Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keith's Girl Friday Part 1

<<(Listening to the Glee soundtrack while writing this, if you're not a Gleek, you are not cool. :) )>>

OMG OMG OMG! Ok, so I just watched Shadow Lane's video "Keith's Girl Friday" for the second time in as many days- I rented it from them for two weeks- and just spent an hour watching my favorite parts and ....having some fun ;).... ah hell, who am I kidding. Since when do I used euphamisms on here? I spent an hour making myself cum over and over and over again. :D

Keith's Girl Friday (aka the best spanking video anyone has ever conceived of let alone made) is by Shadow Lane (aka the spanking "powers that be") staring the indescribable Samantha Woodley (aka the only girl to ever rival my brattiness) and Keith Jones (aka the spanking Gibbs and my dream spanker), written and directed by Eve Howard and Tony Elka (aka Gods).

OMG SO I was just looking for pictures for this and stumbled upon an old interview with Samantha done by David Piersons and discoverd that she and I are like the same person- well atleast similar spanking histories. Both of our favorite videos are this one, we both had "memorized the catalogue" of Shadow Lane long before our 18th birthday, and joined upon that day. I found Edward, and got my first spanking thanks to their personal ads. So much of my spanking life is thanks to them. Oh, and Keith's her favorite top too. :)

Anywho, so back to my talking. Lol, this is going to end up way more ADD than I intended. Oh well, its my first like legit post in what, like months?

Ok, so I'm going to post about the exact reasons of WHY this is the best video of all time and why I would do a spanking video for free and let people put a billboard up with my face on it to be spanked by Keith Jones. But for now, towards the end of this latest viewing I was inspired, and came up with possible plot of this video between me and Mr. Jones. And so, since it is more likely that by tomorrow I will have forgotten this plot than why I love the video, I'm doing that part first, and will write the other tomorrow (its midnight here).

Ok, but I will give bullet points- outline esque of why I love it (Hey, give me a break, I'm in term paper mood- and yes I will post them btw).

  • Samantha Woodley and her amazing bottom- does more need to be said about that?

  • The way he holds her over his lap

  • Its legit funny

  • such cute outfits, and adorable hair

  • GREAT acting- completely believable

  • amazing script- such good one-liners "You need to learn self-discipline Samantha." "I have self-discipline!!!" "you have NONE!" /"Do you know what this is?" "A Stick?" "Its a cane samantha."/ "You knew you were going to get spanked didn't you? [later]... You didn't wear these for me?"

  • there is a true tenderness and caring about it- you can tell that he really wants her to succeed and he won't let her self sabatoge

  • They are both enjoying it

  • The only caning in history of spanking that I LOVED and wanted!- this scene solidified for me why he is the perfect spanker- he Cares for her

  • its like he's trying to train her to be his assistant and also to be a good bottom- not kicking, staying in position; he's strict but SO indulgent (like any good "daddy" type ;))

Ok, so now that that's out, and you have a basis, here is my idea. A lot of it is also coming out of the many lectures I have been receiving from teachers lately that amount to pretty much-you're brilliant, but you need to focus, and apply yourself. Your grade doesn't reflect your intellect and it is a shame. So, that situation plus my love of him and this video resutled in this. Ok, so this is kinda a joke, kinda not, please dont' tell me I suck at coming up with plots.


Open on me in my room at my desk trying to write a paper, giving up because its boring and then beginning to watch Keith's Girl Friday. I bite my lip. Blush. Relax back in my chair. Spread my legs. Fad away to fantasy[what you don't actually think I would masterbate on camera do you? phsh!]


The same scene from the video I was watching but with me instead of Samantha (though this might provoke some body issues with me, so maybe not).


A fantasy with Keith, either as a "daddy" and I'm his naughty daughter, getting spanked for something or another


A comic fantasy- like serious but so ridiculous that its funny...if that makes sense (so that it can be made fun of later when the "Reality" hits)


Keith Jones sitting at the teachers desk, all the students file out as the turn in their papers. I wait to stand til everyone has left and I turn to leave. He asks for my paper. "Um, about that sir..." I mumble, bitting my lip and giving him the sad eyes. "Yes young lady?" he responds sternly. "I don't have it sir, I'm so sorry. I just got really distracted watching a video online." "Kelley! What could possibly be so important that you wouldn't finish your paper. This is not like you. You are one of the best students I've ever had. But you have to do your work! Tell me, what was it that was so important?" "Ummmm..." "Now young lady." "It was one of your's sir. Girl Friday...." PAUSE. "Lock the door please Kelley and come sit down here, we need to have a discussion it seems."

And so then they go on to talk a bit. They do the whole how old are you? bit and he exlaims that i probabaly have been watching since before I was allowed and should be punished for that as well. But the main is that he tells me that if I was so interested in spanking that I couldn't finish my paper, that maybe I should experience it for the first time as punishment. "I don't want to scare you away from this wonderful world Kelley, but at the same time, I am your teacher, and I'm not going to let you throw your bright mind away by not doing your work. This is not going to be like your fantasies sweetheart. This is going to be a real punishment, and when I'm through you won't even think of missing an assignment again." I start to look nervous and back away thinking maybe this isn't such a good idea. "Front and center Kelley!" He then pulls me over his knee and begins to spank. He spanks while lecturing, flipping up my skirt and eventually pulling down my panties. I squirm and kick and say ok ok I've got the point, but he doesn't let up at all.

Spanking- aka Keith Jones doing what he does best. Me being kinda bratty and taking my spanking- me doing what I do best. A paddle is used. He makes a reference to me kicking like she does and I, seemingly forgetting that I'm being spanked, turn over my shoulder and ask seriously, "Is she Really as beautfiul in person as she looks?!" He swats hard "That should not be your concern at this moment young lady." Make sure that some of the scolding is of the caring variety- that he wants me to succeed. Will be on me everyday- especially now that he knows that this can be used on me, and that I might need it.

Then "Since you seemed so infatuated by the video, I think we'll try one other part of that." Stands me up and gets the cane. I'm scared (obviously). "I assume you know what this is Kelley?" "A stick?" I quip, naughtily. "Well, since you know every line so well you must know how to position yourself correctly for the cane, and also the consequences for not counting and getting out of position." "Yes sir." As I get in position he rubs my back and hair and explains what's going to happen, and that he's sorry he has to do it, but that I deserve it and I landed myself in this position. 6 strokes. I'm crying. He picks me up and holds me in his lap.

Rubbing my bottom. "That hurrtttttttttttt!!!" he stiffles a chuckle "Its supposed to hurt, that's what helps you learn the lesson." "Now, I know that you have this interest, and like I said, I don't want to discourage you from exploring this part of you, but I don't ever want it to take away from your studies. And I also don't want you to ever try to make me punish you by being naughty. If you need a spanking for one reason or another, or you need help or have questions, you come talk to me. Understood? But misbehavior will always result in someting you don't want happening. This wasn't quite like your fantasy was it?" sniff shakes head "no sir" pout, burrow in his chest. "Thank you for spanking me."


That didn't come out in text nearly as well as it is playing in my head. Sigh. Maybe I should start a petition to ask him to spank me. LOL. :) Sigh, well I'm off to bed now, hopefully to have yummy spanking dreams about Samantha's delicious bottom and Keiths firm firm firm right hand. :)


Princess Kelley


  1. Very nice. I love this particular fantasy, so thanks for pointing me to a good video. I'll have to find it. If you like reading erotica at all, I wrote this and I think you will really like it. It isn't too long.

  2. Oh how I would LOVE to see this video made! I would mosdef "relax back in my chair" also. ;)

    I guess me being a dude hinders me from understanding how one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen could have body issues. Maybe you just need more men reminding you of how lovely you are.

    *sigh* So lovely.

    Ohio Spanko

  3. Awesome post kiddo! I really enjoyed reading it. I'll have to watch that video sometime.

    - Tank (

  4. While I really (usually) like the production values of a shadowlane movie (scenes, dialogs, actor(tress)s used, etc) I tend to hear shadowlane and a smirk comes across my face.
    They are known, and I dont think it will change, for "romantic" spankings.
    This satisfies some people, but doesn't qualify for me. I don't need to see a "dallas spanks hard" style spanking to enjoy it, but a limp wrist style of spanking doesn't seem like a spanking to me (sore losers). More closely mocking the spanking community in my mind.
    Personally, I think Tony is a pretentious effete snob.
    No, now let me tell you what I REALLY think... (heh enough.)

    Some of the actresses I have enjoyed watching there but was ultimately disappointed with have been: Tanya Foxx, Whitney Prescott, Kailee and the aforementioned Samantha Woodley.
    Their website is archaic, difficult to navigate and poor as a search engine. They overstate most of their videos descriptions with words like "Blistering" or the like.