Monday, November 16, 2009

Post 100!!!


We made it ya'll! And I just got over 100,000 views. Holy Crap. What happened to my little old blog that I just made for fun one day and that like all of 20 people knew about? lol. How times have changed. My First Blog-Iversary is coming up at the end of the month, and I'm going to do some restrospective thing for then, but I thought of something else to do for now. But its just so ridiculous to me how big this has grown to be. I'm currently doing an interview for the Spanking Spot, and Richard Windsor commented on my blog (even if it was a spam type post!).

So here's what's in the pipeline that is my head (if it cooperates- I've been having debilitating migraines for the past two weeks to the point that I can't read, and I've missed so much class one of my teachers is talking with the dean about giving me an incomplete and trying to have me make it up in Italy next semester... but hopefully i'll have moments enough of lucid to get some posts churned out!):
  1. This post, lol, which is going to be a photo post, greatest hits of all of my spanking sessions that were photographed.
  2. A Life Update that just needs to be written (and I don't really give a fuck if the majority of ya'll just want pictures and could care less about my life, bc this is my diary too)
  3. A positions post (b/c i did implements and panties and exposure so now I should do positions)
  4. An interview post- I want everyone to message either on here or email with a question or 5 that I will answer in a post, in honor of the other interview I'm doing.
  5. PLEASE SOMEONE SUGGEST SOMETHING!!! Its been so long since I've been spanked, and the anti-anxiety meds I'm on are killing the nympho in me. :( Its really sad- but atleast my photos are still hot, and i know how i SHOULD be.
  6. The anniversary post.

Ok, so on with the show....

These are in chronological order as best I can starting from the beginning. Most of these have been seen here before. Some are new. Some were on here and were lost in the Spanked Princess Iconoclasm of 2009 (the name I have given that month where I deleted all of my photos, lol). But I still think that most of you will enjoy them none the less.

The first like 4 months of my relationship are not photographed, and most of my relationship with John was not photographed. But there's still a lot. I'm not sure it's all going to fit in one post even!
So this is the first nude-ish photo that was EVER taken of me! It was probably the fourth or fifth time Edward and I had gotten together. I didn't bring my camera with me...or maybe I did, and the battery died (always a good possibility)... so he took it with my phone. Btw, the panties say "Pink Genius."

Ok, so this photo is also from that day. He only took 3 or 4 photos, and I really liked this one. The lighting in that hotel wasn't the best, but I think it ended up looking kinda cool. Oh, and at the time, those were my "sexy panties." These are like June or July 2008.
This photo is titled "favorite" for a reason. That reason being that it was, and still is to this day, my favorite photo of me ever taken. There were others from this weekend- which was in like in July or August I think- that I also like a lot, but this is still my favorite.
So this photo and the next are from a beautiful fall weekend when I took the train down to Edward's house. His back deck is just so wonderful, and he lives on like an acre of land (in a rural area) so we had privacy enough for naked photos (though not for spanking sadly). But the main reason I picked this picture is becaue it has my brush (RIP) in it. I talked about that brush in my post on implements. He gave it to me for my 19th Birthday, and was WONDERFUL but broke in October (by Max on my bottom). Just a fun weekend all around.
Ok, LOL. This photo, also from that weekend, displays my first taste of a butt plug. *blush*. As I have written about on here, I have come to prefer beads, but that plut supplied us with some pretty fun times (and some less fun punishments). Also note the wonderful Tinkerbell flannel pj bottoms. We went to Walmart (actually one of the only times I've ever set foot in that store) and bought like some bread, honey, handcuffs (from a Halloween costume), lace panties, these little girl Pj bottoms and like a water filter. The check out person gave us some curious looks.
This photo is from October 2008. Still Edward. I just really like the mostly naked faked action shot, lol. :) I love actually "spanking" pictures, not just ones of me lying half clothed on a bed. But its really hard when its just two people playing.

One of the photos that made me famous. This is from November last year (so like around when I created this blog), and Todd and Suzy loved it. I love it too :) But I took it down because it had my face and well...I just try not to do that.. there is an edited version, but I figure, for old times sake I'll leave it up for a bit. I'll probably smarten up and change it to an edited version soon, but as always, just be respectful, and dont' freaking steal my photos. Oh, and that little wooden paddle is by Rosy Bottoms (I love pinups) and hurt like hell!!!

Max's Belt. So this was after a belting I recieved from my boyfriend in November/December of last year. If you've been around for a while you probably read about this belting (or actually one that came after this one, that at the time was the hardest spanking I had recieved) and you also probably know that I don't like belts but rather straps. I also don't like thongs much (though he was quite fond, thus the thong) but I am a fan of this photo. :)

Study Days, 2008. Aka, pre finals I went to see Edward for some focused study time. This was also about a week after my first ever wax. You can see the result of both efforts ;)
Chirstmas time! lol, thus the hat. :) This is another one of my personal favorite photos. I happen to be a big fan of this position in general if you hadn't noticed, but I just love the hat and the panties. :) It was a fun week for sure.
This was the first photo john took of me. We did it just because my bottom was SOO bright red (John, as you all know I'm sure, was an ABSURDLY hard spanker) and I wanted documentation. This photo bugs me though bc I was between waxes and so I don't look pretty and smooth...
Valentine's Day!!! My first switching. FREEZING FUCKING COLD!!! lol. But it was my first Valentine's Day with a boyfriend, so it was just the most perfect weekend ever. I went into detail about it, but I'm not actually sure I ever posted the photos (that was during the iconoclasm). We went hiking (not my thing, but I loved him so much I would have gone skydiving and enjoyed it just to be with him) and just did other romantic things... sigh. But that switching almost had me in tears after 6 strokes.
Ah, my beautiful strapping photo. Daddy used the Domesotic Discipline strap on me, and after 15 strokes (well and a weekend of spanking) this was the result. Perfect. Just a rosy red bottom. No bruises. Just a bottom looking the way it should.
Me. 30 minutes post losing my virginity. Nuf said?
This is a Jonathon photo (God decided to curse me with men all with E's (Emery, Emmanuel (both vanillas) and then Edward) and then J's (John, Jonathon, and now James)). From my trip to boston this summer. These are the last photos of me from a spanking. In JULY!!! I NEED A SPANKING!!!!

The END *wink*

Princess Kelley


  1. Lovely pictures... you and the camera get along really well.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. Hey Kelly, Yeah, I'm still here! Seems time travels so much faster when you get older. I still enjoy your blog, your thoughts, your feelings, your memories, your photos.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Hard to believe you're coming up on your blogoversary. I'm looking forward to many years ahead.


  3. What a fantastic trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Here's to delurking. And apologies for starting with a J. I could go all literary and be Ernest, but somehow I don't think that would help.

    But anyway, here's a question for your interview post. Which feeling is better: being spanked or just having been spanked? Does it depend on the implement?

  5. Those are great pictures. Thank you for sharing. Kara's not into spanking, however in my submissive days I was. I really like the picture of you outdoors with the switch. I didn't get to read your previous post on it, but I've had a switch used on me in the past. Though my hands were tied around the tree so I couldn't move. It didn't take long to bring me to tears.

  6. Bravo! Wonderful post! I've been waiting for a new post with baited breath forever! Lol, I now understand, although I have been blessed with a migraine free existence, I so understand the situation.
    So, a question or 5.....
    1. Would you or have you done any videos? Would you ever do one(or more)?

    2. Have you ever received any other discipline methods other than spanking? I.e. Mouth soaping, enema, et cetera... Thoughts?

    3. Would you ever consider becoming a spanking model or doing any professional discipline style media?

    4. Ever been spanked by a Canadian? Would you ever want to? *winks* lol

    5. when punished, do you cry easily?


    1. become the first person following my blog! Lol

    Jesse (your biggest fan)

  7. Hello from the UK!!

    Mucho congratulations on the 100th post Kelly. As always it was a fun read spiced up with some great piccies.

    Best wishes from YEOWCH blog.

  8. Hi Kelley,

    Congratulations! The first hundred are always the toughest. Thanks for the beautiful retrospective and for sharing this portion of your life with us. May you always bask in happiness!


  9. Spam free this time my dear :-) What a gorgeous, spankable bottom you have, young lady!!

    When I get home from work tonight I am going to go through your archives just to see how much of a naughty girl you have been :-)


  10. great posts. please keep them coming

  11. Please tell us what you are studying and what you plan to do with it later, or do you expect eventually to be a stay at home mother. Makes it easier to feel like we know you.

    If you do end up married, do you expect it to be a domestic discipline type one and how do you expect it to work out?


  12. Hi Kelley,

    your favorite picture definitely deserves its title. You look gorgeous! And also such a nice pose to imagine someone in the room with you holding something different from a camera. So don't forget to count this comment ;)