Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Banners: A Group Project

Hey Team!

So it is time for the first ever Team Awesome (what I call ya'll) Group Project!!! Wooo hooo!!!

Get excited. lol

Ok, so, I have decided that I need a banner (or a few) for this blog (Sarah Gregory actually asked for one for her to put in her members section- such a sweetie!) and for what is going to be my clips4sale site (which I should be opening in the next couple of days...) but you all know by now probably how ridiculously indecisive I am, so I would love help!

Many of you have emailed me with some wonderful images and edits of my photos before, and I certainly know that many of you (especially the men) save your favorite photos of mine, and I would love to have some ideas! So if you can think of what your favorite photo(s) of me are that you think would be good to use, or if you want to be really helpful and make a banner it might be used! And I will credit anyone that I use, and will thank everyone in a post when this is all done with.

So any and all ideas are welcome- either in comments or shoot me an email. And I'll definitely be asking for feedback on anything I create as well!

Go Team Awesome!

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    I love your profile picture (reclining on the bed). You could either crop it to be wide and short as many banners are or insert text above and/or below you. I prefer the first approach since you need no other introduction.

    This is a fun project. I can't wait so see what creative banners your readers create.


  2. Jeeeeeez, its tough to choose... (Although looking through the pics was fun!! :-D)

    Ok so top three, in no particular order:

    * There's one of you, take side on, in black underwear on a bed on all fours, biting your lip. Hot.

    * You're naked, bending over, in front of a window. Your facing towards a window, but with your head turned away and your hair falling to cover your face. The whole pic is kinda blue and its beautiful.

    * pjsplug.jpg :P ;-)

    Anyways, there's my suggestions but any pic of you is a good pic so I'm sure it will look aces no matter what!

  3. What size do you want the banner/s Kelley?