Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to Burlesque

age...lets just say 18.
Ps, the guy in the picture was just a friend at the party who happened to coordinate with my NSO theme! The guy hosting used to throw "blender" parties where you just wore whatever the hell costume you wanted, for whatever reason and we would go out in public after. He and I just happened to be a good pair. My mom helped me do my pin curls, and draw the lines for the back of my stockings (no garter at this point). My dad saw her on the stairs me in this outfit and she's drawing down the back of my leg and is like, I'm just not going to ask.

Age 20
Age 20
Hey Team,

So I'm not sure how many of you know this, but when I was 12 or 13 (and lets be honest, still today) I used to dream of being a stripper. Now, don't get me wrong here. I still go to one of the top schools in the country, and knew then that I would too. But I always wanted to be hot enough to be a stripper. Hot enough that people would pay to see me undress, lol. :) That, and as I know now, I'm kinda a total exhibitionist as well as an attention whore. And I really like stripping- lol. Well I did then (thin, huge boobs, danced like sex- it was a good combo at 14, lol :)). I still do some- dancing like that- but I'm a bit more self conscious these days. But I still know my songs- Cherry Pie by Warrant, Fever Dog by Stillwater (from Almost Famous), and Pour Some Sugar on Me.

Also would add Buttons, and Shake Ya Tail Feather (I injured myself dancing in my bathroom to that song when I was 14 actually- no lie, lol. I cut my ass and bruised it BADLY after "dropping it like its hot" and thrusting up and hit the corner of my marble counter top- ripped the panties I was dancing in. One of the funniest- and most painful- moments of my life, and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone!).

Anyway, that's not the point. I also have an intense love for Burlesque- and these things are NOT the same. I've been a pin-up as a costume on more occasions than anyone I know, and if I didn't feel like it would be a waste of my intellect and my life thus far's work, I would buy a Burlesque club.

And then this movie comes along and its like OMG! Thank you God! Of course, its not Burlesque really- its much more showgirl esque. BUT it's XXX-tina and Cher singing and dancing with hot women!!! I'm IN! :) lol. This movie is everything you hope it will be and more (bc the acting is actually fairly good- not expected) and no one should expect it to be anything other than what it is. But its very good at being what it is. Pure entertainment. And its my dream. Being up on stage, singing, in skimpy clothing with full makeup and hair and costumes and just...ugh, I die!

AND THEN! They just have to wet my spanking whistle even more than just showing me all those pretty bottoms dancing around with this little scene.

SWOON much!?!!?
*fans self*
yes please I want a really hot guy to scold me for being stubborn and standing out in the rain and when I won't cooperate he just picks me up! (a spanking of course should follow.

So, watch the movie if you haven't. The music is hot, and the girls are hotter. :)

Princess Kelley


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