Friday, May 29, 2009

The Death of a Teenager

It is a sad state of affairs. One day I'm 19 years old, happy and carefree, unburdened by the responsibilities of adulthood, and then the next BAM i'm suddenly 20 and unable to justify my irresponsible behavior on my age! (and still not allowed to drink mind you!)

Lol, Joking aside, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! PARTY!!!!

Yes, I turn twenty this weekend, and it should be a pretty fun day. Just hanging out with my friends and family- nothing too crazy. Oh, and its the one day a year that EVERYONE agress that I am truly a princess ;).
Sadly, no one is here to give me the birthday spanking I deserve. Well...that's not entirely true- I might get one next week from a female friend of mine- but nothing proper, and nothing on the day. :( Where's my Daddy when I need him! pout! lol

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and I'll keep responding to comments as always- though I'll be out of touch on Sunday and Mondy (going fishing. No, seriously, lol). As always, Love ya!

Princess Kelly

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

(In)Decent Exposure

Hey there team!

So, this week is flying by! I can't believe May is almost over! Anywho, so the next post of choice is Exposure :). I'm actually really excited to finally be writing this post, which I literally started (a different post on the same topic) 3 months ago. I find the topic really interesting and its something that really speaks to me as a spankee.

A Bit of Background

I'm one of those people that doesn't mind being naked. I'm quite comfortable in my own skin (ironic given my body issues- but I think I'm prettier naked than in clothing). I sleep in nothing but panties- have for like a decade. I get ready in the morning wearing just panties, and getting dressed is the last thing I do. Well now with my roommate, I'll wear one of Daddy's button shirts that I stole, but its not exactly covering a lot. My roomie last year told me that I'd make a great stripper b/c I could walk and take off clothes at the same time (something she thought was quite impressive), and my roomie this year frequently would invite people into our room when I was undressed b/c she was just so used to seeing me that way she thought nothing of it.

So making me feel exposed is a pretty difficult task. Just making me be naked for a spanking doesn't do anything. I'm almost always naked, especially around Daddy, and in his house.

The Theory

So that begs the question, how do you make me feel exposed? Or what is the best way to make anyone feel exposed? And for that, I have a theory. I'm sure its not original, but I think its pretty smart, if I do say so myself. :)

My theory is that the best way to make someone feel exposed is to have them in unnatural states of undress. Like, in my opinion, being fully naked is a totally natural state of undress. So is being in just panties. Being in just a bra, however, is not. Nor is being in jeans but totally topless. That always makes me feel very aware of my naked breasts. To me, being spanked with my jeans and panties at my ankles makes me more aware of my bare bottom than being naked does. Even better is nothing on bottom but my shirt (which is too short to cover me) and socks still on.

Also, another not natural state is having something out of place. This can be even more effective. Say for example, having a bra on, but my boobs totally out of the cups. Panties around my ankles (especially if there are jeans there too). It makes me aware of them.

An Application aka The Red Dress

The moment when I felt the most exposed I've ever felt in my life follows this theory. It was this past Valentines Day, and I had just come from an accapella concert and was thus all dressed up in my red dress. The magical red dress that fits all of my friends, lol. But its a dress that kinda requires spanx when you're me ;). lol. So Daddy took me home and the second we stepped inside we were kissing, and I believe that I was a bit bratty (as usual) and Daddy pushed me against the counter and kissed me hard (mmmmmm) and then he reached under my dress and ripped down the spanks and slipped them over my boots. (Daddy is NOT a fan of my spanx, he thinks they flatten my butt). Now this left me bare (as I had no panties on) except my red dress and the boots. Daddy whispered in my ear to get my backside upstairs- that I was getting a spanking- and to get all of my clothes of. But before I could go up, he turned me around and tucked the bottom hem of the dress into the top and into my strapless bra, so that my entire bottom and backs of my thighs were exposed, but my front and upper back were still covered. The only thing showing was my bottom. It was like a big target, like Spank me! I've never felt so exposed in my life.

Then he turned me around and followed me up the stairs, swatting my bottom with every step. I must have been blushing bright red. On both ends.

A Reward

Oh, and I was also dripping wet. Something Daddy was well aware of. I LOVE feeling exposed. Being put on display for Daddy. I love when I'm over Daddy's knee and he spreads my cheeks to check me, and see if I've been a good girl, or if I'm being naughty and getting wet from my punishment. Or when he spreads me just because he can, because I'm his for him to look at when he pleases. I love being put on all fours, my chest against the bed so that Daddy can see everything, including my little bottom hole, and I can be on display for him. I love when Daddy checks me after my shower- though I have to make sure I'm very clean or I'll be in trouble.

Daddy pretty frequently will put me over his knee or bend me over the bed or just spread my legs wide to check and see if I'm wet. To see if I'm being a naughty little girl or a good girl for him. I love being his, and having him show me that I am his.

I love the embarassment, and I love when he reminds me of how exposed I am, how he can see absolutely everything, and how naughty that is. I wouldn't want him to mock me in any way, or to embarass me in front of people, but like I wouldn't mind being put on display in front of like minded friends, as long as everyone was kind hearted, if you know what I mean.

A Punishment

Daddy does sometimes use exposure as a punishment (though it rarely ever really is a true punishment). There was this one week, when I'd been bad about paying attention to my surroundings, especially in regards to my clothing. Daddy and I had gone shopping, and while we were in the dressing room, I accidentally started taking off one of my tops outside the stall (he was standing outside and would give his opinion as I came out), right in front of the entrance to the store with lots of people around, b/c I just wasn't thinking. Nothing was really shown, but Daddy was NOT pleased to say the least. I got a very hard hairbrush spanking and the DD strap for that. Then that next week, at school, I was very a very very short sweater dress with thigh high stockings. But i didn't wear my garter belt, b/c I thought they would stay up. Big mistake. And in one of my attempts to fix them, I'm quite sure I flashed quite a few people. Daddy again, was not pleased. But instead that punishment was declared to be Very exposed corner time.

So the next time I was with him, Daddy bent me over the side of the bed and filled my bottom with the punishment side of our beads. Then he sent me to the wall and had me spread my bottom cheeks wide apart and bend over at the hips. I was completely exposed (though so uncomfortable I was distracted) and he stayed and watched me the whole time.

Something that I think he should have done at the end, was have me turn around in the corner and face him with my hands on my head, so my breasts woudl be completely exposed- I would have certainly felt very naked and vulnerable then.

Of course my "punishment" got me soaked and daddy made me scream his name taking those beads out :).

Princess Kelly
PS. Diaper position (pictured above) also makes me feel INCREDIBLY exposed and is a seriously punishment position. Edward used to be a big fan.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A New Obsession and Other Thoughts and Fantasies

Hey team!
I would just like to say a big THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who has commented or messaged me lately. The response that I've been getting from this blog has been incredible, and I really am having so much fun making it, and I love that other people enjoy reading it. Creating something that other people enjoy....its an amazing feeling. So, thank you all for all of your kind words and advice.

I hope that everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. Being on summer vacation for the next couple more weeks, means that all 3 day weekends are to me is a time when there's no good tv, my friends go out of town and there's no mail service, lol. But it was still an Ok few days. :)

I'm going to be posting a new post in the next day or so, and I will be tallying votes again for this one, so anymore votes that need to be placed or anymore suggestions are welcomed and encouraged and should be posted in the comments below. Its a tight race people, get out and vote! lol. :)

Oh, so the one super fun thing I did this weekend was yesterday I discovered FetLife, aka my new obsession! lol, Actually my bff Francesca (who I've talked about here before, she helped create this blog, so everyone give her a big thank you) joined with me b/c she's a kinkster- though not a spanko- as well, and its fun that we can be on the same site together. I'm just obsessed though b/c its combining my too loves (facebook and the spanking world) into one glorious thing! lol. As Francesca says though, the problem now is that I will never spend any time on real facebook! I'm spankedprincess on there if you'd like to friend me :). I love friends. :) hehe

Oh, the other thing that I wanted to post was inspired by a comment I got on the roleplay post. I forgot to talk about extra people! Silly me. As everyone here probably knows by now, I really really want to spank another girl. But something I also want to do is be spanked with another girl, and to be watched being spanked. I used to think that I wanted to spank a naughty girl (maybe my friend who's over for a slumber party) and then have daddy come home and spank us both....actually I feel like I've written about that fantasy here'm going to go look....Alas, no I haven't.. Hehe, that means I can write it now! Ok, that'll be the end of the post. (which has now become completely disjointed- sorry team).

Another option would be to be spanked at the same time as another girl, both of our Daddy's laying into us. Or I'd LOOOOVVVEEE to be spanked in public. And I don't mean like in the woods like I've done, I mean like in a park, in a place where it would be acceptable for a Daddy to spank his daughter (even if she is....we'll call me 17 ;)). Not bare, but on panties. I would LOVE that. Or to be at home, and maybe we have friends over (preferably in this scene spankos or people that know about us) and to be acting like a brat and have Daddy take me over his knee in front of them saying "well if you're willing to be a brat in front of our guests, you must be willing to take your punishment in front of them as well." mmmmmmmmmmmm And that one could be bare.

Another fun one that would involve two tops would be a parent-teacher-student conference, where both teacher and parent decide to tan my backside. :) Omg the list could go on forever.

But the fantasy that i used to have a lot with Edward (it doesn't apply to Daddy though b/c I'm too possesive of him and, honestly our relationship could not really withstand playing with another girl) when we were looking for another girl to play with. That's actually how I first ended up on SIN, was looking with him for someone to play with. The story goes like this:

My best friend comes over for a slumber party at my Daddy's house. Everythings going well, except its getting late, and she and I are in our little pjs, and we're supposed to be in bed...well we are IN bed, but not going to sleep. And we start making too much noise, and Daddy comes in, and scolds us both for misbehaving, saying its past our bedtime and that we need to get to sleep, as does he, and we better not make anymore noise or the swat he just gave each of us will be nothing compared to the spanking we'll get. We say "Sorry Daddy" and "sorry sir" "we'll be good." And go back to sleep.
But of course, being the naughty little girls that we are, we soon start giggling and talking and then somehow end up in a pillow fight..that gets just a bit too loud. By now it like two hours past our bedtime and Daddy was asleep. Was being the optimum word there. And Daddy comes back in and sees us up and clearly being brats and he is not pleased. Immediately we look like two very naughty little girls who just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar! He asks us what he said would happen if he had to come back in. "You said you'd spank us, Daddy" I reply meekly, my head hung, with very big sad puppy eyes. "that's right young lady, now I want you in that corner, pj bottoms down under your bottom, and you [he points to my friend] come here." He then proceeds to spank her poor bare bottom until she's a sobbing very sorry little girl. He then has her switch places with me. I walk slowly over to him, biting my lip, and he gives me the same, but with extra scolding. By the end I'm nothing but a very very sorry little girl with a very very rosy red bottom. He then scoops me up and hugs me tight and calls my friend over to come get her hugs as well. He forgives us and tells us to be good girls and get some sleep. "yes sir" we sniffle in reply.

He then tucks us both in on our tummies and shuts off the light on his way out. And we were then good girls and fell asleep....right after we comforted each other ;)......

Princess Kelly

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Votes Are In and the Winner is....

drum rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


UPDATE: so lol, this was based on like 11 this morning, I realize more votes have been cast since then and I'm So grateful to everyone who commented. So, for the moment, this is my post, then I will try to do the rest of the posts in order by popularity. And of course my ideas and votes are encouraged and welcomed. END UPDATE

Lol, thanks for those who had a chance to vote- I know I didn't give a very large window of time. I think I like this whole voting/audience participation thing- its a lot of fun. :) Plus I'm a big fan of having others tell me what to do (*wink*). jk...kinda. Well, ok, so the winner is Roleplay and Costuming. I'm not actually sure how this post is going to go down, its quite a bit less structured than the other recent ones. But I have some ideas. I'm actually a bit sad b/c I don't have a lot of costumed pictures of myself, and I left most of my costume stuff in storage this summer (b/c really I couldn't justify packing it to go home by myself!), but I think I can make this work. This might end up being a two parter. We'll just have to see. So here it goes :)

I'm a BIG fan of roleplay and I LOVE costumes. So pretty much this is like an ideal world kinda post. It is a well known fact with my friends that Halloween is my favorite day of the year. Its the day that I can play dress up and have the world play along with me. When I was a little girl, I used to play dress up all the time- I still have my dressup box in my room to this day. A week didn't go by that I wouldn't be a Princess or a flapper or a Gypsy or some other fantastical being. The real world can just get so hard sometimes, and its just nice to be able to escape for a little while.

And now that I'm older, dress up has taken on a whole new life! Lol, a very very kinky and fabulous one. My costume closet has gotten quite a bit sluttier, and there is that handcuff collection that also got added. LOL, I love dressing up as kinda a dominatrix look, and so its really entertaining with all of my vanilla friends who know I'm a bit into S&M but they always think I'm on the other side....though I think my naughty school girl look this past Halloween might have changed those opinions.

Right now Daddy and I have a list of all the bagillion different role plays that we want to do- though at the rate that I get myself into trouble we'll never do any of them- but I'm hoping that this summer we might get to try a few.

So to start, I think I'll tell the story of the best roleplay I've ever done, and one of the most thorough I've ever heard of. This my friends, is the reason that I love my Daddy-.....if only he still did things like this for me....
The Letter

So this happened back at the very beginning of January. Daddy and I had just met in December- we'd only met twice or three times before, but we had this instant connection. I'd gone home for Christmas break, and we fell in love, and I was coming back before the dorms opened, so he was going to pick me up from the airport and house me for a day (we ended up getting iced in so I got another day out of it :) ). But all of that is not important- the story goes like this.

So it was the morning, and Daddy and I were downstairs (though at this point, he was just john- he wasn't fully Daddy yet). He was doing some work and he asked me to go out and get the mail. I was thinking like "why in the world does he want me to get his mail?" but I was being nice, so I put on his workboots with my sundress i was wearing (even though yes, it was the middle of winter, but i wanted to look pretty), and went outside to get his mail. I brought the stack back in and set it on the kitchen table, and went back to sit on the couch.

"What is this young lady?!" Daddy exclaimed walking back into the room looking very unhappy. "Um... i don't know?" I answered honestly. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he handed me a letter, and asked me to explain it. And my jaw dropped. There it was. The envelope was addressed to him, as my guardian, and had my high school's logo and return address! I immediately new what I was supposed to do.

I'd talked to Daddy extensively about how in high school I got away with murder based on just being super super smart, and just all about the different things I should have been punished for. (mind you, I did graduate at the top of my class and all my teachers loved me in the end). So apparently, Daddy put the letter in hoping that the mail wouldn't have come and I would see it, and try to like hide it or something. lol. Sometimes I really wish that would have happend just for fun. Anywho back to the story.

Daddy sat me down and stood over me and told me to read the letter. According to my principle, this was the third letter and that teachers had sent notes home and I forged his name, and that I was not doing homework, was being disruptive in class, and not living up to my potential (that last one I was acused of a lot). Daddy even found the names of teachers at my highschool from the website and put them in the letter!

Clearly I was in a whole nother world of trouble, and Daddy was VERY unhappy with his little girl. But I was nervous and decided to just stand there when Daddy ordered me upstairs (knowing what would happen). Then all of a sudden (in the sexiest move of all time), Daddy bent down and threw me over his shoulder and carried me fireman style all the way upstairs to his bedroom! I was then put in then put in the corner, Daddy lecturing me like crazy the whole time (something I LOVE!) and he came up behind me at one point and spanked my now bare bottom with the bathbrush (which had some water in it which then made the whole thing sting even more!). That spanking I got was at the time one of the worst spanking's I'd ever recieved. The severerity of it was certainly not play. But it was SO much fun. And I was just so flattered by how much work he put into it- he really loved me.

Daddy's Little Girl
So another aspect of roleplay that I've discovered I really like is ageplay. I like to act and be treated like a very very little girl sometimes. Like between the ages of like 6 and 12. I fall in to the disobedient teenager pretty easily (I guess b/c its still what I am!), but more and more I fall into the little girl voice and role. I just want my Daddy's attention, just want him to love me and to correct me and protect me from the big scary world. I'll post later about a few scenes that Daddy and I want to act out and a few that we have, and just how that dynamic works.

I think that this little girl idea might also relate to my FAVORITE spanking outfit- pajamas. And I don't mean super sexy teddy's and nighties (though I'm sure you can tell by my love of panties that I believe Everythign has its place ;)). I mean the super girly little pj shorts or pants and shirt or in my case frequently just one of Daddy's big button shirts that I've stolen. Sometimes at night when I miss Daddy a lot, I just put on his big flannel shirt and grab one of my teddybears and hug it real tight and pretend I'm going up to Daddy to ask for my bedtime spanking so that I can fall fast asleep. (normally however, I don't sleep in anything but panties, so most of my pjs are more loungewear- and lol, some of them are just lazy looking, not sexy at all (for super cute Pjs I again recommend punished brats- just adorable!))

But I love the idea of laying out on my tummy, maybe I've overslept, and having Daddy just come up and genly take down the pj bottoms and then slip me over his lap for my mornign spanking. Or coming to Daddy for my bedtime spanking. Honestly just thinking about pjs and Daddy makes my internal voice slip into little girl mode!

Something fun to do- which i need to do again- is to go to like Walmart and get the really huge children's pjs. Like Tinkerbell or something like that- there's no easier or faster way to make a bratty woman feel like a naughty little girl. :)

A Naughty Stripper
Lol, another fun roleplay I did (I think this actually might have been my first- I don't really consider Daddy/daughter play unless its with someone I don't consider my Daddy, its just my life) was with Edward back in like September. I put on my corset (my favorite article of clothing) and sexy panties and I surprised him and started giving him a lap dance. lol. Then all of a sudden he told me that he thought he knew my Daddy and that I shouldn't be doing that. In order to keep him quite I gave him a nice blow job, but then after playing with him for awhile, he decided that I still needed to be taught a lesson, so he put me over his knee and gave me a very firm spanking ;). Lol, that one was a lot of fun- very impromptu and unexpected.

The Top of the List
So, here's a smattering of some of my most anticipated ventures. I'm just lumping all of the Daddy/little girl into the top spot, and I'll just detail the top priority.

  1. Sick Day- This is by FAR the role play that I am most eager to try out. I've been fantasizing about this one for like a whole year now (ever since I realized I love anal play). I would love to give you an in depth description of the whole thing, but honestly its like a play by play of this AMAZING story from Dave and Cindy's blog. The gist is basically that I tell Daddy that I don't feel good in order to get out of going to school that day (maybe b/c there's a test I didn't study for) and he feels sorry for me and lets me stay. But he stays home in order to take care of me, but I get antsy, he gets suspicious and decides to take my the most accurate way of course! ;). Then after my lie is discovered, of course, Daddy takes his time to fully correct my naughtiness with a thorough, bare bottom spanking over his knee....also I'd just like to add that in this fantasy, there would be lots of rubbing and patting, especially when he's taking my temperature, and before that when he's pampering his sick little princess :). Yummy no?

  2. Naughty Schoolgirl- Why mess with the classics? Except mine is not English. There are no canes, and no paddles and no uniforms (though those are just fun for dress up!). And its certainly not official, and no one is taking advantage. Like I've said before, I hate instiutionalized spankings. I like things to be personal, caring, and from the heart. When I was in highschool I had 3 different male teachers all of whom I wanted to spank me SO badly, and I know atleast 2 of them (1 for damn sure) would have had they not been afraid of the rules. One of them kept me after class one day and showed me my grades in comparison to the class. I hadn't been handing in my daily assignments, and subsequently had 0's. But I had As on all the tests and quizzes. He told me that I was one of his brightest students and that he was disapointed in me for not living up to my potential. I loved this man- he was one of the first adults I ever respected (I was 14, he was probably 32) and hearing him say that brought me to tears. What would have made it perfect? If he had locked his door, brought his chair around, put me over his knee, and fully expressed his displeasure on my naughty, stubborn, disrespectful backside.
  3. Doctor's Visit- Obviously, this is very similiar to the Sick Day with the necessary temperature taking and all, but its a different in that instead of Daddy, its a different authority figure. And this one is maybe not pleased that I haven't been taking good care of myself. After a very extensive and full nude physical, I think that he would have to check every inside inch of me as well, with me in some very exposing positions. A spanking, of course, would follow.

  4. Hippie Chick- This one is pretty perfect considering my relation with Daddy. Daddy is very conservative. Very very conservative. I am liberal. Very very liberal. Lol, Daddy has been known to acuse me and others like me of hippy like behavior. I think there are a lot of different possible scenarios. All would be overdone of course- things I would never really do, so that its not offensive. Maybe, hash brownies? Or trespassing in order to save a tree- then my spanker could be an angry security guard....mmmm...muscles :) The options are pretty endless.

  5. Cowboys!!!- Um, so I LOVE cowboys. What can I say, I'm a texan. And there is nothing quite as sexy as the idea of some cowboy tossin me over his shoulder for a whippin. I'm thinking I can be his naughty wife, who wants to ride the new mustang real bad, and disobeys his instructions to go in. Of course, he saves my life and then tans my backside for risking it. :)

So team, what do ya think? What are your favorite roleplays you've done? Ones you've always wanted to try? Oh, and pictures will be up in an hour or so. :) Love ya'll!!! I'll respond to comments tomorrow- again, thanks to everyone who has given me support and advice. Its like one really big hug :)

Princess Kelly

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sorry team!

Hey ya'll,
So I'm in the middle of writing my next post, but i have to go, and i'm so sorry that i didn't get it finished when i said i would :(. I've just been super distracted. But it'll be up tonight- promise! Or i'll self spank as punishment ;).

Princess Kelly

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Model Question

Hey ya'll!
I'm so sorry that I haven't posted in almost a week! I didn't realize it'd been so long. Next time that happens someone just threaten to spank me and I'll pay attention ;). Promise.

So, I've been meaning to write this for a few days now, and I'm glad I'm finally getting it done. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to respond to people's comments- I really do love getting them, and whenever I get an email saying i have one I get so excited, lol, its really sad. Anywho, I've responded in the comments below, and I'm responding to a couple here.

Bonnie, Jean Marie, and a few other private emailers have asked me if I'd ever consider being a spanking model, and I thought that since I'd been asked so much (which has been so incredibly flattering) that I'd just responded to everyone here.

Honestly, I really wish that I could give a definitive answer to the question, but its a bit more complicated than just a yes or a no. Have I ever thought about it or wanted to? HELLS YES. I mean, I used to dream about stuff like this, and for sure I've fantasized about it a lot in the last few years. Like Bonnie said, I love spanking, and love a lot of these sites/people and want to get involved, clearly I love the attention and I mean, who wouldn't want to get paid to do what they love? I know I certainly would love it.

Another part of it I think might actually be that I just want the attention, and more specifically that I just want people to be able to think I could be a spanking model. I always joke with my friends that I wanted to be a stripper when I was younger, but really what I wanted was to be pretty enough to be a stripper. I wanted people to think I was beautiful- something I have never thought myself to be- to the point that they would pay to see me undressed. I know that seems kinda twisted and wrong, but its just who I am. I'm very insecure, and I've had body image issues for a long time, and all of this--- its just been such a change in my life. I mean, I for sure question whether or not I'd be sucessful as a spanking model- I mean I'm quite a bit heavier than almost anyone in the scene- but I honestly am so flattered that people think I would be good at it. Granted, in the aspect of I can sorta act, I love attention, I'm moderately photogenic, and I can take, and LOVE a good hard spanking- I'd make a great spanking model, lol. But I....this train of thought is starting to make no sense so I'm going to start an new paragraph. lol

Pretty much, I really really really would LOVE to be a spanking model. Its been something I've been fantasizing about for years. And I worry that as I get older, and the opportunity passes me by (I mean I am turing 20 in about a week!) I'll regret that this was something that I wanted, and possibly could have had and just didn't go after when I had the chance. But at the same time I worry that if I do do this, I could end up regretting that for the rest of my life.

I'm terrified for people to know. For it to get out. For it to hurt my family or my future. I mean, I would have to leave my school if it got out on facebook or something like that. And I could never be in politics or anything in the spotlight (not that that is necessarily something I'm looking to do). I mean, the privacy thing is the same part of like why I took pictures with my face off of this site. If I modeled, my face would be everywhere. And part of me wants that! I want to put pictures with my face up on this site. I don't want to be afraid. I want to be able to do all of this, but I'm so worried that it could hurt me or my family.

So in the end, I'm stuck. I don't know what to do. Most people that I'm close to tell me not to, that its not worth the risk. But I just don't know. If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom or personal stories to share, I'm so open to them, and grateful for them.

I want to live my life so that I have no regrets. I don't want to look back and wish I'd done something. And I know that if I don't do this, that's how I feel. But I also know I could end up regretting doing it as well.

Ok, so that's the long answer. lol. Sorry. Just wanted to put it out there. I'm going to write another post tomorrow morning, and hmmm.... I think I'm going to put the topic to a vote. The winner will be written. (now i'm just silently praying that someone comments before tomorrow morning so that I don't look like a complete fool.)
Hm...the choices are

  1. The Day Of Reckoning (the story of my worst spanking ever),
  2. Daddy Little Girl (just a Daddy/little girl story/musings that Daddy and I hope to act out)
  3. My thoughts on roleplay/costumes,
  4. My thoughts and Theories on Exposure
  5. How Medieval and Renessaince Faire people and the S&M scene oddly interact

All of these will be written evenutally- one hopes, lol. And also, these are the only things left on the docket ya'll, so more suggestions are highly encouraged!!!!

Love you guys!


Princess Kelly

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Spanking Industry: Because I've been watching it for a decade ;)

Update: So as an apology for the pictures not being up at the promised hour, I'm sharing a naughty pic that Daddy took of me 2 weeks ago, that I hadn't planned on sharing, but decided I loved to much not too. :) Its in the background section- hope you enjoy :)

So Jon I think it was, asked me to write something about my thoughts on the spanking industry- my favorites and the like. It was interesting to think about this- and I'm not sure how this post is going to turn out, but here it is :) (I do know that it'll probably be really long) ;)

A Bit of Background
I started watching spanking porn when I was around 9 or 10. I remember just googling the crap out of any spanking related term I could think of. And also I was the master of finding free clips and stories and just watching the clips over and over and over. I found some really weird and some really awesome stuff that way for sure. I also, until 2 years ago, shared a desktop computer with my brother and for a while my parents too, so I've had to be really careful about history's and searching. It actually won't go away. I still to this day never type in a spanking website address to the address bar- I always google it. I used to go to Top Sites but I would like to them through like 5 different sites- lol, I'm not quite sure what the thought process was, but I was ridiculously quick to get to the X button in case someone came in the room.

Some of the sites that I went to a lot when I was younger were EndArt (I still love him! He's SO talented and I can remember exact details of some of his drawings. I was even a member there for a while), what was then Dallas Spanks Tiki (now Dallas spanks hard), Shadow Lane (I loved reading the DVD descriptions with the pictures and about the parties), Blistered Butts, Spanking Digest, SF&R, Good Spanking, Spanking Epics, Spanking Teen Brandy, some asian spanking thing that I don't really know what it was but it was part of one of those rings like Bad Tushy today, and other sites that have since gone away. I also remember Laura's Corner and Pablo's and Mija's treehouse.

I also, back when I self spanked (I guess around 13 or 14), found this website that was meant for real life parents to help discipline their kids. There were these random number generators that would generate grounding periods, time out times, or number of spanks, to give a kid. Of course the spanks only went up to 10 so I would multiply it and, well, you know the rest ;).

When I was around 13 or 14 I also discovered Yahoo groups. I was very scared to join any b/c I was so scared about leaving a trail that I never typed anything on websites. But I joined (that is still my acount today) and joined a bunch of spanking video groups, all the SF&R groups, and most importantly anything with spanking fanfiction. I became a discipline fanfiction ADDICT! Lol, I probably spent atleast 3 hours a day reading that stuff. During that time, I got out of the spanking industry scene a bit, but got back in around 15 or 16 when suddenly sexual things were interesting- not just spanking (I came the first time then- after 2 years of trying). I joined my first site (a M/M site I must admit-I have NO idea why (spanking Central, btw)) at 17, and i picked it in part because I could mail in cash- my parents still see my credit card statements. Then I bought pay per view minutes the same way for Good Spanking. Then I belonged to EndArt. Then I figured out that I really really do hate Girls Boarding School (i'll go into that in more depth if someone asks me to).

The rest is all more recent and I'll get to that at the end. For now, lets take a break from history to talk about favorites. I must warn you though, I Suck at picking a favorite anything, so many of these will probably be top three type deals.

Favorite Female Spanker
The only category where there is most certainly a favorite. Veronica from Punished Brats is one of the only toppy females that I fantasize about. As you all know, I really want to spank a girl, but I'm not big with submitting to them. Sexually? sure. For Discipline? Um, No. But that's not the case with Veronica. I think it's in part her wicked swing, but its mostly just her aura- the way she is. She's not your typical soccer mom- and let me say, I have NO soccer mom fantasies. She kinda reminds me of Lorelai Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls (aka the best show ever). She also reminds me of this kick ass music teacher I had who was the coolest woman ever, and the first one I ever respected. She seems like someone who would be chill and wouldn't mock you or use a past spanking against you like I feel most women would tend to do. Plus I just love her voice and the way she scolds. I never find myself rooting for the spankee like I do with many female tops. I feel certain that if she had to punish them, she's got a good reason.
So basically- I love Veronica and would gladly submit to a good hard spanking from her :)

Favorite Male Spanker
Ok, so clearly this one is going to have many men. Like I could possibly pick just one! But I'll start with the first that comes to mind- Keith Jones, aka the only man in a mustache I have ever thought was sexy. There is just something about him! I can't quite put my finger on it, but he just makes me want to be a huge brat and then the second he would give me that stern glare I know I'd be putty, all yes sir and no sir and I'm sorry sir! There might be something to do with the fact that he was most certainly the first spanking star I ever came across. Between Shadow Lane and Spanking Epics- he was in everything I loved, and he's just such a great spanker! There's a scene in The Schoolmaster's Revenge from Spanking Epics when he's just finished really letting Erica Scott's character have it (what a pair they make!) and he lets her up and he comforts her.....he was the perfect Daddy for me I guess. Nothing sexual- I have no desire to be ravaged by him. Just to be discipline firmly and then given a really big hug!
(update: ooh! Something else I just remembered about him. I love the way he holds a girl over his lap, his hands clasped around the other side of her bottom, framing her glowing backside with his arms, looking so casual and yet so stern. Like he's completely in control. Love it!)

Others of Note:
Steve Fuller- what's not to like? Another great spanker- though another unfortunate mustache on occasion ;)
Dallas- Ok, so I would be Terrified to get a spanking from this man, but he's pretty amazing. Plus he reminds me so much of my Daddy (John). They are kinda similar looking, they both spank SOOO hard, are great scolders (very important imho) and have a thing for bathbrushes.
Lance del Torro- So I just watched him in Authority Figure by Shadow Lane and he was wonderful- again very Daddy like :). He's also an excellent scolder.
Gino Coletti- Now there's a man that I have more sexual fantasies about. :) Wanna spank me? Mmmmm yes please!

I'm sure there is someone I'm forgetting, but when I think of him, I'll be sure to let you know! :)
Update! Ah, Ralph Marvel, so I just downloaded and watched Spank thy Neighbor from Shadow Lane, and oh my! Yummy! What can I say, I have a thing for tall guys. Literally. Like my first bf was 6ft 5in. When people ask me what my type is my friends reply "tall." lol. But also a very nice spanker, and a wonderful deep voice.

Favorite Female Spankee
Of course, the most important category, and what is going to be by far the largest. I must start of course, with the first girl to ever catch my eye, and whom I miss dearly- Rosaleen Young. The British version of Samantha Woodley, before their was a Samantha Woodley. I mean, she's perfection- literally, she is a china doll. Those eyes and that pout and that bottom! How anyone could ever get by her sad puppy eyes to actually punish that poor thing is beyond me! That is until she starts acting like a spoiled little brat, that perfect long hair in pigtails, and I see that hot bottom and I totally know why! :) Its so sad that she left us, but what happened to her is the cautionary tale that keeps me out of the industry.

Next of course comes quite probably my favorite industry girl, Samantha Woodley. I mean what is there to say about her that hasn't already been said a hundred times over. She's adorable- the perfect brat- and she can take one heck of a spanking. I think I probably stole some of my brattiest brat moves from her play book. I just have this intense desire to get into mischief with her b/c then maybe I could see her get spanked :). I love how in a spanking scene she'll be getting it Really hard (like from Dallas for example) and she'll act all contrite and you'll think she's finally learned, then she'll laugh or say something bratty and you'll realize she's not feeling a thing! ......I've always been kinda jealous of her- she and I have similar back stories except that she actually had the guts when she turned 18 to go to Shadow Lane and be in a video- something that I will ever only fantasize about. Samantha is to me the epitome of the industry.

As much as I love Samantha, I must say my favorite bottom is most definitely Amber Dawn of Spank Amber. She has the most perfect bubble butt EVER. Plus she's smokin hot, and she reddens just so beautifully. I was a member of this site for a long time. She's very real, and she turns me on so much. I want to spank her, i want to be spanked by her, and dear lord I want to sleep with her! :)

Other girls of note would include:
The girls of punished brats- Pixie (who seems like the sweetest girl EVER and is pictured above with Veronica), Beverly Bacci, Chole Elise, Sarah Gregory, Juliet, and my favorite random girl Andy San Dimas (adorable little punk/goth girl, pictured below)
Sierra Salem (seen below being spanked by Sam and in the middle by Steve Fuller), Kailee, and Erica Scott (seen above and below with Keith Jones).

Favorite Studios/Sites
Well, if you haven't noticed a theme already, some of my favorite things in this category will have already been mentioned. My favorite spanking site for videos by FAR is Punished Brats. I mean, come on, its all domestic spanking- of course I love it! I don't want to watch some institutionalized type spanking between some guy who barely speaks english yelling at some poor girl who is getting what i would consider a beating and then tosses her away. I want to watch caring discipline. I want bratty girls and strict Daddys. Plus, all the people just seem so nice and down to earth and funny. I always wish I was there. Keep up the good work David and Pixie.

My Favorite Industry site and DVD maker is Shadow Lane. I've been dreaming of going to their parties since I was 11 and I still want to go (getting to Vegas without my parents noticing is currently the predicament- once I turn 21 this will be easier). I have 3 of their DVDs and have downloaded half a dozen more. The quality is unparalled. I LOVE their stuff. Plus, I met my first ever Daddy on their personal ad page- so none of this ever would have happened were it not for them.

Random Thoughts and Favorites
My favorite movie spanking scene is with Elvis in Blue Hawaii- I have it memorized I've watched it so many times.
I really want to get into some of the vintage type spanking scenes right now. Like Shadow Lane's archives with Kiri Kelly and the like. I love Chelsea's stuff as well. If anyone has any suggestions of their favorite scene or anything like that let me know!
I love drawings and cartoon spankings- I don't know what it is, but sometimes its even better than photos.
I am currently a member of Discipline and Desire (a spanking fiction site) and have been for probably around 2 years now. I love it and whenever I need an escape I pop over there.

I used to think that I new everything there was to know about the industry- and when I was 11 that was probably true. I spent so much time just searchign and learning that I knew every single site. That is no longer the case- I don't have that kind of time, and now that I actually get spanked, the way I look at spanking has radically altered, and watching it is always the best route for me. But I'm so happy that I've gotten more involved, and now that I've found SIN and the blog scene....there's just this whole other element to the spanking scene that I never knew existed- the people in it. Sometimes the fantasy is better for my mental health, but its also so wonderful to know how many of us there are, and to find out just how kind and welcoming everyone here is.

Princess Kelly

PS. Pictures will be up tomorrow morning probably. :) Please comment and give your opinions as well as ask any questions you might have :)

Computer Problems

Hey Team,
Thank you guys so much for the wonderful response I got on my last post. It really made me feel good about this site and was so encouraging. I'm definitely going to have another post up by the end of the day, though I'm not sure which one of the topics I'm going to tackle next. But I hope that you like it as much as the last one.
For the moment though I'm just trying to keep my baby (aka my laptop) alive. I woke up this morning to it not turning on, and apparently my Bios is acting up again, after I just got a new motherboard like 3 months ago. :( So after an hour on the phone with the Dell people, its up and working again, and hopefully it will stay that way. *cross your fingers for me*.
But I will make sure that I get my post up before I can't access ya'll anymore :(.
And suggestions and requests are still very much appreciated!
Princess Kelly

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Implements: Because a spanking is not supposed to hurt the spanker

Ok, so I most certainly have a love/hate relationship with implements of all shapes and sizes. I find myself going to London Tanners or to Spanking Paddles and just drooling over half of the stuff there, even though I know that were most of the things there to be used on my poor defensless bare backside that I would be a crying little mess in no time at all! Especially if Daddy was using it!

I must start off by saying, though, that my favorite "implement" is the human hand. I know that its not technically an implement, but it is what I like to be spanked with the most. And I don't mean just good girl spankings. I've had some pretty intense punishments given with just the flat of one of my Daddys hand. Edward (my first Daddy) was big with hand spankings, though by the end we had ourselves a fair number of implements, and he could give a long hard one without complaining. John, my current Daddy, very very rarely uses his hand, and he pretty much NEVER uses it for any kind of punishment. He knows I like it too much, and he complains about how much it hurts. :) But of course it hurts! Daddy hits like he's punching someone! He could make me cry from a hand spanking- but the problem is that no matter how hard a hand spanking is, it'll put me in subspace (which is why I love it). But Daddy doesnt' really think that even if I don't like it, and don't cum, that I should be allowed in subspace for punishment.

But my annoyance with Daddy and his reluctance to use his hand (even for good girl spankings!) is another topic. Why I love hand spankings is for this one. I love it because its the most intimate. I feel it conveys the most displeasure. A hand spanking says "I am upset with your behavior and I am not going to let it continue because I love you and I care about you." I love the feeling of flesh on flesh, the sound it makes. It also just keeps me centered and focused. I can't run away into my head where things can get kinda scary. It makes me more away of the lap I'm laying across. Of his chest and stomach against my side, and his arm wrapped around my waist. Hand spankings make me feel loved and protected like nothing else in the world.

So, now that I've said my will about hand spankings, lets just go through the list of implements I've encountered in my time as a spanko, going chronologically.

So, the hairbrush is my favorite traditional implement, and my second favorite implement overall. I love the idea of the hairbrush. I'm a big fan of tradition and ritual, and I Love all things domestic, so thus, I love hairbrushes. However, there is a difference amongst them. The first ever implement I recieved was a hairbrush. Edward gave it to me for my 19th birthday last year, and it was one of my most treasured possesions. It was light and not too severe, perfect for the beginner spankee I was at the time. It was by Conair and was wooden, and had an oval head. It stung like you can't even imagine, and sometimes could blister after about 10 minutes. I did get some bruises from it but not many. One of my top 10 worst punishments- and my worst ever from Edward- was with that brush for hanging up on him and being disrespectful (for a 3rd time).
If you noticed, all of that was in the past tense because sadly, my baby passed away last October 19th. M broke it. If you don't remember M, he was the boy around my age who I dated and who spanked me for about 2 months, and was the beginning of all of my drama. But the first day I met him, I had the brush in my purse, and we he went to spank me he saw it and I stupidly didn't refuse. M was a very novice spanker, and I pretty much laughed at his first attempts, so he went full out and the brush cracked (it was hollow inside). I was devastated for weeks about it. I have the brush, but its in storage right now, I'll show you a picture when I can.

Currently, I frequently feel the wrath of Daddy's hairbrush, which is sadly nothing like my brush. Daddy's hairbrush is thick and heavy, and a little too rounded on the back for my tastes. I strongly dislike it- but it might just be the way Daddy uses it. Daddy's a hard and fast with not much wrist action. His goal is often to leave those very deep bruises, and that's what this brush does. I assume that if he would go a little lighter, I could enjoy this brush very much as well. He stores it in one of the drawers in his bathroom, and I always know its going to be bad when he has me walk over and fetch it.

My first ever spanking (ooh, that'll be another post) was pretty much a 3 hour hand spanking- I was so far in subspace I could feel absolutely no pain. But I did get 8 with Edward's belt, because I wanted more, and that was all we had.
I HATE belts.
And not because they hurt too much. Yes, belts fucking hurt. But I don't think they hurt in a good or fair way. They always bite, no matter how hard someone tries (though some are better than others), and I just really dislike them. But mainly I think I dislike belts because I have a negative emotional conotation with them. Like I've said before, I've been thinking about spanking for 16 years, and I never had good thoughts about belts. People that are abused, are abused with belts. There is a disconnect btw the spanker and spankee. Belts are domestic, yes, but I tend to associate them more with domestic violence than domestic discipline.

I know that a lot of girls really love belts, and frequenly they will say a belt is their favorite implement. They say its Daddy's implement. Well, I think its pretty obvious that I'm certainly a Daddy's girl, but belts don't give that nice, Daddy's disappointed but he still loves me feel. Just my opinion.
I did have a good belting though a few times. M was freaking awesome with his belt. He sucked at almost everything else, but he gave some really hard and really thorough beltings that still felt caring. The one I talked about here was the first spanking to ever push my limits.

*shudder* I've been spanked with spoons that are more akin to bathbrushes and spoons that I could break in half quite easily, and it never matters, they always sting more than absolutely ANYTHING!!!! Edward got a wooden spoon after lots of proding from me off of like Amazon (lord only knows why the hell he couldn't find one in a store!) and it was huge! It was much more like Daddy's bathbrush than your average spoon, and that thing was horrible! He of course, loved it. It became the big punishment item, after the strap, and was most certainly an attention getter.
Daddy got me a spatula type spoon for valentine's day, and upon realizing how much the little thing could make me squirm re-found his kitchen spoon. I hate that thing. Well I guess I like it better than the brushes, but you wouldn't know that by the way I go off when he starts. And he loves to use the spoon when I've had no warm up so it just feels like FIRE!!! And Daddy spanks the inside of my cheeks alot- especially the part right on the inside of the sit spot, and he makes sure that spoon gets in those little places.

The Domestic Discipline Strap
Ok, so I'm a big fan of London Tanners. They make wonderful stuff. And last October, for Edward's birthday I got him their Domestic Discipline strap. I'm crazy you say? Why yes, yes I am. Can you believe I bought this thing to be used on myself!!!! I must be insane.
But I love it. And I hate that I do.
Edward loved his strap, but he didn't swing it too hard- I mean it hurt like hell, but nothing compared to Daddy. I took 100 with it once, and i cried, but not from the pain.

Then in Febuary, I was with Daddy, and I missed the strap, and it was Daddy's birthday. So I got him one. *shudder* Daddy uses this thing in a way that makes its pain rating correct. 10-15 with it and I'm sobbing.
But I love it. I love that it doesn't bruise. I love how it makes my bottom so beautifully bright red and the stripes are still their. It bites, but not like a belt, and even though its not otk, it feels more personal than a belt. Maybe its because Daddy's not wearing it. There's ritual to it. Daddy telling me to go get the strap, and I know where it hangs in the closet. Bringing it to him with my head hung and then being put over pillows on the bed.....the DD strap is my favorite severe punishment implement (see the bottom for categories). However, I Always learn my lesson from it, and NEVER court it- atleast not from Daddy.

Rosy Bottom's Paddles
So back in like October, I found this adorable site called Rosy Bottoms, and fell in love with their stuff. I don't know if i've made this clear here, but I love pinup stuff and vintage lingerie and beauty. So this site is so perfect for me. So Edward, as a surprise for me one month, bought a small wooden paddle from them, knowing that I would think it was adorable and domestic and love it. Well, I did love it- sadly my bottom did not! I think this was probably my first taste of real hard spanking and punishment. I must say that if you want really really stingy wood that won't bruise too badly, this is the place. I have no idea what it is about their stuff but I can't begin to tell you how much it stings! I mean, I love the sting- especially in comparison to the bruising feeling- but they hurt!!! *stomps foot* The paddle he got "just for me" is about a half inch thick to 2/3rds thick, and just plain hurts! Definitely an attention getter.

Edward also got a leather paddle from them that was beyond worthless- not a good purchase. He also, however, got a bathbrush for me for Christmas. Its not big and scary like Daddy's bathbrush. And it has the super cute pinup- but again it STINGS!!!!

I do have to say, I feel more free with sting than with bruises- I get to worried when i feel like its bruising and i don't learn my lesson as much (you listening Daddy? remember to use your wrists! lol)

(ooh, they also have adorable greeting cards you should check out)

Daddy's Bathbrush
The most dreaded of all implements (well sorta). Daddy's bathbrush is the meanest implement ever! Its Super heavy, and super thick and it will leave very deep, very painful bruises, and it will sting. I fear this brush. My first ever truly severe spanking was given to be with this by Daddy in December and I had a panic attack half way through and he had to stop so I could remember to breath. Sadly, I earn this brush more than I would like. Last weekend I earned 50 with it. 5 on each cheek and then move to the next- that was him being merciful. He also split it up to be 20 and 30. *shudder* I just hurts!!!!

Leather Paddle
Another London Tanners creation, and my favorite implement hands down! So, I must start by saying that until V-day weekend, Daddy just had his hand, brush, and bathbrush to punish me with. That all changed beginning with this. His birthday is that same week, and that's when I got him the strap, and I got us this paddle (the "slipper paddle"). Now the reasons I love this paddle are pretty simple. It can be used for both play and punishment. I've gotten some wonderful good girl spankings with it, as well as some pretty severe punishments, and everything in between. Its super versatile, and its used otk. It stings like the dickens, but it doesn't bruise- even at the bite. Like last weekend, I was bruised all to hell, and could not have taken a single stroke more with anything wooden, but this paddle, which just hurts the skin (and can "scorch" as Edward used to say) and so I can get more punishments taken care of without causing lasting damage. Also, just everything they make is so pretty!

So, I'm not a fan of switches. Granted all of my switchings have been outside during the winter, lol, but mainly, I hate them b/c they hurt so fucking much and because they lead to our cane- which is my most hated implement. However, I do have some nice pics :)

Ping Pong Paddle
On Valentine's Day, we went to Sears to get this. At the check out the woman sees us, with our one ping pong paddle and asks "Ya'll gonna play some Ping Pong?" knowingly. I reply "yep." "Betting anythin' good?" "*blush* no, nothing too intesting" "I think it is! *laughter* I think it is interesting!" I could not have blushed more, and of course, Daddy is just laughing up a storm!

And for all of that we got the most worthless implement ever! lol, it just thuds and is weird. But its a great story.

So in that same parking lot was a Home Depot, and we then bought the implement that would change everything. Daddy got 3, 1/2 inch wooden dowel rods that are in essence the cross btw a cane and a switch. They are the most feared, most hated, and most severe implement. And they break all the time- luckily for Daddy each one is like 70 cents! Daddy and I got into a big fight once about them because I thought they were so severe and I thought Daddy was overusing them. So now they are only for the most severe of punishments. I also hate them because I can't feel Daddy at all- nothing is supporting me- and its pretty scary.

The Frat Bat
Or the big wooden paddle as Daddy calls it. I've only been spanked with it once, even though he made it a while ago (Daddy was a carpenter in another life) b/c of my protests against it. Recently though, Daddy stopped listening to those protests. Its over an inch thick (thicker than my brothers fraternity paddle) and is over a foot and a half long. Its completely excessive! I just got a punishment with it the other weekend though, and the entire thing was 5 swats. It does hit evenly, but its just the deepest most painful bruising feeling ever. I felt like I'd done 300 squats the next day, but it was so deep their was no visible brusing.
I guess I'll have to just be a good girl and avoid it.

So that's my thoughts for the moment- pictures will be up in a couple hours- and here's a recap- the first one in each category is my favorite :).

Light: hand, ping pong paddle, ruler
Medium: leather paddle, light spoon/spatula, my first hairbrush
Hard: hairbrush, belt, heavy spoon, wooden paddles
Severe: DD strap, Bathbrush, Cane, Frat bat

Princess Kelly

PS. What did you think? Did I do the topic justice? What are ya'lls favorite implements- please discuss :)

Thank you! And posts to come


Thank you so much everyone for all of your comments! I'm now feeling even more inspired than ever to write, and so you will have another post up by the end of the day- probably in a few hours :). And I just wanted to give a shout out to Jon and Spankofile who made suggestions for future posts, and they are now at the top of my list of posts to do. :) (see people, when you ask me for something I try to make it happen :), but you have to ask!)

So on the docket right now is Implements, The Spanking Industry, The Day of Reckoning, Costumes and Role Play, and My Spanko History extended. Then I still have that post on exposure that I've been wanting to do, and any other suggestions people have!!!!! Also, if anyone has requests for photos that i might take or possible costumes or types of panties, I'm all ears!

Speaking of photos, I think this week I'm going to go back in the archives and repost some of the photos that were up (the ones that don't have my face- or edit the ones that do) so that people can read my archives and have them make sense.

So first up will be implements :) this might be a two parter- we have quite a few :)

Princess Kelly

Monday, May 11, 2009



That is my current elation at being DONE WITH FINALS!!!!!!! I just finished my last final Saturday morning, packed up all of my stuff in record time (with lots of help and gentle scolding from Daddy for not keeping my promise to have it done sooner) and caught a flight to go see my brother graduate from college. Now I am back home, where I will stay for about 6 weeks before I leave for my internship.

I can not even tell you how happy I am to be done. I'm really sad about leaving my friends (especially my roomie who I love to death and won't be back next year) and being away from Daddy for so long, but I can tell how much my soul just needed the break- needed to get away from it all.

This semester was really rough on me for a lot of different reasons, as I'm sure you've noticed based on some of my posts (or lack of posts), and I'm just glad that I can put it behind me, learn and grow from it, and move forward. My grades were abysmal this semester- the worst in my academic career (I think I'll end up with a 3.0 this semester! eek!!! (I have a 3.6 average and a 4.0 in my major)) and so I'm glad that I can now hopefully turn over a new leaf next semester.

But right now I'm absolutely exhausted, and I'm headed to bed, but I am going to have TONS of time to write in these next few weeks and I hope to take full advantage of it. Please let me know what you like me to post- b/c from the hapassard feedback I get, its really hard to tell. I'm trying my best here people, and I thrive on external reassurance ;) so help me out here :).

I hope everyone is doing well and had a nice mother's day.


Princess Kelly

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Panty Privileges

Ohmygosh team! Wow! What an amazing response! Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my last post! I love hearing everyones thoughts, especially on a topic as yummy as panties, and it makes me eager to post more. So here's your reward. :)

I am sorry to say though, that there are no new photos (well, there are photos that you might not have seen, but that are not recent per say.) Daddy is very concerned about his privacy and so nothing can be seen in a picture that could be recognized as his home :(. Its very unfortunate too, b/c Daddy knows how to take from the right angle (unlike a lot of these photos). I suppose there was something to be said for hotels, lol. But I think i have enough to make do ;). When I get home, my bff and I might do a shoot, she's a wonderful photographer, and then ya'll get lots of goodies.

Now on to the topic at hand! :)

Todd and Suzy brought up a good point that sometimes, yes, a straight to bare spanking is the way to go. And I agree sometimes just having my jeans and panties yanked down and tossed over my Daddy’s lap for a butt blistering is the best way to get my attention. However, like last night, I spent all day planning my outfit, and I picked out the perfect pair of panties that I knew Daddy would go crazy for (a cute little summertime cotton thong) but I was disobedient during the car ride and as soon as we got home I was sent upstairs and told to strip naked and stand in the corner. More than anything I was upset that all of my planning and forethought was going to be wasted! That was a punishment in and of itself 9in addition to the intense hairbrush spanking). Being naked doesn’t bother me one bit. I feel much more exposed wearing clothes with just part of me out.

Anywho, I digress. Panties, especially cute, skimpy panties that aren’t impeding a spanking should be left on for the warm up (yes a warm up! I know it’s a foreign concept to some tops, but I very much appreciate them!), but any decent spanking must be finished on the bare bottom. I also must agree with another commenter who mentioned the pulling down of panties (and Jean Marie's assesment of that act). I LOVE the feeling of having my panties pulled down. Its one of my top 3 favorite parts of a spanking without a doubt. So doing it myself is worthless, and him not doing it right is just annoying.

So, now onto more specifics of panties. I’m curious as to get others opinion on this. What kind of panties are your favorite? What color? Fabric?
Some thoughts:

  1. Satin panties: I am NOT a fan. Some people just go crazy for satin panties, and I just don’t see the appeal. Granted I am ever the lover of shiny things, however satin panties just seem skanky to me. …This also could have something to do with the fact that I found a teal satin thong of an ex-gf of my daddy in his room a few months ago. Stripper panties I called them. But granted, it was a teal thong, nuf said. …sorry I digressed again, lol. Satin panties also have an unfortunate tendency to sag, which is no good. However, they can be appropriate on occasion.
  2. Cotton- the perfect everyday panty, good in all types. I have my “study panties,” little girl panties, just casual thong, or bikini panties
  3. lace- my favorite material; sexy nighttime panties. Putting on a pair of sexy panties is an instant pick me up. I love the way they frame my bottom so perfectly for a spanking; the way you can see the redness peak through; how if they are very sheer or more mesh like you can see my kitty-cat in front; they’re comfortable but you know you’re wearing them; also great is silk or cotton with lace on the edges
  4. I think that cheeky panties or boyshort type panties are the most spankable in that they don’t just look like a swimsuit; they expose the beautiful undercurve of a naughty girl’s bottom that is just crying out to be reddened!
  5. As I said before, panties are a privilege that Daddy can take away. If I’ve been a naughty girl and Daddy’s not with me he could say that I am not allowed to wear panties that day as a reminder that I am his and that I have to always obey his rules and be a good girl.
  6. Also, something I’ve heard of being used (that I think is WONDERFUL) is making naughty girls that have gotten too big for their britches remember their place by having them wear little girl panties. No thongs, no lace. Just full coverage, a bit too tight, cotton panties with ducks, or CareBears or Disney princess’s on them. It could really help put a naughty girl in the right frame of mind for her Daddy.
  7. OH! And for a naughty girl that kept forgetting to ask permission to cum, a string of pearl panties could help a lot too.

So, that’s some of my thoughts on panties. What do ya’ll think? Please share!

Princess Kelly

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hehe :)

So in order to take a break from the craziness of finals, I decided to go to Victoria's Secret (or Vicky's as I like to call it) to get a new bra. However, as always, they didn't have anything cute in my size (34DD) and so I ended up going on a bit of a panty spree. Lol. This is generally how I have aquired the vast majority of my ever growing panty collection. It has slowed this semester some since I haven't been taking as many photos (I'll try to take some this weekend for ya'll) and thus I haven't been noticing the lack of panty diversity as much.

I'm very excited though about my latest purchase. I got black thigh high stockings as well to go with my garter belt, that I think Daddy will enjoy very much. And I got 5 daytime type panties, and 3 sexy lacy ones. Lol, I actually got a pair of lacy ones that is the same as the ones I'm wearing in my profile picture (aka my favorite panties ever!) except a different color. I have I think 4 or 5 pairs in the same style in different colors now! lol. :) Like I said, I LOVE panties!

So, I'm currently drafting a longer post (with pictures) on panties that will be posted soon, and I'm very curoius as to hear other peoples opinions. A brief overview of my thoughts is as follows:

  1. Panties are awesome and should not be neglected, especially in a spanking. Don't just go straight to bare! I didn't spend a long ass time picking these out for them to end up on the floor in an instant! :)
  2. Panties are a privilage that Daddy can take away
  3. Thongs are only good for clingy/white dresses/skirts. I like my panties to have a bit more coverage. However, if my guy likes them, I do take requests
  4. Color is a good thing! Especially in daytime panties. However, a classic red, black, white or pink is always a good choice
  5. My favorite style is what Vicky's calls "cheeky" panties. I think I look the best in them, and they just happen to be the most spankable. I sadly do NOT look good in boy short panties and thus don't have any...maybe like one pair. I'm also a big fan of the classic lowrise bikini
  6. Until like 3 years ago every single one of my panties was white (except for a couple solid black) low rise cotton bikini. Now I can't find any. I need to buy another pair. They are very spankable.
  7. A lot of times I think that a girl's bottom is more edible and yummy looking in a pair of super cute panties (especially if its a pre-spanked bottom)
  8. I love vintage looking lingerie and I am waiting for the day that someone will start carrying matching bra and panty sets in my size! Until now, I just get the super cute panties.

Ok, so that's it for now! Oh, and the pictures I just took a few minutes ago with my camera phone (sorry for the bad angle and resolution) of one of the new pairs. You like?

Thank you to those who have made comments. It really does make me feel good and inspires more posts. Love ya'll!!!


Princess Kelly