Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ok. Sooo I finished my paper! Finally. After only one more slight lie/delay tactic (I emailed my Professor when I gave up at 5AM saying, here's the paper, thank you for the extension, ect, but "forgot" to attach the file, buying me til now to email back with the attached paper- I really should be either a lawyer or politician) the paper is done! Oh, btw, it was on Savonarola with a slight compare/contrast to Luther- ie why one failed and while the other succeeded and if the comparison between them is just. Intersting topic- it just happened to be the 4th term paper I wrote this week (First was on Bernini, second on Language Barriers in the EU with Spain as a case study, then one IN ITALIAN on the author Calvino and the Resistence in Italy during WWII and now finally this one.)
But the important thing is that i'm done! Which means summer starts! Which means I have a week here to rest and reboot and send all ya'll emails lol before I travel and then start my internship here this summer! I'm so excited. But really, right now, I'm just feeling tired. So I'm goign to sleep for the next day. lol :) I love ya'll!
Princess Kelley


  1. Congratulations! I remember doing the exact same thing once or twice. LOL

  2. attagirl, kelley
    ^ avuncular congratulations hug and kiss, lifting you off the ground and squeezing the air out of your lungs :)


  3. Congrats Kell! I got your cute voicemail, thank you. You must be so relieved and YES you had better email me after all the emails i've sent you the past few months.


  4. Compliments to you and to "Cavaliere inesistente-and the others Calvino novels"
    Best regards

  5. "Savonarola with a slight compare/contrast to Luther"

    I want to read the paper..... How about posting it.

  6. Kelley well done on your assignment completed ,love and spanks from tim xx

  7. Sounds like you've been busy. Any chance we could get copied of your papers? It sounds like interesting material.

  8. Little Butterfly- LOL we BOTH should be spanked then! But its kinda fun to get away with being so naughty sometimes isn't it? ;)

    WHHHEEEEEE lol. I love hugs like that! They are the absolute best! kiss on your cheek. :)Thank you

    Jon- *looks innocent* I love you :)*bats eyelashes*

    Klaus- I'm impressed :) And thank you :)

    Love4her- hmm, I might be able to do that. I have a slight worry about someone stealing it and using- legit, it happens. But I would love for ya'll to get to read them... I'll figure something out :)

    Thank you sweetie :)

    See response above, but yes, I am working on a way to try to let ya'll read them :) I hope that you'd like them. :)

    Princess Kelley

  9. If I may offer a suggestion or two? When writers want to establish copyright without paying for it, they send a copy of their work to themselves via registered mail. That way they have the date their work was in their possession. If someone else shows up with a copy, the author can prove they had it first.

    You could do something similar in this case. You could e-mail a copy of your papers to yourself. The e-mail will have the date stamped on it. Save the e-mail. Then e-mail out copies of your paper to those of us who want it.

    This is a pretty good solution because
    1. It proves you're the author, as you had it before anyone else.
    2. It means only a select few people will get it, not everyone who visits your site.

    You can also put in little "traps" in the text. Change a word here or there. If ever a copy leaks out, you can match the changes you made to the person who leaked your paper. And extract your revenge. :)

    What do you think? If you like the idea, you can send me copies at slicer69 at hotmail dot com