Thursday, March 24, 2011



That best conveys how I'm feeling right now. I'm trying to write a fucking paper that was due last week, and I magically begged for an extension on and got, and yet am still struggling to focus on! Papers normally flow out of me like magic and its just NOT HAPPENING for some reason for this paper! UGH! And I kinda like the topic too! GRRR

And you know in part why???


UGH! Why won't that other video post!!!! GRRR!!! I keep checking over and over again. And then it feels like I'm here and there ALL the time (which lets just be honest here, between re-vamping the affiliates and adding the "pages" to the top of this blog, I have been here quite a bit the last two days) it feels like there is no one here with me :(. But that's not true, I'm just here wayyyy too much!

So he just needs to approve my silly video so I can focus and get my damn paper done! And if you are reading this you should comment to tell me to take a deep breath, that you love the new videos, and you love the pages, and that I am perfectly capable of writing this stupid paper, and that I better get it done or else!

Phew! I didn't breath while I typed that. It was a rant in my head and in typing!

OHH!!! My email just beeped at me!!!! Good news perhaps?!?!

Princess Kelley

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