Sunday, March 6, 2011

Strangest Audio Yet?

Hey Team,

So I'm having a bit of a weird day- went from ridiculously tired to suddenly having way too much energy. And I just watched Megamind... prepare yourself for that when you listen to the audio. Its a bit spastic...even for me...though not as meandering necessarily- just spastic. :)
  1. Megamind
    1. me being a little crazed
  2. Blog Design 
    1. I'm keeping this one
  3. Emails/Comments
    1.  I'm getting them done
  4. My Room
    1. post natural disaster zone-esque 
  5. Spanking Party THIS SATURDAY 
    1. me kinda freaking out 
    2. kinda not
    3. talking (sorta) about my concerns as well as I can while possibly not saying anything at all
      1. about girls in the scene and competitiveness and
      2. needing to feel special... idk :)
  6. Me rambling again, and talking about awesomness 
Yay for Blogger's new Composer! So much better! This is exciting :) won't understand that bc you can't see what I'm seeing right now...but its cool :) OMFG the new photo uploader! This is going to make my life soooo much better! You guys might not be that excited but I am SO excited!
Thank God Todd and Suzy are without internet at the moment!
Yeah...Its pretty bad right now...

Ok, I'm going to go now before I ramble or act like a crazed (yet awesome) person anymore :) lol, sorry team.

Love you guys lots!

Princess Kelley

PS. If it tells you anything about myself, as I'm uploading photos right now, I am for some reason singing Feliz Navidad....
I sometimes make random noises- generally a blooping noise- without noticing... around other people... ask Francesca... she has to tell me sometimes when I'm blooping...

I'm weird :) Its part of my charm. :)


  1. DOn't worry and obsess over the party. The more you worry and look forward to something, the more chance you have to be disappointed. It is a shame that you are in a prestigious school up east instead of back in Texas. You could have rented a caterpillar bullzozer and cleaned your room "dying clean" in about 45 minutes. Oh where is that strap when you need it. Enjoy spring break, you deserve it.

  2. Hi Kelley,

    At the risk of ruining a really cool surprise, I think when you get to the party, you will encounter a room full of strangers who already know you. Your blog is visited by lots of spankos. I have to believe they will be pleased to meet Princess Kelley in person.

    I hope you have a wonderful time and make many new friends.

    Big hugs,

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  4. Almost without internet, young lady... almost. We're able to get on for a few minutes a day. Not long enough to update our blog or play on FetLife or anything like that. But, long enough to bounce over here and see what our girl is up to. And, we see she is up to working on getting herself a big time discipline spanking. That room!

    Like the new blog design... the party is going to be great... you are special... and you should clean your room (or buy softer pillows).

    Todd & Suzy

  5. By the look of that room you need yourself a VERY sound discipline spanking young lady!

  6. Do you have a fetlife account? I would love too be friends

  7. Do you ever chat on SIN or anything, Kelley? (I ask unrelated to the fact that your room shows you are in desperate need of a good spanking ;))

  8. Hey Kelley,

    My school has the same furniture! I think it must be fairly common among colleges. Your bedspread's really cute, it's a shame we can't appreciate it with your room in that state.

    I hope you have a good time at that party! Just relax, take some deep breaths, and enjoy yourself! From the amount of work it sounds like you have, you probably deserve some fun!


  9. Kelley have a spanking time lovey ,love and spanks ,tim xxx