Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Life of a Secret Keeper

I am a liar. Every single day I tell an untruth, to someone, somewhere. I hide things, I deceive, I mask the real story. I’ve been doing it all my life, and I must say, I’ve gotten quite good at it. I’m not sure if that’s something I should be proud of or not, but it is a fact. I am an excellent liar.

Every day on here, I lie about my name. I’m vague on the details of where I live, and I won’t pin down what school I go to. Hell, I won’t even show you my face.

Every day in life, I lie about my relationships. I tell people I met my ex in a Chinese restaurant, and that the reason I can’t sit is because I fell down the stairs. I tell my parents I went to Boston to see my friends from school- not a total lie, just a fib, I tell myself. But honestly, I think very little of it. The stories I create flow right off the tongue. I weave webs of deceit so thick, sometimes I can’t find my way out of them.

And yet, I am known amongst my family, friends, and even enemies as a very open and honest person. It’s something I even pride myself on. I tell it like it is. I don’t mince words, and I rarely if ever, censor myself. I’m the “Queen of the Over-share,” as one friend put it. People believe my lies because I say so much.

Sometimes I wonder if these aspects of my life are related, and now, as I write about it, its undeniably clear that they are. I’m extra open and extra honest to make up for the chunks of my life I can’t share. I don’t hide my emotions, and I am not a guarded person. I’m quick to love and feel. I’m emotional and rash, and I live my life as openly as possible. You want to know something? Just ask, and I will tell you far more than you ever wanted to hear. It’s a quality that gets me into trouble sometimes, and often gets me hurt, but it’s one of the things people really respect about me I think.

And the same is true on here. I want to be more open, and it is always back and forth because of that. But at the same time, I share far more of the spanking aspect of my life than I ever thought I would have. All of my hidden desires, ones more obscene than spanking even, bare for the world to read. Photos of me, naked and exposed, all laid out. And why? Just because I love attention? That doesn’t seem to cover enough for me. I think part of it is that I hate having this part of my life so hidden. I hate having to lie to my best friends. I hate not being able to truly be myself anywhere. My life needed another side. A ying to my vanilla yang. I still have to lie and to hide and conceal, but at least its different this time.

Talking to fellow spankos has changed my life. Of that I am sure. The relationships spankos are able to form are so intense, that it can almost be overwhelming sometimes. I’m an intense person to begin with as well, so as you may imagine- that is not always a good thing. With spankos the intensity is even more pronounced because there are no walls, no secrets. If someone not only knows my deepest darkest secret, but shares it, what else is there to hide? I feel this rush, this need to bare my soul, as though I’ve been alone all my life.

This passion in my spanking life also causes problems in my vanilla life. I’ve become so involved in the spanking world because suddenly there are people who I can share that half of my life with, that I have on occasions neglect the vanilla world, and I’ve missed out on part of the best time of my life. No matter how much I love my friends at school, now that I’ve gotten involved in the scene, if they don’t know about this part of my life, my relationship with them can never been as real as with those who know the whole truth. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need the vanilla world any less than I need the spanking world.

I have 3 vanilla friends who know about my life as a spanko. Both of my previous roommates (one lives in India, the other in France) and my best friend, Francesca. I didn’t even tell her until I started seeing Edward (my first spanker) last summer, and I only told her then to explain why I was dating someone 25 years older than me. She understands, on a fairly deep level, and for that I can never truly express my gratitude. She and I are closer than ever, as she is the only person on this planet with whom I share my entire existence. All of my spanking friends have separate vanilla lives from me. But the drive to bridge those gaps is always so strong. The pull to tell you all everything is overwhelming. Sometimes I even wish everyone just knew about this side of me, just so I could stop lying. It really is exhausting.

I find that I frequently drive away spanko men with my intensity and openness. I don’t play games, and I don’t hide my feelings. I don’t see the point. I know that kind of honesty so quickly in a relationship is not a good thing, and not how relationships should be formed. Of course they shouldn’t be formed on lies, but diving head first into a pool without checking to see the depth of the water is not smart either.

But I can’t help myself. I want to be free from my lies. I want to be free from my secrets. So other than spanking to vanillas, and my specific identity to spankos, I have no secrets. I just can’t keep them.

I am a liar, a secret keeper, and I am dying to be free. But freedom would come with a price. One that I’m not willing to pay. So I will continue to live and continue to lie, just as I have for the last 20 years, and I will pray that one day I will learn to tell the truth.

Tell all the truth but tell it slant
Success in Circuit lies
To bright for our infirm delight
The truth’s superb surprise
As lightening to the children eased
With explanation kind
The truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind.
-Emily Dickenson


Princess Kelley

Caught Red-Bottomed Part 2

Ok, where was I.... oh yes, the internet....

Now this is where it gets interesting. As you can tell by the title of the post, this isn't just about my background (as fascinating as I'm sure that might be to some, lol). A question that I get asked frequently, usually after, was I spanked growing up, and how long have I known that I was into spanking is was I ever caught, and the short answer is yes. The long answer....well... that requires some explaining.

My family got the internet when I was around 8 or 9, and I don't remember what my first search was sadly, but I do remember that the search engine was Altavista. :) I used to search for everything and anything. Stories, pictures, games, videos. I know I've talked about what sites I used to go to in a previous post, so I won't dwell on that too long. So lets jump ahead to the first time I got caught.

The confusing part of all of this for me is that we moved when I was 10 (same town, different house) and since i'm 20, I kinda divide my life into 1st house and 2nd house. And the internet and this beginning all happened right around then. But I do remember having a couple discussions with my parents about some "strange sites" in the history at the first house. Back then I didn't at first know to clear the history, but thankfully, my parents didn't know much about computers either, and I was quickly able to claim that any and all pornographic related material came from spam email that I accidentally clicked on. Easy fix.

Second time around. Second house, I suppose I was 10. And my father comes in the game room while I'm in there on the computer. My mom had her own computer in her office downstairs and my technologically inept father, my brother and I shared the upstairs one. This would have been fine- we all had our own internet login accounts- except that my father one time logged into my name accidentally. So there I am, sitting playing some shockwave game (the only other thing I did on the computer other than homework and porn) and he comes in and sits down and asks me to click on my address bar. I think my heart stopped beating. But I was a quick and good liar (something I still am today- I don't know if that's something I should be proud of or not). I acted horrified at the "spankhard.com" and other links that appeared and when he asked how they appeared I said that I had no idea- must be more email spam! I would investigate how they got there. "Well I don't want you investigating! I dont' want you looking at them," he responded, lol. He was uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable. It was never mentioned again.

A couple years passed. I got better and better at hiding my tracks. My reflex to the X button was lightening fast. But I didn't dare look at anything when my parents were home! I waited until my family went out to one of my brother's sports tournaments, or when everyone happened to be gone. I could hear the key in the door and would close the half dozen windows I had open. I looked at EVERYTHING back then- my tastes have become much more specialized as I've gotten older. But one time, when I was 12 (7th grade) I missed a window.

I closed out of everything and rushed across the hall to my room the second I saw their car pull up. I wasn't worried. By now I'd figured out how to set my internet to not record history, and I never typed anything directly to an address bar (that's a habit I still keep with me today). But later that evening my mother came in looking very grim and asked to talk to me. She was holding a print out. I was TERRIFIED. And I will still to this day thank the lord for the story that I happened to be reading that day. It was from Laura's Corner, and I didn't even like it particularly, lol, though i Love that site. It was a very explicit school girl story that had a hairbrushing scene in it, but also a very graphic lesbian love scene (which I did not actually read, lol). But that's what she had printed out.

My mother and I have never had a good relationship, but around that age was the worst. I developed very young (got boobs at 9) and I've literally looked the exact same (save for weight fluctuations) since I was 12. But so my mom and I fighting and yelling was not new. And to be honest, I still resent her for the way she went about this. But she started kinda making these acustations and proding in embarassing ways. I of course, the second she mentioned the "explicit girl stuff" I latched on. I just wanted it to be anything other than spanking. I didn't care what. So I was already starting to have a panic attack (a real issue for me) and then started yelling and crying about how "YOU THINK I"M A LESBIAN?! HOW COULD YOU!!?!? I"M NOT!!!" and anything to keep the conversation on that aspect. (Ironic since I am bi-sexual)

I don't know what happend from there, I just remember exactly how that panic felt. And that the entire situation ended with me being grounded from the computer for 2 weeks. The one and only time in my life that I was ever grounded after the age of like 8. In my house it was more about the arguing and the debate. Who could make their point and defend their argument the best. If you couldn't prove that I did something, you couldn't punish me for it. So the best way to go about things was to deny deny deny.

So I was grounded. It sucked. But that was the end of it. I became even more careful, and if I was caught again, there was no mention of it.

Until I was 17.....


Princess Kelley

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Caught Red-Bottomed Part 1

I can't remember the first moment that I knew spanking fascinated me. I'm sure it happened at a point that I no longer remember. During "childhood amnesia" as psychologists call it. But I do remember a few moments, and there were certainly more than a few after that.

I was not spanked growing up. Well, I do faintly remember being around 4 or 5 and being threatened that "Mr. Hand was going to come out," whatever that means. But it was certainly not anything that happened after that, and nothing more than a swat. My parents were pretty strict, but mostly in the sense that they expected the best, and for my brother and I to achieve greatness. For the most part I think he and I have both done our parts. Our parents have always been, and will probably always be, very involved in our lives. Especially our mother. Oh, my mother! The spawn of Satan and the fiercest woman ever put on this planet. Not to mention an intense helicopter parent. Which is surprising, since I know she was a bit of a wild child in her 20s. (My parents are also older btw- both around 60). My mother was the President of the PTA when I was in HS for Christ’s sake!

Anywho, all that is to say that while I was not spanked discipline was certainly a part of my life. Dinner was at 6:30 every night. In elementary school I'd come home and watch 30 minutes of TV and then straight to homework. Things happened on time, and things happened her way. I suppose that's what happens when you get a dad and two extremely intelligent children all with ADD and a mother who is moderately anal retentive and certainly a control freak. .... my mother and i have our issues....but that's a topic for another post.... or another novel really!

I've digressed. This post is about me growing up as a spanko... but I guessed ya'll needed a bit of background on simply me growing up. (Or I just got sidetracked- I told you I was ADD! (or as my first "daddy" called it, I have "shiny object syndrome" *blush*).

Like I said, I can't remember when I first started thinking about spanking, but I know from about the age of 5 on, it was certainly something that was on my mind. I was a big fan of pretend and make believe- I was a kid with a vibrant imagination- and I would create situations in my head to act out...usually with my huge stuffed animal collection. I remember one that was a big fixture in the Kelly's fantasies rotation. My stuffed animals and I all went to this school where there was a "disciplinarian" and a "punishment room" and when you were naughty you got sent there and you got spanked! Lol, yes I have.....and sometimes still do... spanked my stuffed animals. :) I also think I might have made Ken spank Barbie. :) Actually what I think might have happened there was that in typical Barbie fashion, I'd spend so long dressing them up that I'd forget to play a scene. :)

I also remember when in 3rd grade we read Little House in the Big Woods (yes people the Little House thing was a book first and is WAY better in book form! there are 12- go read them!) and Pa spanks Laura with a belt for hitting Mary. I read and re-read that scene.... I just remember sitting in class and the feeling like my stomach dropped out from under me when someone read it out loud. I think that was around when I started realizing it was sexual. ...at least kinda

Most everything changed when we got a computer. I talk to so many older guys, and some women, who grew up in the age before technology, and in part I feel SOOO bad for you guys! But at the same time, you got to SEE spankings in real life! I've NEVER seen a spanking, or even really known anyone who got spanked- trust me, I always asked in every truth or dare game (oh but that's another, whole nother post). But anywho, my family got our first computer I suppose when I was like 5 or 6, and I started really using it around 7. The internet came into play at around 9.

But those first couple years, it was still helpful, thanks to a wonderful thing called Encyclopedia Britannica 1996. Suddenly instead of having to look through the bulky dictionaries and encyclopedia's downstairs, I could just search through this amazing CD! Favorites of mine included pillory's and stocks (a pillory btw is the one that holds the head and arms that most people think of as a stock), as well as "spanking" and "paddling" and "whipping boy." Anything that had to do with spanking or punishment at all!

And then came the internet. *Cue Halleluiah music*

...to be continued

A Sexy Story

Hey Team,

So I'm in the process of writing a few new posts, so I decided to post this one in the meantime, and hopefully it will entertain ya'll. I wrote it with a friend that I email with. He wrote the first part, and I wrote the end. I wasn't originally going too post it, but another friend said that he liked it alot (or more specifically he said he was "drooling over his keyboard") so I figured what the heck. I hope you enjoy :).

Princess Kelly

(His part)
I would sneak in the bedroom -While you are showering. Sit on the bed. Surprise as you come out with only a towel on your head. Water still dripping and the warm smell of hot water and shampoo in the air1 --- "DADDY - I - I din't know you were here!" " hang on - I'll get a robe!' I take your arm and say " Oh - no need, you have too much on now!" as i slip the towel off. You wet beautiful brunett hair in strands, " Daddy - what are you doing? you act all surprised - your pretty brown eyes flashing. I pull you to the bed " Kelly - you remember your rudeness earlier - bossing me around and telling me what you will and wont do!" Your pout look is now own and in your cutest little girl voice ---" owww Daddy I was just kidding! I'll be good!" I know you will AFTER your spanking! " NO! I don't WANT A SPan...in the middle of you word i pick you up like a little Dolly - sit on the bed and upend you, your bottom over my knees!I rub your ass as you recieve a lecture on rudeness. You then look back as my large hand is raised and descends on your pink - round - Butt! "CRRRACK!! "YEEOOWWW! OH DADDY - No...!!! "SMACK!!" AAAAOOOWWWW...Daddy! I ..."SMACK"!!!! UHHHHNNNN - OW " Please!!!"SMACK!CRACK!SLAP! one cheek then the other - one thigh then the other - then over your butt crack in the middle

"DADDY OH Please DADDY, OW, IM SORRY! OWWWCCCHHH," I give you a long slow hot hard spanking on your wet bottom! It is one of the hardest - no nonsense spankings ever. Your bottom is hot cherry red, swollen with my handprints all over it! I leave you over my lap tp sob a short while. I let you up as you slowly rub you well punished ass! Sniff! "Daddy it stung so baad!" You bend over and stick your butt out "See!"

"I see honey" I get the cream and lay you back over and massage it into your hot cheeks. You whine and purr as I comfort and rub..."

(My part)
"mmmm that feels good Daddy mmmmmm" I purr as you rub my bottom and massage the tops of my thighs. "Lets get a bit more comfortable" you say as you pick me up in your arms as though i was nothing at all, and you scoot back against the head board and then lay me back across your lap. I squirm a bit, getting comfortable. "Is that better sweetie?" you ask gently as you begin rubbing my bottom again. "Mmmm Yes sir Daddy, thank you," I coo in response, falling back into subspace quite quickly.

As you continue to rub my bottom I unconsciously spread my legs ever so slightly giving you a beautiful view of my freshly cleaned and shaved kitty and bottom. "Well now, what is this little girl?" you ask knowingly as you brush the pad of your thumb against my dripping wet pussy. "mmmm," I moan, a bit too lost in my pleasure to realize the trouble I'm in. I squirm over your hard lap trying to get a bit more friction with your thumb. "Did you get all wet during your punishment baby girl?" you question as your right hand rests on the lower part of my bottom, the ring finger dipping low to keep caressing my kitty. Your left hand reaches around my waist, pulling me in tightly towards you, as if our bodies were one.

Hearing you mention my punishment, I realize what is happening, and I immediately bite my lip, and look over my shoulder at you with the widest puppy eyes. "Umm..... I didn't mean to Daddy...mmmmm" I couldn't help but let out a bit of a moan as your finger continues to gently tease me. "tsk tsk" you shake your head, "You know what that means baby girl," and with that you raise your right arm and with not much force you smack it down on the fullest part of my bottom. I mew a bit in false protest, continuing in my littlest little girl voice, "ooo! Daddy! no!" But my protests stop there as the mild swats continue to fall on the undercurve of my already reddened backside. Soon I am moaning and panting, deep into subspace. "What a naughty little girl! Letting her kitty get all wet from a punishment! I should probably spank that naughty kitty just for that," you scold as I fall deeper and deeper into my arousal. I begin lifting up every so slightly to meet your hand as it comes in contact with my bare bottom and then grind into your thigh begging for friction. You almost chuckle, but turn it into a tsking scold. "My my, what a naughty baby girl you are. Up on your knees for me so you can show me that naughty wet little kitty that is begging for my attention so loudly." "Ooh! But Daaadddyyyyy" I begin. You swat my bottom, "now young lady."

You help me off your lap, I'm so delirious from arousal I can't do it by myself. I kneel up on the bed a foot or so in front of you, and then go down on all fours. I look behind me and see your admiring gaze, and I drop down to my elbows, letting me chest hit the comforter, and spread my legs a bit for balance- and to give you a better view. "Now isn't that a pretty sight," you drawl as you rub your large hands over my hot red bottom. I mew, knowing the view you have and feel the exposure wash over me. "And such a naughty kitty..." you continue as you brush over my wet lips. I blush, as you push my lower back down even farther to get me as exposed as possible.
You then surprise me by lightly spanking my wet kitty. I gasp and moan. "What a naughty kitty, getting all wet during a punishment!" you scold as you continue to spank. You continue scolding and spanking and can tell I am close to orgasm. "Don't you dare cum without permission little girl." I mew loudly and whine "please daddy please can I cum!?" "Not yet baby girl" you keep spanking very genlty and then you stick a finger deep inside me and say "Now Kelly, cum now!" And I do, I cum hard, shaking with my orgasm as you scold and threaten. "Cum hard little girl! If you don't cum hard I will blister this backside! I will spank you until you can't sit for a week!"

Finally I go a bit limp, as i finish the wave of my orgasm. You leave one hand on my back, caressing and massaging me, taking me gently down from the top of my climax and making sure i'm still aroused, as you reach into the nightstand and grab a condom. "Good girl, good girl," you coo. As I'm totally lost in my world of pleasure you slip it on and push the tip of your very large cock to the entrance of my still soaking wet pussy. You reach a hand around and feel my large breasts, kneeding gently and teasing the hard nipples, as you slowly fill me. "Play with your clit little girl," you whisper in my ear. "That's a good girl," as I reach down to finger my clit.
You thrust in and out of me, gently, knowing that i'm still so tight, and that you being so large will be a bit painful for me. The pleasure is overwhelming and I cum quickly, and then you thrust and hit my g-spot and I cum again. The pleasure is becoming overwhelming, and I beg, "please cum Daddy. Please, cum now, cum with me." And with that you do, thrusting in me, cuming hard, roaring back as you burst. I cum too, and then we finally lay spent. You slide out of me and dispose of the condom as I lay exhausted and overwhelmed with sensation on the bed. You come back and pick me up like a child and slide us to the pillows and you lay with me, my head on your chest, as we fall asleep, both very content. "Thank you Daddy, love you." I whisper as I lean up and kiss you on the cheek. "You're welcome baby girl," you reply as we drift to dream world.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Private Blog

*UPDATE* (thursday Morning): So I figured out the technically difficulty (which by the way was that I could post but not view my own blog). If it tells you that your cookies aren't working or something er rather, but you can view this blog just fine, switch to a different web browser. I went from IE to Firefox and it worked fine. :)
Also, the person that mentioned that this would make people de-lurk was right! Wow! lol, I always saw the stat counter and thought it was just lying to me, but apparently I just have a ton of lurkers! :) Hi out there!!! But also, if you post a comment, or have posted a comment and want to be invited, you still have to send me an email or have your profile enabled so I can see your email. Otherwise I can't invite you. Sorry ya'll. You got to give a little to get a little. ;)
Hi Guys,

So I've made an executive decision. I've decided that in order to show off the pictures that I have that have my face in them I will have a private, invite only blog. This will ONLY be for pictures, and all of the content, and non face pictures will continue to be here. I'm doing this of course for privacy reasons, and I'm sorry that I'm still not comfortable opening up pictures showing my face to the broader public. If you would like to view this site, just email me and I will be happy to add you. I'm planning to open it to anyone with whom I have spoken, or who has previously commented. Just basically anyone that I trust. And I am quick to trust. :)

I just created the site, but am currently experiencing some technical difficulties :(. The address is http://spankedprincess2.blogspot.com/ if you would like to request to view the site.

But for now, here are some more pics from my wonderful trip last weekend (of which there are in total 247, so I won't run out soon!) :). Hope you enjoy!


Princess Kelly

Monday, July 20, 2009


Hehe, please check it out and let me know what you think. Its super quick, and nothing really exciting, but I think its fun. :) Its very Daddy/lil girl, which I think a lot of you like. As always, I love encouragement, and the more I get, the more I share. I've got tons of pics, so keep checking back. They'll be posted pretty continually. :)


Princess Kelly

PS. Feel free to friend me on spankingtube. I'm going to be posting something I wrote about different spanking social media, and my involvement in it soon. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Off to Boston to get a spanking!!!

Friday: Hi team!!! I would apologize for my absence but I'm starting to sound like a broken record, lol. So instead I'll just tell you that on the plane I wrote quite a few posts that will go up in the next week, and that there are lots of photos and videos going to be taken so you should all be super excited. :) hehe

This is what my suitcase looked like half way through packing. Is the fact that I'm a little girl needing a spanking that obvious? hehe

Update Saturday: So after a wonderful day in Boston with my friends from school, I just got a glorious spanking :). There are lots of pros and cons to Daddy Jonathon, but one of the obvious pros is that he gives AMAZING hand spankings :) hehe. His palm never wears out.

Update Sunday: I just got my bottom and pussy finger fucked while playign with my clit.... after getting spanked for like 20 minutes. Can you tell that I'm a happy girl? :)

Will update soon!

Hope to hear from people- I'll be super sad if you've all abandoned me :(

Princess Kelly

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!! lol, ok, so I know it's technically July 5th right now, but I did a bit too much drinking on the 3rd and 4th to finish my post. *blush* sorry!
Anywho, I hope everyone got to enjoy the day, and see some fireworks, and that maybe some fireworks happened on some naughty bottoms :). If you notice, my suit was blue, my skirt white, and i was just waiting for someone to help me get some red in my attire ;).

So my treat for ya'll today is a roleplay that Daddy Jonathon and I did the other day, that I think i super perfect for the 4th. :) And as a treat, I'm adding some pictures of me in my bikini from yesterday- I went and laid out with one of my roommates (who by the way, has the most spankable bottom of all time and who I have a huge crush on, lol, its a bit of an issue actually....hm....I sneakily took a photo of her bottom yesterday...at a bad angle...but i think i'll give you all a nice treat ;) See right.).
So the story..... (warning, this is an age-play story...with lots of fluffy snuggly goodness)

Once Upon a time, there lived a little girl named Kelly, who was about 7, and she lived with her wonderful Daddy who loved her very much. They lived in a beautiful home that had a pool in the backyard. Kelly was upset, though, because she was grounded from the pool. She was all pouty and sulky, stomping her feet and crossing her arms when her daddy wasn't around to see. But she knew in the back of her mind that she deserved to be grounded. She'd broken one of Daddy's number one rules- she'd gone swimming without supervision! She was only allowed to go swimming if Daddy was around to watch her, which she thought was so silly! She was on the swim team after all! It wasn't like she was some little baby who didn't know how to swim! She was seven, and a big girl!

So one hot Saturday afternoon Daddy had to go out for a bit to run some errands. He wouldn't be gone long enough for her to need a sitter, and he trusted her to stay inside like he told her and be a good girl for the few hours he was gone. But little did he know what she was concocting in her little head! It was the perfect opportunity! And she just wanted to get out and go swimming so badly! And he'd never find out!

So the minute after she heard the door close, she jumped into action, putting on her little one piece swimsuit with the sparkly fish on it, and she headed out to the pool. But unbeknownst to Kelly, Daddy had left something at home, and 10 minutes after he left came in the front door again. He called Kelly's name, and was suprised when he didn't get a response. He went upstairs and called her name again, and still nothing. Daddy began to get a bit worried at that point, and was becoming frantic as he went around the house yelling her name, when suddenly out the back window, he saw her stepping into the pool, down the steps, soaking wet, holding a pool toy. (She'd gotten out to get it and was getting back in).

Daddy rushed out, his heart skipping a beat, as Kelly stood on the stairs up to her ankles. "Kelly May get out of there this instant!" he yelled, as he grabbed her and hugged her close, just to make sure she was safe again. Kelly at first was just shocked to see her Daddy, and then she became nervous, knowing she was in trouble, but also a bit scared by how upset and scared her Daddy looked. Daddy was never scared! He was Superman!

"Kelly May, what did Daddy just tell you about the pool? You scared Daddy!"

"I'm sorry, Daddy! I didn't mean to scare you!"

"If anything was to happen to my little girl, I would never forgive myself baby girl," he would respond. Daddy then took Kelly over to the nearest pool chair, and stood her infront of him, and she squirmed and started to tear up a bit, knowing what was instore for her. "No, Daddy, please, I'm sorry," she plead, while Daddy pealed down her wet, one piece swimsuit so he could have access to her bare bottom. She was so embarassed to be standing there, completely naked, outside, infront of her daddy, knowing what was about to happen. She sniffled and looked oh so adorable and sad as he lectured.

"Daddy warned you that if you ever tried to swim in the pool by yourself again he'd spank you good and hard. Daddy already grounded you last time and that didn't seem to do any good. You disobeyed me, baby girl."

And with that Daddy took his baby girl over his knee with ease, and gave little Kelly the spanking of her short little life! He rained swat after swat on her poor, defenseless, WET bare bottom, his large palm covering most of her little bottom with one swat. Kelly kicked and squirmed and cried and pleaded, and promised to be a good girl, and finally just laid limp over her daddy's firm thighs. It just stung so much more on a wet bottom!

Daddy then picked her up off his lap and held her in his arms and told her how much he loved her and that he had to spank her to get through to her. And then he hugged her tight and told her she was forgiven, and to never scare Daddy like that again! And Kelly cried and cried in her Daddy's shoulder, snuggling in as tight as she could, and Daddy comforted her until she had no more aligator tears and was just sniffling against his chest. He then wrapped her up in a nice big fluffy towel and picked her up to take her inside. And he carried her up to her bedroom, and dressed her in pjs, and then laid down and snuggled with her for a nice nap, rubbing her bottom as she laid on her tummy- a tired little girl from all of that crying. And he promised that he'd take her swimming that afternoon if she wanted, safely, with her Daddy watching over her.

The End.


Princess Kelly

PS. If you'd like pictures of me in a one piece, there are some from like 6 posts back i believe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Post to Come and a Link

Hey guys,
So I'm in the process of writing a 4th of July post which will go up either tonight or tomorrow- it's a Daddy/lil'girl fantasy that Jonathon (a wonderful friend of mine that is filling in as my Daddy for the time being) and I rollplayed on the phone and I think is appropriate for the holiday. I'll tell you more about him soon. I promise. (Oh, and everyone get really really excited, b/c I'm going to have brand spanking new SPANKING pictures of me to share with ya'll in 2 weeks! and lots of them! And...I don't want to promise things I can't deliver...but there is a distinct possibility of a spanking video as well... more on that soon ;) ) Oh, and I'm also writing another discussion based post on mouth soaping, that I hope will spark some interesting comments.

But for the moment, I wanted to share this link with ya'll. I'm currently browsing around SpankingTube- which I haven't been on in quite a while and I found this video, and I just had to share it with you b/c it is FAR too much like the way my ex spanks to not share. If you ever wondered what a spanking from my ex-Daddy was like, this is the best representation. The differences woudl be that I woudl be naked, and it woudl be laid out over his knee spread across the bed. That and at the end he would have scooped me up, hugged and kissed me, and forgiven me. And he would have said, "What do you say?" and I would have of course replied in my littlest little girl voice, "Thank you for spanking me Daddy," and then leaned up to give him a kiss. But the hard and fast way he lays down that brush, like it'll bruise the bone, and the way he spreads her legs and spanks the tender inside of the undercurve- all very him like moves. So I thought i'd share.


Princess Kelly

PS. I'm on SpankingTube as Daddysgirl14. No videos yet, but feel free to friend me if you have an account....I think i'm going to do a post on spanking social media soon...hm...lol