Sunday, December 26, 2010

nerd fighters!

Hey team,
So Im both writing this from my phone and also while doing cardio so please excuse any and all horrible typos. Thanks :-)

so if you don't understand the meaning of the subject of this post you immediately need to Google vlog brothers on YouTube and watch as many of their videos as humanly possible. I would suggest 50 jokes in 4 minutes and their French revolution videos as well as adult female song.

Oh and just dftba!

So all of that is to explain an idea i had recently.

The vlog brothers are two brothers who im 2007 decided to stop all textual communication and instead decided to communicate through videos on YouTube. This immediately became amazing. Those of us who follow them are called nerd fighters and our goal is to eliminate world suck.
Just accept this.
Anywho so this for any of you who thought this, is not going to result im me suddenly converting to video blog ing. Not that bold yet. But i did have an idea.

So if you haven't noticed, i have kinda been doing a shitty job of updating. That's not to say though that i don't think about the blog or just things i think and them immediately wish i could share all the Damn time!

So these guys dedication has really made me look at mine. What if during the day, whenever i thought of something to tell you i just wrote it down or recorded it on my phone? And at the end of the day i just posted this list of sorts. That would mean you would get a lot of random bullet points some of which might not make any sense at all, but then i could burn use these lists to help me remember what i wanted to say im my longer posts.


Well im going to give it a bit of a try on my way home with some audio- i really am really good at talking lol! ;-)

love y'all
Princess Kelley

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