Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Overwhelmed and the Post Spanking Drop

Hey Team,
Have to run to class but just recorded a semi-short audio about being so overwhelmed right now, and about feeling all annoyingly over emotional having left Dallas. I've been told its the "post spanking drop."
There are two files bc my roommate walked in on the middle of me recording the first. So there was like 20 minutes in between- they aren't necessarily coherent. lol :)
Part 1
Part 2

I just need a hug and some snuggles I think... *the saddest eyes you've ever seen*

Princess Kelley

PS I can see when people access the first audio and not the second, and it makes me feel like you thought I sucked so you just stopped listening. In this particular case, the second one is better I think... and they're so short... and even if you do think I suck, just click on the second if you click the first so I don't feel so stupid. Yes I know, I'm ridiculous. :(


  1. Hug and snuggles coming right up!

  2. Can't acces audio at the mo as away on a business trip, but once home will do - but just wanted to send you a big e-hug.

  3. The posts made sense to me Kelley, it is my understanding that the post party let down is quite common. Erica Scott has written about it on her blog. I'm sure there are so many emotions going on (and not just regarding your bottom), I imagine it's hard not to feel a bit disjointed. Sounds like you still have some exciting times to come though. Hugs