya'll!

So last week I got the most wonderful email from Bonnie invinting me to participate in "Love Our Lurkers Day" 2009. Now, I know that everyone that she can find gets invited, but I still feel really special, so don't ruin it for me *wink*. haha.

As a life long lurker, I have been witness to Love Our Lurkers for the last few years (when I started reading blogs regularly) most notable on Pixie's wonderful blog. Sadly, however, I never saw the post ON the day of the event, and since I was shy and nervous to begin with, I never participated, and I think that's a real shame. Ever since I started blogging (almost a year ago already!) I've been trying harder and harder to comment when I can- especially on stories that I read on Yahoo or fanfiction. net- since I know how hard the author's work to write them, and the only gratification we get is people's comments. I don't make any money off this site, and I just do it because I love it- its part diary, part self-indulgent pictures and ramblings, and in part, as I've said, for that young girl out there who's wanting to know she's not alone. So even if you miss the day, or even if you're not a lurker, feel free and encouraged to comment!

I know that doing this for myself should be enough, and usually it is, but that doesn't mean I don't love feedback! And come on! I mean, I have a site counter people which is slowly creeping its way towards 100,000 people, and I think I've heard from 30 of ya'll.

Now, as a lurker, I understand the reasons why people don't post, and they are all totally valid, and so I don't want to pressure anyone or make people feel guilty. But just know that I do have anonymous posting available, and you are welcome and encouraged to use it. :) And I do have that ticker going up so I know you're here, which makes me smile. But what would make me smile more is knowing that you Liked being here- or even more, I would LOVE suggestions! Since my spankings seem to be few and far between lately, any suggestions on what people want to see is always appreciated (even if its just "Show more naked pictures of you!" lol).

Speaking of pictures- I hope ya'll like this one- I just took it about 20 minutes ago- I thought the little peakabo was very "lurker-esque"

I love you all! Lurkers and followers and fans and friends! And I hope that you all had a WONDERFUL Columbus Day Weekend (I went to my first ever live Rocky Horror Picture Show where I made orgasm noises on stage lol, and then went Marched for Equality in DC! I love my gays! haha)


Princess Kelley
PS. I remembered how to be polite and started going back and responding to comments today- I can't believe that I got so far behind- I read each and every one, and they have been my rock during this hard time. So if you've commented recently, feel free to check :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


So despite the fact that ya'll seem to have abandoned me :( I'm posting this for your viewing pleasure. OMFG I literally almost died laughing. Read the description that the women writing the ad posts. SOOOO funny.

This is why I leave my anal beads at the boy's houses.

Princess Kelley

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'd Almost Forgotten....

What a spanking felt like.
Thank you M, for reminding me. :)
So right now I'm supposed to be writing an Italian composition that is already kinda late, but I'm crashing from a sugar high induced by binge eating (a habit that I have apparently taken up again in the grieving process) and I just don't fucking feel like doing it!.... Mommy would not be pleased with me the last few days. But she's not here. She left, and I can hear her scolding me in my ear...but I feel out of control and JenJen and Nana (formerly Dr. Anja- Mommy's best friend, and Deb's doctor) are doing their best, but I just.... I DON'T KNOW!!!!! One second I'm fine, the next I'm crying, the next I want to throw things, the next I'm back to fine. And I know I need to be being a good girl, both for me, and to make her proud.... but I guess part of me just keeps hoping, that if I'm naughty enough, she'll come back- that she wouldn't let me spiral out of control like this.
And I JUST GOT a spanking! Today!!! FINALLY!!! It'd been since JULY!!! 2.5 MONTHS!! From the girl that if she could, would get a spanking everyday!
Well for those of you who don't know who M is, he is my ex boyfriend, who goes to law school here, and is a spanko- I was dating him at the beginning of when I started writing this blog. He and I broke up mutually when I started dating John (former Daddy and known sometimes as "the ex"). M was (and still is) a good guy and a pretty good spanker. But he's a total boy! So sexual, and so immature, and just...not my type. I figured out why he and I didn't work actually a few months ago. There can only be one center of attention in a relationship, and that's me. lol. M likes to be the center though too, and that doesn't work with me. There are plenty of girls that that's perfect for, but that's why he and I didn't work so well. But we've stayed friends and he's back in town, and he's been trying to push me into having a friends with spanking benefits relationship with him for a while now and I've firmly said no. Mainly b/c with M, nothing is free.
But after everything that went down with the guy I was ranting about the other night- the MAN that I WAS counting on to lean on- I remembered that the second M found out, he messaged me saying he was here for me and so sorry for my loss.. So I texted him, and just asked, hey, what are you up to today? And he immediately replied "Are you ok? I'm free this evening" and pretty much immediately agreed to come over just to hold me and let me cry- not typical M behavior.
But he came, and was amazing. He really did just sit and hold me- we talked some and he let me cry, and we joked like we always do (he's such a college boy). Then we were laying there, and I was just basking in how mature and wonderful and supportive he was being, and when he reached down to swat my bottom, I didn't stop him. And then I just fell into it. I was so vulnerable and in the perfect submissive space, and I've been needing a spanking for so long as it is- and the only reason I didn't ask M was because I didn't trust him to do it right- to be mature about it, to treat me well- so then when he told me to go get the spoon (which would have been Mommy's implement of choice) I did, took my jeans down and took my spanking.
And omg it hurt! Not much- I mean it was not a hard spanking. But it's been 2.5 months, and its my time of the month, and I was just bawling my heart out after the hand spanking began- which stung so much, but felt so....just RIGHT, not sexy or painful, but RIGHT. He had me laid out over my bed, him sitting back against the wall. He spanked and I just laid there and cried it all out. I could hear Mommy in my ear, comforting me, and telling me she was so happy I was getting what I needed.
It used to hurt her so much that she couldn't be here to really give me what I needed, and that there wasn't really anyone here. On days when I just needed it so much and I would throw a huge temper fit and just be out of control, and then she'd realize why, and she'd poke and prod and I'd end up just crying b/c I couldn't have what I needed.
.....its sad. I would give anything for that day back. Give anything to just be crying b/c I couldn't hear her voice b/c she couldn't use her phone in the hospital, or because I needed her to be here with me. Anything.
But so yeah, my spanking. M stopped when I needed and then just rubbed my back and bottom as I cried, then stood me up and put me in the corner for a bit, then brought me back and just held me a laid with me. I cried in his shoulder and his chest, and curled up so tight in his body. It was what I've been craving for a month- even before Mommy died. But its exactly what I needed- and all I asked of that dick from the other night.
Lol, M said that my ass looked hot (in his oh, so eloquent, do you really go to one of the most prestigiuos law schools in the country? way of speaking) and was smoother than he'd ever seen it b/c it'd been so long since I'd been spanked. A year ago when I was with him, my bottom was in constant recovery mode from a spanking from him or Edward. So that was of course nice to hear. :) And just my god...the whole thing just did light a bit of a fire, and I'm praying that I can resist any urge I have to get a good girl spanking from him- I do NOT need to go down that path. ...but honestly I think any spanking I get at this moment would just be a cathartic spanking like that one was.
But that was yesterday. .... I really do need to atleast try to start this paper or Nana said she's ground me from TV all weekend! POUT! No fair! Mew :(
As always, I love ya'll so much, and I don't think I could have gotten through this without all of your support.
Princess Kelley

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

True Colors

I just got effectively dumped via text message. Apparently I'm "too much drama" so he and I (who mind you were just friends to begin with- though this man was the last man in this city that I trusted, and someone that I was really counting on especially during this moment) "won't be hanging out again."
That's all he said. VIA TEXT MESSAGE!!!!! and he won't say anything else.
My Mommy just died a week ago, I just started my period, am recovering from the fucking swine flu, and have never grieved before and you're telling me I'm "too much drama" to have lunch with!!!! ITS FUCKING LUNCH!?!!

Sigh, I know I'm drama. And I drive everyone away. I should start making notches. This is the fourth man that has not been a boyfriend or someone I've dated, that has run away like this. "Friends." Just more proof that men are pigs. And that I am going to die alone.

I am a Daddy's girl at heart. I might be my Mommy's girl right now, and will forever be Hers, but deep down, I'm a Daddy's girl. But I swear, ya'll are ridiculous. Someone died- its going to be dramatic!

So normally I would never do this- bash someone on my blog- but I think this is a special circumstance. Plus I just need to fucking vent. So you know who you are, if you're reading this, you're a jerk. Even my ex- that guy that you hate and so does everyone else- never would have hurt me during this time. HE called me when he found out. HE worries about me still. You couldn't bother to give me a hug b/c you were too afraid you couldn't control yourself. I would have said I loved you- not in love, but i definitely cared about you that much. I love you, and you do this. I thought you were the good guy. The guy that always made me smile. The one good one left. But I was clearly wrong. How typical.

I guess the saying is right. Its in our darkest moments that those in our life show their true colors. Everyone here that has been so supportive, I can not thank you enough. I guess these moments tell us who our real friends are. Those that offer anything and everything they have, even if its just an ear- or feet to go get a prescription filled when your sick. Not those that say, wow sorry, that sucks, and then run the other direction.

Princess Kelley

Monday, September 21, 2009

She's Gone.

I dont' know what to do. I've never lost someone before.
I can't do this.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Devastating News

Mommy had another stroke yesterday at 5AM. She hasn't woken up yet. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to feel. I don't know if I can keep it together. I dont' know what I'd do if I lost her.... what I'd do with my baby sister. I can't take care of her by myself- and I honestly don't think I could ever look at her the same way... without thinking of our Mommy.
Jen (Mommy's oldest daugther who is 41) says shes'll keep me updated, but she's so bitchy b/c she's overstressed and overwhelmed but she's THERE and i want to be there! I want to hold her hand and MAKE her wake up! I want to talk to the doctors myself!
I just spent ALL of last week with Mommy. She took care of me literally in the middle of the night when I would cry out for her b/c I was sick (I'm finally feeling a bit better today- the prognosis was the flu and bronchitis by the way- horrible horrible week). And now she's just not there.
And the last thing I said to her was not the nicest thing- I was frustrated b/c her computer wasn't working and she wasn't telling me something. And I'm just so fucking stressed out about all of my school I'm behind on and my baby sister and being sick and I just need my freaking Daddy to get his act together and get back online! Or better his ass down here! I don't think I can do this by myself. I'm trying so hard to keep it together (b/c of course we're not telling the sick baby that Mommy had a stroke and heart surgery last week and another stroke yesterday) but of course she knows something's wrong if for no other reason than that mommy isn't here right now!
I'm terrified that I'll never have gotten to hear her voice.....
Princess Kelley

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bad News

I'm sick.

Like Really sick. Like I think I have H1N1 (horrible cough, fever, ect plus its all over my school). It just started yesterday, so we'll see. :(

Worse news.
Mommy had a minor stroke yesterday. She was fine last night- talking and could type and stuff. But she went into surgery this morning. Her adult daughter (Jen) messaged me saying the surgery went well and she's in recovery and doing great. All good news. But still. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!?

Other worse news.
My baby sister's sick again. After 2 months of having a fever over 102, we finally got her well last week. And now of course yesterday her fever was up again! And she's coughing. Meaning she also has H1N1, or just some other god for saken infection.

Just thought I'd let ya'll know. And a message to any man that has ever been "Daddy" to me: I WANT MY DAAAADDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Kelley

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mouth Soaping

Mommy is going to wash my mouth out tonight!!! :(





I've never had my mouth washed out, and let me say, I am NOT looking foward to it. How have I managed to go this long without having my mouth washed out, especially considering my sailoresqe vocabulary? Well somehow I managed to be with the 3 men who didn't really care for mouth soaping. Edward threatened ALL the time, but NEVER followed through, and I never thought he would. M- never threatened, never did. But I mean, come on. He was a student too- not like he was the "daddy" type. John...John just never threatened either. He spanked me for swearing and for lying...and then there was this one time that he started to think that a mouth soaping would be appropriate for all those occasions that my naughty mouth got me into trouble, but again, it never happened.


Its not like there aren't a ton of people who have threatened to and had they been able to get there hands on me would have! Lol, I always assumed my tendency towards profanity would get me in more trouble than anything. Lol, but it is the thing I use when I just need a scolding. Nothing is quite as easy as when i'm talking with a top, to just go off like "fuck the fucking fuckers!" to get the desired "Young lady!" response. :D


But I never actually WANTED to have my mouth washed out!!!! Did I have a morbid fascination? Absolutely. But do I want it to happen? NO! POUT!!! Mommy has threatened before, and given me warnings, and she washed my baby sister's mouth out just last week. But I didn't swear!... I lied. A Big lie. An ugly lie, that makes me feel kinda ashamed. But it was to a proffesor... ok, I won't make excuses. It was bad and I deserve to be punished. BUT I DON"T WANT MY MOUTH WASHED OUT!!!!!


Sigh, I guess that's why she's doing it. She's just a Mommy. Not a spanko. She doesn't want me to enjoy it. I'm supposed to learn a lesson and never be that naughty again. But its not faaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!!!!! :( I mean its hard enough to self spank! I'm not sure I will be able to summon enough will power to put soap on my tongue!.. She said this time won't be That bad. This is just going to suck, but won't be anything compared to what will happen if I do it again.


Sigh. I'm curious as to what you guys think about mouth soaping, or appropriate punishments for potty mouths and lying. I know that I've gotten threatened with it enough that Some people do it.... I just wish it wasn't to ME!


Princess Kelley

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Francesca and Clarisse

(and all my wonderful readers whom some of you might understand some of this),

OMG I CAN”T BELIEVE YOU’VE BEEN READING MY BLOG THIS WHOLE TIME!!!! ROTFLMAO, I’m SOOO glad!!!! You are so right, you just can’t get enough from Facebook. I’m just not on there enough anymore. I’m so sorry that I’ve been a bad friend to both of you really and everyone here too. I just got overwhelmed with everything and somedays I just want to turn off the fucking computer! Lol, and I got a FABULOUS tv in my room with dvr and cable so like all my free time is spent with me and Leroy Jethro Gibbs (aka the Mark Harmon, aka the star of NCIS).

Clarisse I need my roomie back!!!! My single is fabulous though. I actually have quite a lot of space, all things considered. But as you have always said, I have way too much shit! Lol, I’m actually going to ship a couple boxes home- I have no idea how I’m going to live off two suitcases like you did! Oh! And the application stuff is almost finished for Italy. Spring break you and I are living it up in France!!! But yeah, I miss you. Like the other week I went out to dinner with Emery (my first bf- guy from the accapella group Freshman year) and I was getting dressed and started to turn around to be like, “how do I look” and no one was there! Who is going to tell me I look trashy now! Lol.

Oh and Club Lau was last weekend! Haha! Dance party in the library! WOOOOO!!!!!
Francesca, omg, you need to tell me about your date! Was it with the New Orleans guy? The spanko? I want details!!! And I miss you like crazy! I’m glad we talked the other day. Oh and btw, if skype says I’m on and yet I don’t’ respond, its because I’m on with my baby sister all night- it helps her not have nightmares, so I’m probably just asleep :(.

The accapella group had auditions this past week. We got this one girl who was RIDICULOUS!! AND she’s my type. Red head. Kinda petite. Beautiful eyes. Fabulous ass. OH and a voice from God. Did her looks affect my decision making process? Most likely. Do I care. No. Lol. We were there for 5 hours on Friday, 8 hours on Sunday, and 6 hours on Wednesday! Oh and that other group (that shall not be named on this blog) they are being total bitches and trying to steal her and this other girl we took! Its total drama.

In other Kelley news, Jonathon (“daddy”) and I are still kinda together- well he’s still Daddy and still wonderful. But he’s starting to date this vanilla…and its making me really sad. But I’m trying to not let it get to me. I also haven’t been spanked or like cuddled in TWO MONTHS!!! I’m going INSANE. Like absolutely insane. I’m hoping Rich (great guy in the area- about Edward’s age- just strictly friends, but he's like the perfect Daddy type- strong, kind, caring) will pull through for me this weekend though and I can break that dry spell.

The biggest development though is my new “little sister.” Her name is Deb and she’s almost 17. DON”T FREAK OUT!!! Lol, she’s not a spanko. She’s just a girl that has had beyond a tough life (sexually abused as a child- dad died, mother doesn’t want her, etc) and needs some structure…its so complicated. But all I have to say is that Its NOT SEXUAL. She is my baby sister and I just want to wrap her up in a blanket and protect her from the world. She’s in Florida though, but we skype and talk every day. I will explain more about her later.

Also in that realm there is the development of MaryEllen or now “mommy.” Yes you heard that right. Also not sexual. Which is just SOO weird. She was Deb’s live in nurse for a year or so and now lives in a different state, but still takes care of Deb as best she can. I met her when she was grilling me about who the hell I was talking to her baby girl, and over the last couple months she has adopted me as her own as well. Lol, she’s really funny, and I think you both would like her a lot. She’s like literally the exact opposite of both John and my mother.

Speaking of John…. I’m still in love with him, and its kinda an issue. Not like a huge one- it doesn’t affect me most days…but sometimes it like comes in waves and its pretty tough. He called last week though which was unexpected and we talked for like an hour! And it was GREAT! Which of course made it SO much harder. Sigh. I love it when he’s that man I fell in love with- but sometimes its easier when he’s Mr. Hyde. Mainly I just miss him though.

Oh, and also, a great thing that has developed out of my relationship with my baby sister (she calls me Sissy, btw), is that suddenly I’m having to be the responsible one. Suddenly I’m the one that has to be strong and mature, and I think its good for me. The hard part somedays is though that its like the reverse of me and John. Some days I just am tired and want some time by myself, but she’ll have been waiting all day trying to be a good girl for me b/c she just wants to hang out. And so now I feel what John felt, but I also know exactly how she feels…sigh, I call her my mini me (she’s bulimic, makes jewelry, sings, loves art, is an artist, intense, emotional, even looks like me).

Ok, so school update- classes started the Wednesday before last and I’m already behind- no surprise there. Lol, I’m actually in the library right now. No joke. My single is like NOT conducive to work at all! I’m in one of the 3rd floor cubicles. You know I’m a 3rd floor girl Clarisse! :) So it seems to even write blog posts, I have to go to the library. :) I’m going to try to catch up on some reading from this week though, b/c I really need to whip my GPA back into shape after last semester.

Ok, this is officially really long, so I’m going to go now- please feel free to respond on here or facebook or email- I want life updates! I miss you both so much!!!! And I love that I can kinda share this part of my life with ya’ll too. :)

To everyone else- Don’t worry, the bitch is back :). Meaning, my much needed hiatus is over and you will be hearing from me much more in the near future. I promise.

Princess Kelley

Friday, August 28, 2009

Removed Post

Hi Team,
I'm back at school and getting moved in. Should have another post in a few days.

I decided to remove my last post. I was happy with it, but I got a couple of really nasty comments and emails, and I found them just really upsetting so I decided to just remove it for the time being. I've been having issues lately taking things that happen with this blog to heart... and a friend was like, "sweetie, you can't take everything so personally" But this IS personal to me! This is my life, and my secrets, and my heart, and I dont' really care that this is "just business" to a lot of people. This is me and it IS personal. Maybe I should grow thicker skin, and I guess this a sign I'm not cut out for more than my little corner of blogdom--- but apparently now even this can be cruel.....

Princess Kelley

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blog Updates and Random Factoids

So I'm working on some blog updates, both posts, and just to the site itself. As some of you might have noticed, I've started doing a dropdown archive by category of the old posts on the right rail. I'm hoping that it will help people that are new to the site find the posts the want to read, as I'm really proud of some of the things that I've written here, as well as allow people who've already read the posts to find them more easily. :)

Now for the random factoids about me :)
It turns out that I've been wrong about my bra size for the last 5 years. And I feel really stupid about it. I've always known that most women wear the wrong bra size, but I never thought that I would be one of them! I was a 34DD (pictured left (see, it looks right!)), and that was that. WRONG

I'm a 32F. That's right, a 32F. Sometimes 32G. G! Did you even know that was a bra size!? But it actually makes some since. The problem that I would have was that the cup wasn't large enough and if I went up where I was shopping, I would have to go up in band length...and they would get big in the wrong places. So I got a larger cup but a smaller band. So pretty much, tiny waist/ribcage- fucking huge tits! lol.

Now, this is my PSA for bra's. The store I went to is called Intimacy- check it out! OMFG! The founded has been on the Today show and stuff like that, talking about how important having the correct bra is, and she's SOOO right! They actually ask on their survey before your personal consultation (where a woman goes into the room with you and figures out your size) if you think a bra can change your life. I didn't think it could. I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED! OMG this bra has TOTALLY changed my life! I can breath, my back doesn't hurt as much, I'm not fiddling with my bra all day, I look thinner, just OMG. PLUS all of there stuff is from Europe so they have TONS of stuff in my size and its all SUPER cute (see below in the horrible angle shot). Insanely beautiful stuff.

I've always been a panty addict. I think I might have just become a bra addict to. Sigh, sadly this is a much more expensive addiction, lol. But online I can find Tons of bras in my size, all of which are so beautiful b/c they're all from Paris! lol :D.

So LADIES! Go to this place, or even like a Nordstroms maybe (not Victoria's Secret- I love them, always have, but after this place, and learning about how bra's are made- they just don't make stuff for all sizes- GREAT panties, but not bras) and have somene who knows what they're doing fit you. It really can change your life. :D

In other totally random, did you really want to know this much about Kelley news, I am allergic to my cellphone.
What? you ask. Let me explain.
I am allergic to metal. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this on here before or not, but it is quite the life issue for me. I also have excema, which is a skin condition- pretty much just Uber dry skin that leads to itchy ugly flaky red patches on my skin. I've always had it, pretty much always will, and I get really bad breakouts all over under stress. I even have some spots on my hips :( FAR to close to my bottom in my opinion. You might have seen it in some pictures on my tummy- which is related to the metal thing. In that case, its caused by my jeans and belt buckle.
Anywho, so in like March/April this spot broke out on my face and I was like WTF!?!?! That had NEVER happened! And it is SO not cool. I got meds for it, and it still wouldn't go away! And it was only in this one spot on my left cheek. Then suddenly it appeared in the exact same spot on the right side! And then it hit me! Its my phone! I talk on my left side, but when it started to hurt I switched to the right. And yes, I do talk on my phone THAT much. (Like when I was with John, 2 hours a day) I'm kinda at a loss now too. Speaker phone it is I guess! lol.

So yeah, that was way TMI, lol, but I really needed to share with someone the ridiculousness of my life.
Hope everyone's having a good weekend! I should have another post up either tomorrow or Monday.
Princess Kelley

Friday, August 21, 2009

I NEED A SPANKING!!! (Self-Spanking thoughts)

I know you're all agreeing with the title right now. I promised no more attempts at excuses for my extended absences, so all I will say this time is that I'm home for a few more days before school starts back up next week and I'm planning to write a bunch of posts to hopefully get me throught the next month or two.

I keep getting inspired but then am in a really inconvient place, and by the time I get back, alone, and by my laptop, I just want to shut it off and escape from technology for a bit! You know? Sigh, but I do love my blog and I have SOOO much to say. But I think with this post and maybe a few others I'm going to try to do shorter posts. That way I won't feel like writing one is going to be such a commitment and I'll feel inspired to write more often. :) But don't worry for those of you who like my ridiculously long ramblings, I'll still be writing those as well.

The big news in my life right now is that I FUCKING NEED A SPANKING!!!!!!! Its been a month since my last one, and it was 2 weeks before that and 10 weeks before that!!!! And I STILL haven't been spanked. And I've Really been needing one. Just for stress relief and to help center and focus me. Plus, the new development in my life (that I WILL write a post going into the details) is that i have a new "baby sister" (a non spanko but who found this site and gets spanked and I will spank if I have to for punishment) and so I've been being a top 24/7 for the last few weeks (part of why I've been so absent) and I Love her so much but I need to be a little girl for a bit too! I need to be my Daddy (...or maybe even Mommy's) little girl and just get wrapped up and loved and cared for and spanked!

Sigh, and I earned a spanking the other day- from my new "mommy"- not really, its super complicated, its related to the baby sister thing. Her name is ME, and she's a spanker but not a spanko if that makes sense, and she loves me and knows that this what i need for discipline sometimes and were she near by I would have had my backside blistered mulitiple times over already by now. Anywho, so I earned a spanking and she also realize that I just was in serious "need" of a spanking, and she emailed Daddy.

Unfortunately I don't know when I'll get to see Daddy again, and since I'm back home right now, I'm not near any spankers that I know. And then when I get back I'll be really busy with school. :( So Daddy recommneded a directed self-spanking, which we explained would take the edge off the need.

The next day Daddy had me kneeling bent over the back of my sofa, while on webcam, so my bottom was completely bare and exposed to him, and I got 125 with the pool table brush in sets of 25 and it STUNG!!!!! I forget how much it stings when its been so long! :(. And of course it wasn't what I NEEDED but it did take the edge off. And then Daddy explained to ME what happened and that SHE could direct if she needed to from IM or from a call! *mega blush* I don't know what it is, but the thought of this woman spanking me is VERY embarassing! She hopes that it would actually be an effective punishment for me- nothing sexual at ALL....I'm not sure she could suceed in That, but she might get close!

But just in general in regards to self spanking, I'm curious what ya'lls thoughts are. I self spanked A LOT when I was younger. I've used everything from brushes, to belts, to hand held mirrors. And since getting directed ones, I once had to use a coat hanger! EEK! My ex-Daddy was a strict self-spanker. When he dirrected them they were very thorough and just like he would have given. He would have you do 50 swats in one place and then move up an inch and do 50 more. ....ok, can't think about him.... sorry... lol.

I remember one odd thing I did was that when I was younger I discovered this parenting site that had a random punishment generator which would generate time out times or grounding durations or number of swats. The problem was it would only generate 1-10 swats! So i created this mulitiplication system (this was when I was like 11 or maybe 12 btw) to increase the number of swats I was to recieve. It was great! :)

Daddy took some screen caps of this last one and I'll post them when he emails them. They are just of after shots- sorry, no good durings :(. But as you can see, I do a thorough job :)

I love ya'll! Please forgive me for being such a horrible blogger all the time!


Princess Kelley