Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

My answers to the questions that have been asked recently about me and sex :). I will, soon, answer them in text form, but for the moment, you get audio. Its long :) lol.

Princess Kelley


  1. Great Picture, Nice red bottom. Enjoyed the explanation of 2.5.

  2. Another amazing audio post! Of course, this now begs the question about what makes you so good at giving head? Can you tell us about your technique, and how it's developed/evolved over the years? Since you're a little shy about penises, but love discipline, how do you feel giving head? And what do you do when you are about to bring your partner to orgasm, where do they finish?

  3. Hi Kelley,

    I finally got time to listen to your last two audio blogs.

    Regarding limits, I think we all have limits that probably sound strange to someone else. I would really worry about a person who says they have no limits. My big limit (besides blood and serious injury) is that I *never* play with anyone other than my husband. If I attended Shadow Lane or a similar party, I would go to spend time with friends and exchange thoughts. Crazy, isn't it?

    As for your sex post, I think a sweet, wonderful boyfriend would be an excellent addition. I believe your outlook and preferences will evolve as you gain experience. I salute your desire to be selective, but lovemaking and spending time in bed with a lover are two of the highlights of a life well lived.

    Besides spankings and sex are a splendid combination. They put a smile on my face every time.

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us!


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