Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Mr. X and Andy :)

Andy and Bailey
Hey Team,

So I got home today to the best surprise EVER! The wonderful Mr. X who runs the M/M site that I have been gushing about sent me a video response to the questions I posed for him in his video- which no one has ever done and was so sweet- but he also surprised me by including the amazing and smoking hot Andy in it! Ahhh!!!! *swoons* (I literally squealed when he came on camera as a surprise, lol. Very teenage girl, I know, don't judge)
So yeah, I got a video from an amazingly gorgeous boy telling me that he would totally spank me and that he thinks I'm hot... *dies*

Andy. :) Oh, and he's Irish
So in response I made this video. It started out all normal, and then for some reason half way through I decided I needed to shower, so it picks up in the middle with me all naked and wet post shower. The result though is that I rambled incoherently for over half an hour and had to edit a shit ton to get this down under 15 minutes. So be warned that it's long. But if you feel like listening, feel free. It's mostly me flirting, and a bit of me talking about what it is in spanking porn, especially about M/M, that appeals to me. 

Here is the video that they made for me. :) If you want to skip to the part with Andy, it starts at 2:42.

Hope you enjoy. And if you didn't, I hope you'll get over it and stick around for the normal stuff anyway. :)
And Andy, if you're reading this, send me an email. ;) We should talk- I want to hire you! Among other things....

Princess Kelley


  1. I'm also in awe of Bailey and Andy! Wish I could be spanked by both! Dreamsssss....

  2. Hey Princess Kelley! Loved the response! :) I'm sure Andy will too! Sure, it's fine for you to embed the movie on here.

    Maybe you could point people towards this link where they can get all the free stuff?


    Mr X

  3. Ahaha okay I watched this after leaving my previous comment! I would be very happy to top in your spanking contest. Yes. That would be okay by me. :D

    So awesome of the guys to do a video response to you, it was really cool of them. I love that their site launch is creating a public discussion about M/M for a female audience.

    I'm really interested by the parallels and differences between the development of male spankee and female spankee porn - like, what is involved in making each more equal/more feminist. Like, one difference is that it's radical for female spankee porn to be more body diverse, but actually it's more common for F/M to star men that don't have model good looks, so it's kind of radical to hire men who are really physically attractive, because it acknowledges that people who fancy men watch porn and find male bodies sexy. These videos highlight another really interesting difference - in female spankee porn it's kind of radical and awesome to focus on the fact that the women love being spanked, but here, you have a site trying to make a difference and appeal to women by hiring guys that *don't* love being spanked, or at least, don't love being spanked by guys.

    Personally I think you can still make good asexual domestic discipline scenes with guys who like being spanked / are queer, but still, I can really see and appreciate the angle StraightLadsSpanked are coming from here.

    That's why, although several of my male models are bi, I've only produced asexual or hetero male/male scenes so far for Dreams of Spanking - because that's the least common type of male/male spanking scene, and it's one that a lot of ladies would like to see. (And guys of course - I still think that straight spanko bottom or switch guys are a massively under-recognised audience for asexual discipline scenes, especially institutional/historical ones where male/male is the only authentic and believable orientation.) Btw Kelley I cannot wait to show you the previews from my recent M/M shoot. I shot a NCIS-inspired scene with Tom and Mike just for you :)

    Totally seconding Kelley's request for an older/younger brother scene, btw.

    PS. *obligatory bi visibility flag-wave* Bi guys totally exist! Liking being spanked by/spanking a guy is not incompatible with wanting to fuck ladies! The end. :)

  4. Hey Pandora, I appreciate all your comments and of course agree. I guess since you waved your "obligatory bi visibility flag" I can also take a moment to be clearer on something I said in my recorded response.

    It's true that I said that having a MM Spanking site featuring straight guys would make my goal of it being asexual more achievable/realistic.

    I still stand by that....

    However, I am also aware that by saying that, I am suggesting that all bi or gay guys would get a sexual thrill from MM spanking so couldn't use them.

    I really do appreciate that is not the case and I would never want to be tarred with that kind of prejudice. I mean, I totally get that a ton of gay and bi guys also have no interest at all in mm spanking in the same way that straight guy don't.

    Also on topic, I guess I should say that I also appreciate that some straight guys can get a major thrill from either viewing or participating in mm spanking without it affecting their hetero status!

    So for the record, I just wanted to make all of that 100% clear............. :)

  5. My comment didn't go through last night, but can I join you in being a ridiculous fangirl???

    I wish this website had been around back when I was doing videos. I'd go back to doing videos in a heart beat if it meant getting spanked by Andy, Bailey or any of those other hot hot hot boys!!!

    I'm excited for you and I'd probably have died from happy had they made me a video like that.

    I'm gonna go be a giddy little girl now.