Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back In Business

Hey Team,

IT'S D-DAY! :) And I am nothing but excited!!!! :) And sooo sore! Lol, we had a wonderful time getting to know Tubaman (the head of the party we are attending) and he got to know my bottom quite well indeed! :) I really liked him, and we both had a wonderful time hanging out with him. I meaning getting hand spanked harder than I've been hand spanked in.... let's just say a Very long time, but quite possibly ever... and then just getting to lay across a wonderful man's lap while he rubs my bottom and I chit-chat with him and my best friend... it was an awesome night.
Hopefully I'm just not too sore and marked up to play tonight! :)

But other great news is that I have my storage situation fixed and up and running again! So audio posts should be available again. And I will be recording one very soon. :)

Just a quick heads up though. The next week is going to be a bit crazed- the party tonight, then trying to get some stuff done here, then go back to school, I have a date (that's a story to be told soon), and 3 papers (that I have not started) due, then next Friday morning I leave to fly to Florida to see Todd and Suzy! AHH!!! lol. So I'm going to want to tell you guys so much about the party and all of this I'm sure, but it might take me a day or so just to process it all (I think I'm still processing last night, lol) and then school is going to have to come first for a bit... but there are LOTS of spankings in my future few days... so this is going to be interesting!

Princess Kelley

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