Saturday, January 26, 2013

Question Friday: Hard Players, Topping Men, Voyeurism and Tumblr

Hey Team,

Victory! Only one day late this week! lol. :) Thank you to everyone for the enthusiastic reply to my last post and video. It was almost upsetting that everyone was so vocal about their love of the video more than the other things I do... but then I remembered, we're spanko's Kelley, lol. You love videos too! :) And I know that people love me for more than that as well. :) Oh and welcome *waves* to all the people coming from Chross's blog! Hi! Hope you enjoy it here!

Oh! Thank you Jerry for pointing out in the comments. There were requests that I should have gotten *more* swats than I did. And that has happened. For my 22nd birthday I got three separate spankings from three different men (Johnny Ravage, Mike Billa, and of course Paul) and then Paul decided that since I had never had one before we would do 22! in math terms aka 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc all the way up to 22 which is in total 253 swats! :) that video is for sale (it was one of my firsts) here.

So as always, everyone please send more questions either in comments here (my favorite) or via my "ask me anything" on tumblr or on twitter. Email is always welcome as well of course, but in comments is the preferred method of receiving them- easier to find later! :)

Check out my new tumblr!

Princess Kelley


  1. Great post, Princess!

    Tonut: It wouldn't be a Kelley vlog post without an appearance by Mozzie. He wants to be a star.

  2. Kelley:

    I have a few photos of you on my Tumblr that you can reblog:

    Plus, this also brings up a few of your photos on Tumblr:

    I'm not sure what you'll think of the blog title for the GudPix photos, though.

  3. I really love your Q/a Vlogs... Can sure learn alot about you and your cutesie ways. :)
    I have a tumblr but still have no clue what I'm doing but I'm now following you. :)
    If you have any tidbits on how to do it.. I'd love to hear.

    Keep em coming.. Big hugs,

  4. Hi Kelley,

    Best Question Friday video yet! That was fun.

    Here are three new questions for next time.

    1. I enjoyed the discussion of your toy bag. Are there any spanking implements that you'd like to add to the bag. If so, what do you feel you're missing?

    2. Speaking of toys, do you have a favorite vibrator?

    3. I know a lot of your fans would love to see you on video with Dana Kane. Is that going to happen?


  5. Hi Kelley (spelling your name correctly this time). Really love the video blog. I'm a recent follower since you posted, the "Belated Birthday Spanking" video, on 'Spanking Tube'. I've read a bunch of your older blogs but not all. I like that in your Q&A you took the time to edit; ie moving yourself from side to side in the frame. It's not a big thing but most people would have been to lazy to do that and I appreciate the effort.
    Bonnie asks if you're going to do a video with Dana Kane. Yes I'd like to see that too.
    Is this the place to post questions as Bonnie has done above? Or should we send questions via e-mail? I think you should end each Q&A video by reminding people where to send questions.
    I checked out your tumbler site. I like the first photo you chose to lead off that side. I think it's your best. Or at least the best of those I've seen. Looking forward to seeing more. One comment on the school girl photo: I like the apprehensive look on your face as you're waiting to be punished.
    I don't like those "school girl" photos/videos where the subject blithely submits. I went to a school where corporal punishment was permitted. I know from experience that no matter how brave or unconcerned you attempted to appear to be while being lectured, all pretense ended immediately when the principal opened his desk drawer and took out the strap.
    I look forward to following your blog in the future. For now, keep up the good work. You're special.

    -- Rambler

  6. Hi Kelley,

    It's Bonnie again and I have yet another question. After looking at your new Tumblr, it occurred to me why your photo sets are so engaging. Like the very best models, you have an incredible ability to seduce the camera with your eyes. Is this skill innate, or have you developed it?


  7. Introduce us to the contents of your toy bag:
    1. show each toy
    2. tell whether you like for it to be spanked or to spank
    3. the intensity: force/area girl blowing dandelion, or ef5 hitting a house and frequency: swats/second tappy tap tap, or full throttle
    4. an experience with each
    5. state your ultimate topping and bottoming spanking scenarios

  8. Are you still in love?

  9. Hi Kelley,

    Question for the next Friday Q&A:

    What do you think makes for a good spanking Video/Movie?