Saturday, August 30, 2014

Update: The Past, Present, and Future

Hey Team,

After 6 months away, I'm not really even sure how to start this. So I think I'm just going to post these here, and let them speak for themselves. :) I think they say everything I would need to in this part anyway.

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    Thanks for the updates and best wishes with your new adventures in LA! It all sounds very exciting.


  2. Hello Kelley ,nice to hear from you again with your antics ,love and spanksfrom ,Timx

  3. Listened to all three videos (a little late for sure)... was fun hearing you and catching up.

    From your past... It is HARD to "let it go" and not respond to horrible and vicious lies... and that is especially true when you are expressing your thoughts and feelings online pretty much every day. It does take a lot of maturity to not take that bait. Probably helps to step away from the online stuff too. Speaking from experience, that is hard learned lesson... but a valuable one... and one that leads to a much more relaxed and happy life. Haters are gonna hate, you just gotta shake it off (or something like that, lol).

    Your present... Good luck in California. Wish there was an easy answer with your kitty. A few months ago I spent $1000 getting our cat from China to the US, which included paying bribes. That was very-VERY stressful (and non animal lovers don't get it). And then the TASSP group... sounds like things are going great! So cool that future hotels are already booked. It is such a fun group.

    Your Future... Enjoy the Grand Canyon! Got a chance to give a spanking there a couple of years ago and it was a wonderful memory. Totally agree too about pulling back from online time and focusing more on "RL." Though like you said, there is value in sharing online. Just, it is a really good idea not to make that a focus.

    Was great catching up... would be great getting to see you again... maybe this summer at a party. Would really like for you to get a chance to meet Autumn... you'd really like her.

    hugs from Florida,