Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Lesson in Cause and Effect

Hey Team!

So I was so encouraged by all the kind messages/comments on my last post, and everyone saying how much that they missed my blog, that I decided to make sure when I had this idea yesterday that I would post it! :)

I suppose I should preface this by saying that I have a Daddy in my life. Person that has been my friend for almost 3 years, and on and off play partner in private (outside of parties) for a year. Then it very slowly evolved to be more. He became my disciplinarian rather suddenly back in August, and then my top, and now my Daddy, and I'm very happy with him and the dynamic. He asked me to keep it private for a long time, which was part of why I didn't write about it. Also it just got kinda complicated, lol. I didn't want a Daddy, but this happened so organically and in such a normal, healthy way, that I couldn't really say no.

So anywho, Daddy has been staying with me at my apartment this past week (which has been wonderful despite our completely opposite schedules), and I've had the absolute joy of returning home from work late at night to find him sitting on my couch, razor strop draped over the arm and carved ginger on the table, waiting for me. (I promise I will tell that story! Let me just mention though that apparently I had never felt an actual razor strop before [only things styled like them]. Damn. Lol. Also, many feels). I won't be telling Daddy that he's "not in charge" or "not the boss of me" again anytime soon.

I've also been reminded recently of how much spankings hurt in the winter! Over tights already hurts,  but on a super cold bottom, I was howling from a quick attitude adjustment with Daddy's hand the other night.

I love all that domestic loveliness. Makes me feel wonderfully cared for and loved. No happiness quite like that from a well spanked bottom.

So anywho, Daddy isn't staying here this weekend, but needed to come here after work to pack a suitcase. Fridays are my Saturdays, and it was a lovely day yesterday, so I went out during the day, but would also be home when he got home (which I'm not normally). For Halloween, I had bought a dress from American Apparel that I didn't end up wearing, but could return for store credit, so I decided to finally run that errand.

In case anyone isn't aware, American Apparel is a legit company that sells real people clothes all over the world, but that's website is essentially porn, and that is now my go-to place for fetish wear! I remembered thinking that when I went the first time, and instead of just exchanging the dress I got for the wetlook/leather version, I decided to actually try some things on...


Now, Daddy has no say over my finances (I own my own business for goodness sake, I don't need a keeper for that), however, the moment they rang up my total with the exchange included at $273, I knew that Daddy was going to have something to say, lol. Especially since I didn't even mention that I was shopping, and was instead supposed to be outside enjoying the day (or writing an application essay...).

But things were so pretty! And I did buy a real shirt to wear to work... and I totally needed new fetish wear... right? Right??? *bats eyelashes*

Yeah, Daddy didn't buy it either. *pout*


I decided that I would try to ameliorate Daddy's ire by being super cutesy, and attempt to distract. Also, thought I should wear at least one of the outfits I got to try to prove that they were so worth buying! Daddy thought it was fitting while he spanked me *pout.*
I got a really adorable chiffon circle skirt that's a school girl print, so I actually like it, and a white tank. And discovered a new way to do my hair that I must say I'm pretty proud of! :)

Daddy walked in the door and came over asking if he got a hug when I didn't immediately rush to hug him. I did of course, but didn't know if Daddy was going to be all strict and scolding right away. We talked for a bit as he got his suitcase together, and then we got back to the living room. Daddy pulled out one of my dining chairs into the middle of the room, and sat down. He crooked his finger, making me stand in front of him.

"$273 huh?" he said more than asked, while giving me the dom-iest dom face (also known as strict Daddy face). "Were you supposed to be shopping little girl?"

I shook my head, biting my lip, and maybe eeked out a yes sir while fidgeting and looking at my feet. Daddy and I had talked about using my dining chairs before but we hadn't ever done it. He and I both love super domestic things, but we always end up on the couch or in the bedroom. He said later that he loved the look on my face when he pulled out that chair. My eyes were apparently like dinner plates.

He pulled me to his right, and then across his knee. Given my outift, the mood, and the position, I was already feeling  like a very very little girl, which was perfect. If I'm feeling little, I can get a "punishment" that is stern, but not severe, and still feel chastised and contrite. 

Daddy started spanking over my skirt (which is so short that half of my bottom was exposed anyway), pausing oddly every once in a while, lecturing and asking questions. I kept trying to reason and rationalize and justify to no avail. Daddy's very hard heavy hand just fell harder. He then flipped up my skirt, and spanked over my white cotton panties (which also covered almost none of my bottom). 

He would occasionally tip me farther forward, not to get my sitspots (which he could (and did) get all he wanted) but rather to make it so my feet couldn't touch the floor! And I would kick my feet and try to get purchase as he spanked, and it just sent me farther into little mode. I was squirming, pleading, and just feeling very sorry for myself. 

He pulled my panties down and spanked a bit more with his hand before pulling me up so I was kneeling on the floor on his right side. I looked up at him, confused, thinking that there was no way my spanking was done, but kinda hoping it was. 
"Go get the hairbrush and bring it back to me."

Mew! *pout*

I went to my bedroom with my panties at my knees and retrieved the wooden implement, handing it to daddy while giving him the saddest sad eyes (he claims immunity to them). He started on my bare bottom hard again with the brush, scolding and lecturing. Right before the spanking actually I informed him that they didn't accept returns (only exchanges), so that came up at this point in the conversation again. 

I felt so little! Contrite and chastised, upset that my Daddy was unhappy with me, and just wanting the spanking to end so I could be daddy's good girl again. I was kicking and crying. It didn't actually hurt all that much (I mean it did sting quite a bit) in comparison to what I usually take, and certainly in comparison to my typical punishments with my paddle. What I take now for that would have astonished me from even just a year ago. 
But this wasn't meant to be harsh. Just very very domestic.

Daddy put the hairbrush down, and I hoped I was done. "Over the couch little girl. You're getting 10 with my belt, and you're going to count them. Go on, you know the position."

I walked over to the couch, and bent over the side, looking back pleading at Daddy. I felt soo scared, hearing the belt come out of the loops. Daddy swung hard, and the belt is so loud!!! It lands completely evenly, and is super soft (and in reality the yummiest thing on the planet), but it feels in the moment like the worst thing ever.

Because the belt is traditionally the worst implement. It's what you get when you've been the worst and Daddy is the most upset with you. It's loud and intimidating, and for me when I'm little... I was just a sobbing mess as each stroke landed, especially on my sit spots and thighs. I felt very very sorry when he was done. And having to count was new too! He'd never made me do that before (though I've done it in the past of course."

He pulled me up and brought me back to the chair where he sat me in his lap, my hot, sore, red bottom resting between his legs so as not to touch the rough jeans. "Do you want to guess how many swats that was?" "273?" "Exactly"

And I got love and cuddles and forgiven, and felt like the safest, most well cared for, loved little girl in the world. :)

These pics don't show red all that well (damn cell phones and my super tough butt, and waiting 20 minutes to take pics), but I wanted to show my outfit. A little bit of attitude got quickly adjusted on my thighs later on when Daddy was putting on lotion, and after more stripes with the belt that I'd asked for, my bottom and tops of thighs were bright red, but I forgot to get a picture :(

Anywho, it was really fun, and the epitome of domestic (which is of course my favorite) so I thought I'd share. Nothing fancy, but I'm getting back into the swing of this... trying to at least. :)

Princess Kelley

PS. Oh! Worst part! I didn't buy those leather pants then, because I was deciding between them and a leather dress, and they were so tight and I just wasn't sure... and now I want them so badly, and daddy isn't about to let me anywhere near that store! STOMP!


  1. Very nice story, and love the pictures! such delicious bottom cheeks and thighs nice and red from a well deserved spanking! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This was the opposite of the day when we went shopping and you bought none of the things! I've actually never shopped at American Apparel. The things that I've seen advertised from there seem to be very plain, but I like the stuff that you got!
    273 swat spanking seems like pretty serious business. 0_0
    I'm glad to hear that you're getting back into the swing of things!

  3. Very nice writing, yea sounds like a little overboard at one time. Nice seeing a blog entry after such a long time also. Hope you are doing well.


  4. Does he typically eat your ass or massage your clit after?

  5. That was a wonderful story. I hope I get that with my Daddy someday.

  6. Wow Kelley you did get big spanks lovey didn't she still you did overspend as we all do ,nice pics of you ,love and spanks,Timx