Friday, April 23, 2010

Is Anyone Online?

So I'm trying to write my history paper that is due first thing in the mornign (its 11 here right now) and I have barely started and I already got an extension and I STILL can't seem to focus!!! If anyone is reading this now, please comment with a good kick in the pants- I could use it. :(
Princess Kelley


  1. Sweetie, write your paper or I will spank you my own self. And what is it on (I happen to be a history-nerd)?

  2. I am a history nerd as well. Just start writing and the thoughts will come.

  3. Tell us what the paper's on and we'll all help. Write it at your desk in the nude, so that when necessary, we can each take a turn turning your deserving ass over for a good spanking.
    Jean Marie

  4. How about a good swat in the pants instead of a kick in the pants? Get writing!


  5. Procrastination and then claiming that you still can't focus are not acceptable excuses for not having your paper finished on time. You are lucky that you are not back on the east coast or else you may have found it hard to sit and type after a long discussion about your apparent lack of diligence.

    I do hope that you completed your paper.


  6. As, you all know by now, the paper was on Savonarola, and thank you allll of you for helping me get focused :)

    Rachel-hmmm spank me huh? *wink*

    Anonymous- yes, that is typically how I write. It is the "start writing" part that usually gives me trouble.

    Jean Marie- OMG i feel like its been forever!!! I've missed you!!! And lol, yes ma'am.

    Alex- yes actually a good swat was exactly what I was needing and looking for

    gulp. Yes sir. Sorry sir. I did complete it...but it was a little late... and then I lied about that part....