Saturday, March 12, 2011

The hair down there

Yep team, its that kind of audio post.
Sadly it was done in my car so I'm sorry that the quality isn't as good as normal.
Can I also just ask that we please not let a fight break out in the comments section? The last first time I ever really heard anything about shaving or waxing vs staying more natural was in a blog post on a site... I think it was like Spanking World or Spanking News... when I was like 15, and there was like a knock down drag out fight going on in the comments over which way is better. This is NOT about that at all. Everyone can choose which way works for them. :) This is just me rambling about waxing and getting waxed and my lack of patience :)

Ugh, and for the moment it is still in the AMR format- my internet is being slow, and I need to watch Glee (yes I said need) before I leave tonight. So its AMR for now, will be WAV some time tomorrow. :) Sorry!

Princess Kelley


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the new audio ... I agree with the "what works" sentiment.

    Enjoy the party and enjoy showing off your newly waxed area !