Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Party


There really are no words.

I'm sure I'll find some though :)

It was completely different than what I expected and just beyond amazing. It was extremely overwhelming at parts... but in the end I had such a good time, as did Francesca. Tubaman took such good care of me, and every single \person there was just as kind as they could be.

Spent the night with Tubaman (just sleep- ya'll know me better than that by now! lol) but it was pretty fantastic to get to wake up to a spanking- been....a year and a half or more since that has happened. happened once in London... but there was a lot of other things going on... and I'm not actually sure I got spanked in the morning... and it was so little sleep it hardly counts! :)

Anywho, not important, lol. I just... I dont' even know where to start. I'm obviously going to do an audio- probably tonight. And just so everyone knows, there are no photos- I'm fairly certain it was a no photo policy- but there are a couple that Francesca took from Friday night when we were over at Tubaman's house together. And I will try to get some now in the mirror of just how freaking red it is! lol. :)

And also, I ended up playing with more than hand... a lot more... but hands were actually marking me worse than anything else... but in an extremely controlled environment. I played with Tubaman mostly, but also a great guy named Finius, Mike (*wave*), and a guy named CC (I believe it stands for Crew Chief?).

And everyone was so nice! especially some of the ladies- they just were so welcoming and kind. It really meant the world to me.

Just so different from what I expected. Though I was correct that if I had gone without Francesca I would have freaked out, and if I had gone not "with" Tubaman... it might have ended differently. As he said, there was no one there that wouldn't have been good to play with, but he already knew my limits, and he had spanked me, and I trusted him so much. So like the first time I played with someone that wasn't him, he picked the person out as someone who did something very well (Finius and floggers) that I would like, I wouldn't let him leave. And he didn't- he sat next to me :). And it was awesome, btw.

I'm so happy (and so absurdly sore! Like you dont' even understand, lol) right now. I got to try two extremely safe and different methods of caning (I know, one of my limits! lol), amongst a lot of other things (I ended up going more the way fewer people, but a larger span of trust and perhaps implements, though really it was Tubaman doing most of that) and I'm glad that I did. :)

I love you all, and to anyone that is reading this that was there last night, thank you for such a wonderful time. I'm sad that I have to go back to school, and then who knows where else, but I am going to fight to try to get back in town for more of these parties. Thank you for your kindness and your spanks, and I hope to get more and more comfortable as time goes on :).

Princess Kelley


  1. Wasn't it fun, Kelley? We didn't get a chance to say hello in all the crowd, but my hubby and I were there. It was only his second party, and I know of a couple for whom it was their first, so you were by no means the only new person. Glad it went so well for you and hope you can come again!


  2. Hi Kelley,

    Good for you, sweetie! Life is for living. Enjoy every moment...


  3. How fun! I know you were in great hands with Tubaman (he's a true gentleman) and good lord, Fineous and his floggers... I have been under them many times myself and I'm a complete space cadet afterward.

    Glad it was so good for you. :-)

  4. I raise a glass in your general direction! Cheers! Redchief

    p. s. There's Erica on your blog again.

  5. Soooo glad to hear you and your beautiful bottom got the attention they both certainly deserve.

    All my best sweetie :-)