Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh Oh Christmas! My Christmas Tree is Delicious!

HOLY CRAP!!! So i knew it had been a long time but I didn't realize just HOW long. I've missed ya'll! I keep thinking of things I want to say when I'm away from my computer and then I just haven't had time. For those of you not in school or without children that are in school it is FINALS season, and currently I'm about ready to die. So hear are my current life thoughts.

1. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I have SOOOO much work! I'm pretty much doing 80% of my semester in this past week and this coming week do to all the illnesses I've had and Mommy's death. So you can understand what I mean by A LOT of work, this is my last week:
  • Paper, Presentation, quiz, paper, MASSIVE presentation, Final exam, Final exam.
Now this is what I still have left to do (by Saturday):
  • Presentation, Test, Paper, Workbook, Final exam, Final research paper, Paper, Paper, Move out

Now lets compare last week and this week to the entirety of my semester:

  • 6 Quizzes, 1 test, 1 paper, 2 midterms, one poem, and various homework assignments

So I think by that you can see why I sadly have not been able to be on here much. So now what follows are various thoughts of mine that I have/have been having.

  1. I studying abroad in Europe next semester and along with all the OMG excitement comes quite a lot of anxiety and nervousness both about being there and about what I'm leaving behind while I'm gone.
  2. Oh, and that also means that I have to move out of my dorm. Something I've never fully had to do before- and certainly not by myself! AHHHH!!!! I barely have time to breath, let alone pack!
  3. I've missed ya'll. Like you don't even know.
  4. Ok, my yahoo messenger is up constantly, literally 24/7 almost b/c i'm on with my baby and nana and papa who sleeps with me on (the baby so she feels safe, and nana and papa so they know i'm safe- my baby has been in the hospital for the last few weeks by the way...it was really scary for a while...but she should be ok). SOO that being said, if you message me on Yahoo and I don't get back to you I promise I am NOT ignoring you! I am probably either not at my computer or I just dont' notice it b/c i'm on the call with them. I am SOOOO sorry to anyone who feels I have been rude to, and to those who I have been rude to and to the relationships I have negleted.
  5. Ok, SpankoLife...I was going to write a post on it like this past summer... I was really really good friends with the founder. I actually was like the 3rd memeber and my ass was at one point the logo. But I have trouble keeping up with facebook as it is...and then he and I had a falling out of sorts, and I just haven't been back. So if you sent me a message or a friend request, do not fear, i have not logged on in literally 5 months! I will go in over Christmas and try to accept all the requests and all of that, but that will never be the best way to get in touch with me.
  6. I will answer interview questions- thank you to those that sent them in! On my flight home on Monday at the latest so I will have that up soon.
  7. OH! My computer died over thanksgiving- another reason that I have been MIA (and brushstrokes, if you're reading, that's why you haven't gotten those photos for my interview yet *hangs head in shame*). But everything has been recovered thankfully and I freaking LOVE my new computer!!!!!! Its a Lenovo ideapad with WINDOWS 7!!!! Its like God came down and handed someone Windows 7 and said here is my gift unto you! lol. Needless to say, I love it. :)
  8. The title of this post comes from Lady Gaga's new Christmas Song. Youtube it or download it. Listen, love, and think of me and smile :) Pretty please :)
  9. I NEED A SPANKING! Like one I get from someone else, not directed self spanking. But I don't mean punishment. I get that. Nana and Papa do an amazing job. I feel contained and loved and safe. I mean I need someone to give me a naughty good girl spanking and then fuck me hard until I scream! lol....so some of my sex drive is back :) lol. That being said, that does not mean I need a man. Would I love to be in love again? Absolutely. Do I have the time or energy? No. :( And I'm sorry to those readers here who miss my lovers stories and my boyfriends, but this is the life of me, a college student, just going through life. I'm going to have to be single sometimes.
  10. Oh, and on that same note, my Nana and Papa are NOT a fantasy. They are as REAL as you and I and there love for me is unending. Just because we are long distance and we have to be creative sometimes, doesn't make them less than my family. Oh, and yes, :) it is SOOOO amazing knowing that they think it is perfectly normal for their little girl to get her bottom spanked at bedtime when she's naughty :).
  11. Betsy at the Party- the girl I have a crush on, this redheaded freshman in my singing group has the BEST ass in the whole planet, and I got to grab and swat it a bit last Friday when she was massively drunk. God it is the most perfect ass on the entire planet. I'm so glad I'm a woman that I could just grab at it a bit and die on the inside and not have the whole world knowing by a tent in my pants! Lol. haha, boys suck.
  12. Jonathon you need to message me! I miss you!
  13. I love you all and Papa is scolding that I need t get back to work.


Princess Kelly

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  1. Well in regards to #9, I'm always here for you. :)

    - Tank from spankolife