Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Audio about what's going to be happening. Text version to come soon.

Princess Kelley

UPDATE: Um, so it looks like SpankingTube is no longer letting you delete the videos you upload... yeah, not posting anywhere that won't let me control whether or not I can delete my own material. If they don't email me back asap, I'm about to go ape shit on their ass as well.

UPDATE 2: If anyone has saved my video file (the original one) onto their computer somehow, would you please send it to me? I won't even get mad at you for saving it, lol. I lost the file when my computer crashed, and would like to have a copy so I don't feel beholden to the site that hosts it currently.

UPDATE to my Updates: The guy at Spankingtube is going to be my new best friend! He is going to change my username so that I don't have to delete and create a new account, and he has an original of the file stored and will send me that as well! YAY!!! All problems (hopefully) solved.
Also shout out to David :) for sending me the copy he had! :)
I love ya'll so much sometimes!

My SpankingTube account is now PrincessKelley, but I'm only their for the videos- any an all communication and friend stuff should be done through here or email (or occasionally on fetlife).

The video is just waiting to be approved! :)


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I saved your video, and it's a real good one! Your responses in the clip are so natural and you are so cute! You would make a great spanking model! But I think you already know that, right?


  2. A nice bit of bratting that...