Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clips4Sale Site is LIVE



Lol. Ok, or that can just be me. But yeah, I've been working on this for the last couple days, and I finally have all 10 clips up, and I am happy enough with it to post the link here. It literally just went live like 30 minutes ago.

I did an audio post introducing you to all of the videos and just talking about how I'm feeling and what I'm doing and more about banner stuff (ps on that, I LOVE ya'll! lol).

MY videos!

Feedback pleaseeeee
And for the love of all things holy, please be kind. I'm really putting myself out there with this.

Princess Kelley


  1. Hey beautiful

    I just nabbed 4 of them and downloading as I type this. I can definitely say, I'm a fan ;-)

  2. Wow, this is incredible! Congratulations. I will be downloading a few videos later today. And I know it's a bit early for requests, but I would pay any amount of money just to see your beautiful ass, spanked or un-spanked, in panties.

  3. Just watched Curfew, very cute!
    Would love to see you over a strict woman's knee.

  4. Congrats on getting your video site set up. You've got a great banner. I'd love to see you team up with Amber Dawn to make a video.

  5. Your Clips4Sale site looks very good and I wish it every success.

    Well done

  6. Hi Kelley,

    Since you want people to be kind, I'll happily oblige. The fact you arent a "professional" spanking model shines through, but in a really, really good way. In 99% of spanking videos the model is focused on keeping her face towards the camera, so the fact you seemed far more concerned with the actual spanking than your pose made the whole thing so much more believable.

    Keep up the good work, and for me at least, keep up your normal performing style

  7. I think your next video should be of me strapping your butt behind my woodshed!

  8. Totally agree, Adrian. Kelley isn't a professional model and that shines through in a very positive way. She is a spanko and that's what comes through. The video "Real Discipline Spanking" for example, the camera was simply set on a dresser and turned on (which worked really-really well). What you see is totally real in every way. That's a spanking that was going to occur whether or not it was recorded. There is zero script or idea of doing something different for the camera.

    That's true of all of her videos. Not that Kelley couldn't be a professional spanking model and go out on planned shoots... and she'd be really good at that. I do prefer the realism though. These videos show how spanking ~really~ works in Kelley's private life.


  9. I got a reply from Todd and Suzy \o/

    But seriously, Kelley, you are adorable. You could be incredible as a spanking model, but as a very recent discoverer of your blog, I hope you hold on to your "girl next door" charm, and dont go global.

    Although if you want to go sort of global and visit England again, I can aasure you of a very warm welcome.