Monday, March 14, 2011

Hide Tanning

Hey Team,

So I’m on my flight back to school right now, and I thought that it was supposed to have internet (that still amazes me btw) but it doesn’t appear to, now that we’re up in the air. :( Anywho, I was wanting to write about the party and this weekend in general while its still fresh in my mind, but its feeling a little weird to type it now… I really need to do it in audio first, and obviously that isn’t happening right now! Lol.

Regardless though, I also have to say that I have a new respect for a couple popular “spanking-isms” after this weekend. Mainly the expression, “tan your hide.”

So we all technically know where this expression comes from, but how often do we actually think about it? Leather is, in reality, just skin that has been “tanned,” and any mammals skin can be made into a ‘leather.’ Hide actually means skin I believe, not bottom… animal hides are simply their skins…

But in colloquial terms, the word hide has come to me ass, as we all use it. But the phrase “tan your hide” still then would go from “make your skin into leather” to “make your ass into leather.” Lol. Which is exactly how my ass feels right now!!!

When I met Jonathon in Boston in January, one of the things he commented on was how soft my skin was and that he didn’t remember my bottom having been so soft. The last time we had played was the summer before last, right when I had gotten out of my relationship with the ex, and the previous people I had been dating. So I probably hadn’t been spanked in about a month when I saw him then, but for the year and a half before that I had been spanked every weekend basically at a minimum! :) This time I hadn’t been spanked for 8 months, and had only had a handful the year before that. So I’m sure my skin was much softer.

The spanking also hurt a lot more.

I of course had experienced the unfortunate results of both too much spanking, and not enough spanking before. Back around Christmas 2008, I spent some time with Edward (my first spanker/Daddy/bf) after deciding to gently exfoliate my entire body, bc I was feeling a little rough. (For the record I’m not actually supposed to exfoliate due to my sensitive skin, so I suppose it was a just punishment for not listening to my doctor!). Anyway, Edward had always called me ‘iron ass’ before that. Certainly an exaggeration, but I was known to be able to take a pretty hard spanking quite stoically (the stoically part MOST DEFINITELY no longer applies to me, lol). He loved the effect the exfoliating had! He always wanted me to feel his spankings more fully. Edward gives longggg spankings, almost always starting with a warm-up of some sort, but he was super protective, and would have rather cut off his own hand than hurt me, or bruise me too badly. So when we had discipline sessions and I could just go and go it worried him. Suddenly, that day, a moderate hand spanking had me kicking and squirming allll over the place. He was in heaven.

I was not. *wink*

So on Friday, the first night Paul (Tubaman) spanked me, it was not like I had any sort of tolerance built up, and my bottom was soft and lily white. And he does not really understand the concept of a warm up. :( Well, I mean I suppose I was asking for it… with the hitting him all evening… :) But still! He just started Wailing on my poor ass! Just over my leggings and I was kicking to get away! And then it was bare… ouchie! He eventually slowed down and lightened up a bit, but even after everything I got Saturday and Sunday (all the implements, all of that- though he did make sure I was nice and warmed up those times) I was never as marked as I was that first night. He had to stop because I was so marked- the red splotches kind of marked.

Anywho, so back to the “tan your hide” expression.

So Paul had no cream or lotion (seriously! That man (coughman-whorecough *wink*) had hair clips, jewelry cleaner, and baby oil (which is what we used) and more implements than I could count, but he doesn’t have lotion!) and I didn’t bring any with me either other than for my face, thinking that I had some at home (false). But baby oil actually works really well for a post spanking- and it’s so pretty on a nice red bottom. Baby oil of course though, gives you the most moisture on a wet bottom, but there was no way I was about to tell him that! Lol, that’s just asking for trouble! ;) And when I got home I did discover one fun thing.
Lush, for those of you who don’t know, is this crazy organic beauty supply store, mostly for lotions and bath things, that smell ridiculously good. Francesca and I went there once last year, and I had forgotten about one of the things I bought- their uber therapy body bar. It’s basically body butters (shea, etc) and other yummy things in a bar form. Just imagine taking an actual stick of butter and rubbing it on a smoking hot bottom. It starts to get warm and melt onto the skin, getting nice and shiny and oh so soft.

Yeah, I think I found the best post-spanking lotion ever. :D

So I slathered that on last night, but by this morning, my ass has been officially tanned. That moment when it’s just rough and worn… happens a lot after lots of leather implements (Edward and I used to call it “scorched.”) And no amount of lotion or butter or oil is going to fix it. And I hate it! My silky soft bottom is now rough and dry! Though I do love the fact that I can take more… *little pout*

I don’t know what to do! I’m playing again this coming weekend with Todd and Suzy (so excited!) and I’ve started dating a really great guy in DC (Agent Burke *wink*), so he’s going to be spanking me, hopefully, fairly regularly (praise the Lord! We all know how much I need my spankings), so what can I do? Should I just let it be tough and rough and be able to take a firmer spanking, or should I fight to get my soft bottom back? And how should I go about trying to achieve that anyway?

So the next time a top tells me he’s going to “tan my hide” I’m definitely going to ask if he’s planning to make a leather handbag out of me *wink*

Yeah, clearly the brat has yet to be spanked out of me.

That’s cause that’s so NOT POSSIBLE!

Muahahahah!!! *slightly evil laugh*

Princess Kelley

PS. Can we say yay for pain killers or this plane ride would be just agony! Instead it’s just a wonderful reminder of my time in the big D.

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  1. Airplane seats are usually uncomfortable, I can't imagine what it would be like for you to ride across the country without pain killers.

    Glad you're getting spanked on a regular basis now.