Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Day of Classes EVER- drunk

I have no idea
princess Kelley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whoooooooooooooooo ;adsjf;ajsdf;jasd;fjk~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; ahahahahah

Update: SOBER lol 11:31, maybe actually a little hung over. I passed out around 5:30 and woke up at 9:30 confused out of my mind, lol. And I just re-watched this and I have to say, that despite clearly being drunk, I think I say a lot of worthwhile things :) Contemplations and musings about school and my life to come... so it stays! :) lol


  1. Are you saying you got drunk because this was the last day of classes ever, or the last class you'll ever go to drunk?

  2. Why yes indeed, you are drunk, aren't you.

    Last day of classes is not an end, It's the begining of the rest of your education.

    First lesson, It's nevere a good idea to do something stupid .... Like getting so drunk you will regret it later.

    Or, like dropping F-Bombs in a blog that all your dissiplenary friends read and giving them an excuse to spank you later. ....(OK, so maybe there is method to your madness.)

    Don't worry, this blog can be "removed By auther" Later.

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  3. PS: While your still drunk, could you flash us those puppies? No? That's Ok, we love you anyway.

  4. While congratulations are in order for making it through the last four years, something tells me the Royal backside is going to be paying for this later.

  5. Way to start my saturday morning off with a good chuckle! What I find extra cute is that even though you are clearly "drunk as a skunk" to use an english term, you actually manage to stay on topic for longer than during your sober vlogs. (if it wasnt so socially irresponsible I'd suggest starting up a drinking game where your fans have to take a shot every time you say "anyway" on your vlog!)

    Congratulations on finishing your studies, and I hope your head is feeling much better by the time you read this. You clearly still have some busy times in your near future.

  6. nice vid Kelley ,we watched an English Princess who marries a prince on television yesterday Friday she is a lovely younggirl as you are but you need spanked lol,love and spanks ,tim xx

  7. You are always cute and your videos are always fun but I like you more when you are your self and not drunk.

  8. My Dear Kelley:

    That was a good videoblog. That was naughty of you but understandable to be drunk during class. You did indeed say some worthwhiloe things whilst drunk.

    I am very happy that you will be graduating soon. I think parental attitudes will improve once you have that diploma in your hot little deserving hands. It certainly did in my case.

    Congratulations also on heading to grad studies. The standards are much different at that level. It will take a lot of work, a passionate love for the subject and especially for who or whatever you do your thesis on and a great deal of focus to succeed, but I am confident that you will.

    *avuncular hug and forehead smooch