Friday, February 27, 2009

Why volleyball is the best sport ever ;)

So when I was in middle school and highschool I was a swimmer and I also played volleyball. And I would just like to say, that volleyball uniforms are SOOO much hotter than swimsuits. And also that Indoor volleyball is WAY better than beach....I don't know...I think its the knee socks (not pictured) and the ribbons in the hair that just take it over the edge, don't you? ;)


Princess Kelly

PS. It is by complete coincidence that these girls are all from the same school. Lol, I found the pics on google. Which means that thankfully I am not the only creepy vball ass stalker. *blush*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

So this past weekend was quite possibly one of the best weekends of my life. I got to spend Friday night through Tuesday morning with John, my love, and my new Daddy I suppose. It was my first ever Valentine and it could not have been more perfect. I don't have time to write about it now, but I will this weekend and next week, and I'm SO excited to share. But for now, here are some highlights:

1. We added 7 new implements to our collection

2. I had 27 orgasms in 20 minutes at one point

3. New Panties!!! :)

4. I got my first ever outdoor spanking and

5. My first ever switching (ouch!)

6. 3 Day Weekend!!!

7. Oh, and did I mention just lots and lots and lots of love and spanking

Right now though, I'm kinda crumbling under pressure. Well I'm doing a lot better today than I was yesterday, but I have 2 midterms tomorrow and had a paper due today, and its all just very stressful. But I get to see Daddy in just a few more days and I'm SOO excited!

So for now, I just have to get past the stress and everything will be good again. Now I have to get going, this was my break for the day.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well. :)



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and loving Valentine's Day. This is my first time ever having a Valentine, but this has always been one of my favorite holidays. A time to dress up (or atleast I like to dress up) eat chocolate, and tell people that I love them. What could possibly be better than that? Well, this year I'm also going to get to have a red bottom to match my red hearts, so I suppose that makes it even better than normal. But still, just an all around wonderul holiday. So regardless of if you see it as the most romantic day of the year, singles awareness day, or just another Hallmark made moment, know that I'm sending lots of kisses and spanks your way.


Princess Kelly

Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Friday!!!!

So its been a very up and down week. As I posted earlier, the week certainly got off to a rough start, but then on Wednesday it really started to improve. I spent like 4 hours cleaning my dorm room (which has not been really clean I'm don't think ever) and it is BEAUTIFUL now! lol, I'm even trying to keep it clean, which is a first. I just feel better when there is only a bit of clutter (just don't tell my mother I admitted that). And then on Thursday I decided to bust out the last book in the Twilight series (finally!). I read the first three in like a week and a half over new years and the beginning of the semester but once school picked up I didn't have time to read it. So I didn't start b/c I knew it would drive me crazy. But there are few things in this world that make me feel as passionate as these books do right now, so I read. And read. And read. For like 4.5 hours. Lol. All I have to say is the Edward NEEDS to spank Bella! Hear that Stephanie Meyer? She desperately needs a spanking!

Anywho, so tonight I have my last concert for a while (which will take a lot of stress off of me I hope) and then I'm spending the whole weekend with my love!!! I'm SOOO excited. This will be the longest that he and I have spent together in a row, and its my first time ever having a Valentine, so I'm really excited. I've been looking forward to this for over a month. I just hope I don't screw everything up....
Oh, and really good news is that I was Such a good girl the last few days that I'm hoping he'll remember to reward me. Its like we say in psych class, punishment is the least effective way to teach a behavior. It only tells you what Not to do.

But I do have some things on my list which I'll share with you. (oh and btw, in this context "Daddy" is John, as he does fill that roll for me a lot now)
  1. Trying to manipulate Daddy so that I could dsitract him from making me do my Italian homework (from like over a month ago)
  2. Disobeying direction to not text back anymore (from a few weeks ago)

  3. Arguing with Daddy and trying to explain away behavior I knew was wrong (last week)
  4. Daddy told me to stop arguing and throwing a tantrum or I would recieve a spanking. I continued to throw a tantrum (this week- the bday debate)
  5. Late to Italian class because I was being a spoiled brat on the phone with Daddy, whining about how I needed a spanking (early this week)

  6. Cursed in two texts to Daddy and admitted that I usually talk like that when Daddy's not around (which it has been decided will be dealt with with the spoon) (and I would like to add to this one that I think that he just got nit-picky since I was being such a good girl! pout!)
So as you can see, even though I've been a good girl, there is still tons of stuff to deal with. Which by the way is an incredibly frustrating feeling. Like no matter what I do, I'm always going to get punished, even on special occasions. :(

Sigh, but anywho, I'm done with classes for the day which makes me EXCEEDINGLY happy!!! :) Ooh! And John's birthday and Valentine's gift should arrive by Saturday (*squee!*) so I'll be sure to tell you all about them.

Oh, and if you stop by, please say hello. I really love to hear from people :)


Princess Kelly

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Procrastinating and Musing

So....I have 2 midterms tomorrow. Well one quiz and one test, and the test can be dropped, but I really need to do well on the quiz. And I Really should be studying.... And when John reads this I'm going to probably earn another punishment spanking *cringe* but I'm just not feeling it right now. I worked my ass off yesterday and this morning studying for my midterm today, and that level of "beasting" (as in, to beast, verb, meaning to just go all out and give it your all and study like there is no tomorrow, just do it, can also be used as an adjective and noun) really takes a lot out of you.

So here I am. Musing. And adding random photos. Lol. I just saw this one when I was searching for "pouting" and it was just too fabulous! lol, the scary thing is that when I'm really hormonal, tired, or stressed out, this would totally be me.

Also, today is John's B-day, and I'm kinda glum. I really wanted to spend part of the day with him, but he's just so busy with work, and he lives like 40 minutes away, and we're just on such different schedules, that he just kinda said no, its impossible. He thinks it will be good for me to learn patience, and that I should wait until Friday night, but.... I just miss him. I want to be held in his arms, and have him kiss my neck. I want to lay my head on his chest and kiss him all over. I want to give him a massage so that he'll relax from all his stress. I want him to give me one of his world famous foot massages. I want to bake him my spice cake (the best spice cake in the state of texas mind you- I actually one 1st place at the State Fair) and sing Happy Birthday in person. And for God's sakes I want a fucking spanking! I don't know what it is...well, yes I do. I'm completely and totally addicted to spanking...but I mean this morning it was CRAZY! I was dying, and just aching with the need to be put across his knee and have my bare bottom just blistered. I want to feel the palm of his hand caress my bare skin. Hear him tell me to part my legs wider so he can spank the tender areas. I want to have him tell me I'm a good girl for him when I cum laying over his lap....

So like I said, studying is unfortunately not on the forefront of my mind. I know that if I were to get going on it, I would make him proud, and he'd tell me I was his good little girl. And honestly, there are very few sentences in this world that can make me happier than "I'm so proud of you Kelly May. You were a very good little girl for me today, weren't you?" But.... I don't know. And I don't even feel like I'm acting out for attention (which if you haven't noticed you will, is the main reason I get myself in trouble). I just feel blah.... I need a hug!!!! :(

Well anywho, I suppose I'll get started on that homework now...I'm feeling a bit better after writing this...but since I can't have a physical hug, I'll share with ya'll the soul-hug that my best friend Francesca (you might have heard of her on this blog before ;) ) sent me the other day.
Once you'll watch it, you'll understand why the first thing I said on the phone tonight was "Daaaddyyyy can we get a kitten? Pretty Pleeeeaaasseeee!!!!"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthday Update

OMFG!!! POUT! *stomps foot* no fair!

Ok, so I was just on the phone with the birthday meanie and I told him that I posted the question, but that I wasn't that worried if it would end up being fun, and like a good girl spanking. And he said that it wouldn't be like a good girl spanking b/c it would be with EACH of his implements!!! (which mind you is his hand, hairbrush, bathbrush, and a paddle and a belt if he wants to add that) NO FAIR!!! that is NOT how a birthday spanking works I cried, outraged. A Bday spanking is to be given with the hand, one swat for each year and one to grow on, delivered with the reciever in their birthday suit. And it is totally unfair that I would get a punishment for his birthday! I mean, to give you an example, I cried yesterday from 50 swats with the bathbrush which was a very harsh punishment. And now he wants to give me 38 (and btw he's turning 36, so i'm not sure where he got those extra 2) with each implement!!!

I stand by that this is beyond unfair. Remember this is the big meanie head who made the pictures go away. :( pout. pout. pout. :(

Birthday Spanking Debate

Hello again. I'm sorry for my extended absense. School and extracurriculars have gotten pretty hardcore lately. I'm a singer, and I'm in an acapella group on campus and we had 2 HUGE shows this weekend (and one this friday) that went really well but required us to have practice literally everyday for a week and a half! I'm pretty damn exhausted. That and midterm season has started and I have 3 this week and 2 next week plus a paper. I think I might die. I'm not sure, but it's quite probable.

Luckily though, this weekend is Valentine's Day (squee!!!) and a 3 day weekend to boot so I get to spend the most time ever in a row with my love, and I'm very excited.

Speaking of my love, he is the topic of the debate, for which we have decided to enlist ya'lls help. So Tuesday is John's birthday (making him yet one more year older than think I'm more unhappy about his birthday than he is! lol). Anywho, so yesterday we were lying around in bed, talking about how my punishment spanking list is getting seriously backlogged, and I'm going to need to be a really good girl this week so we don't spend our whole weekend taking care of unfun punishments, when he mentioned that I also had his birthday spanking coming.

And I was like excuse you? He then proceeded to make his argument to me again that the person who's bday it is gets to decide if he wants to give or recieve. Ok, I thought. So then come May, when I turn 20, you're going to take those for me? Oh no. Apparently I misunderstood. Its only males that have this option. Girls always recieve.

Hm.... something about this doesn't seem quite fair.... Why don't we ask? So we clearly need ya'lls help. And this is a very serious matter. Do men get to choose whether or not they give or recieve their birthday spankings while women only recieve? PLEASE post your thoughts and replies in the comments section.
I love ya'll and I'll be posting very shortly about one of the topics I pinkie swore on, b/c as Eruc mentioned, there's no going back on a pinkie swear.
Princess Kelly

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hey ya'll,
So its almost curfew (1 AM on weekdays) and I am SOOO tired and have so much work to do (my backside is in serious trouble for my lack of productivity today) but I just wanted to give a quick update about what's going and to thank everyone for their kind comments and for sticking with me.

So update. Um, I have a lot of school work that I still haven't caught up on from when I was so sick. And John and I continued to have massive drama (mainly as a result of my insecurities and his busy schedule) last week that culminated in the blistering of a life time. Don't believe me? How about a hairbrush and bathbrush spanking on a wet, lotioned, already incredibly bruised bottom, followed by having to write lines, followed by ANOTHER SPANKING!!! Yes, that is right. I am NOT sitting pretty today. :( pout! But I suppose I deserve it. It was for repeatedly talking badly about myself, even after I was already punished for it. In case you're wondering my line was "John loves me, and I deserve it, because I am a good girl." :)

In other news, I installed a counter on this site last Wednesday and since then over 1000 people have come to this site!!!!! That's unique vistors it says too....which can't possibly be right...I have 25 returning visitors though, which is very nice :). Hi ya'll! Thanks for coming. I'm convinced there is a flaw in the counting, but if there's not, I just can't even imagine how many people visited back when my photos were up.

Speaking of which, I'm so glad that so many have stuck with me, and I'm still having fun...but its just not the same to me....and I'm going to keep working on John, trying to get what I want here (aka my pictures back)....I don't think he's going to give in, but I really hope he'll reconsider. I used to want to be a spanking model (ok I still do secretly) but I go to a very high profile school, and plan to do a lot of high profile things in my life, and I just can't really risk my future just because its something I dream of. I can't risk hurting my parents or brother. So I gave up that dream. But then there was this...and I'm glad I started taking my face of (b/c at that point I might as well have been a spanking model)...but this was my way of getting to live that dream. Of getting to be an exhibitionist of sorts, and feel free and appreciated. And to get to share my stories and myself with others who share my passion. And I still enjoy it b/c of all of the wonderful people who come here, and b/c I want to remember my own stories, and I just enjoy spanking so damn much. LOL. And yet, I still can't help but miss how it was, and getting to be my own version of a spanking model :). But anywho....that's just my musings on the subject.....

Ok, its late. And I have class in the morning. But I really hope that I'll get to post more soon. I have SOOO many ideas for posts, and I don't just mean stories. I've been really wanting to have a discussion on panties for the longest time....that and states of undress.....they'll be coming. I pinkie swear. :)

Princess Kelly