Monday, September 26, 2011

Pinned-Up Princess Pics

Hey Again Team!
Almost forgot! (and I'm clearly into alliteration tonight! lol)
I got Daddy to take some still shots of me, because I realized I haven't really done any of these in a long time because I've been able to do so many actual spanking photos by using still shots from videos. But I think there is something nice about what is more classically "me." The solo photo. :)

Most of these poses were inspired by pin-ups, and I have quite a few of each- still trying to decide which ones are the best. I'm really loving the bangs with the pin-up look though- it feels very Barbie Benton, don't you think?


(Heads up, Doc. Full size photos will be coming your way for inspired editing soon, lol :))

I better never hear again that my bottom isn't red enough!!! lol *wink*

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I think this is your best photo set yet! My favorite is the fourth picture where you're looking over your shoulder. Your face proclaims, "I'm innocent," but your bottom tells a different tale.

    Very lovely!


  2. I agree, some beautiful photos in this post. Especially love the top one, that over the shoulder pout really reminds me of Lea Michelle for some reason. Fortunately I know you are going to take that as a compliment :)

  3. Kelley nice pics of you ,love and spanks tim xx

  4. It's not so much a "pout" as more of an "I'm wondering what you're planning to do with me".

    You can't guess?

  5. Awww. soooo pretty!! Lovely smile...and red butt, too!

  6. Whenever you're ready kid.

  7. you have very nice bottom . i love it for anal sex

  8. Damn your body looks fucking hot here!!!!