Thursday, November 12, 2009

Naughty Kitty aka Me :)

Princess Kelley

PS. This is my 99th post! Get excited for 100 coming soon
PSS. Migraines suck more than almost anything!


  1. Almost up to 100! Woot, that calls for a celebratory spanking.

    Of course you're also teasing us with this. That also calls for a spanking.

    And lets not forget how cute the kitty is. I'm not sure exactly how, but that has to earn you a spanking as well.

    Grats on one of the best blogs we have right now, hopefully you'll get all the spankings you need and desire.

  2. Well I'm glad you're back, but it appears you're a little more furry than I remember.

    Just as cute though. ;)

  3. Of course I couldn't punish that face - but lets be honest, with a tush like yours, I'd probably spank you whether you did it or not.

    While the kitty may fit you, from what I've seen, you really need one that says, "Yeah, I did it. What are YOU gonna do about it?"

    Looking forward to number 100 - don't tease for too long.