Friday, March 4, 2011

How Europe Looks to a Spanko

Hey Team,
I took a LOT of photos during my 8 months on the other side of the Atlantic, and there were quite a few that I took just for ya'll in mind, or just because I am a spanko horn-dog. :) There were a lot more than I thought there would be so this is a highlights I suppose :)
[Not including naked me, sculpture, sex shops, or me being a total creeper and talking naked/semi-naked photos of girls I was in hostels with and/or on the beach :) lol. Those will come later :)]

Go random British club

Making learning fun?

See people, art isn't all stuffy

Granted...this isn't exactly the Louvre

The horse that bit my nipple.

Lets just say I have LOTS of photos of wooden spoons from Italy :)

Oh France :) I have no idea what this says. But does it even matter?

This is the Louvre though... :)

Ok, this was in just a random shop in the mall! A whole set- bra, panties, garters, and skirt :)

Oh France.

How I love you :)

But then Brugge gives it to me in chocolate...

So pretty! Too bad they are completely useless...well except for hair I guess...

There are no words. :D

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I believe that french poster says something like "bathing costumes in the past and the future".

    Nice pics, and can I be officially the first to ask about the horse story?


  2. I like the leaning tower pic at the bottom. That's pretty funny and reminds me of the film French Kiss. (It is not a problem, it is temporary!)

    The French poster reads, "The bathers of yesterday and today."

    Wait, a horse bit your nipple?

  3. During your 8 months in Europe, did you spend any time in the UK outside of London?

    - DrRuth

  4. I'm french, you'll read about you here... French people seems to love you, if I read the comments on my blog and on this one