Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Late Night Conversation

An actual chat between Francesca and I two nights ago.

 Francesca: are you busy? I need help
 Francesca: ...picking a vibrator
 Princess Kelley: lol
 Princess Kelley: i was about to go to bed
 Francesca: damnit
 Princess Kelley: and i saw that and got concerned, and then
 Princess Kelley: lol
 Princess Kelley: i can still help though :)
 Princess Kelley: what's up?
 Francesca: ok!
 Princess Kelley: what part do you need help with?
 Francesca: so i have $ on amazon giftcards and figured i'd put it to good use
 Francesca: on sex toys
 Princess Kelley: lol
 Princess Kelley: good plan
 Francesca: i dunno how much you pay attention to the world of luxury vibrators but this brand Vanity by Jopen, have 2  models that I'm torn between
 Francesca: ignore how bad the commercial is
 Princess Kelley: ok send me the links- and i pay pretty close attention
 Francesca: i've
 Princess Kelley: i'm a big fan of lelo for the record
 Francesca: lelo is cool
 Princess Kelley: oh i saw this at condom sense
 Francesca: but these, I met at condom sense one day and never forgot
 Francesca: i've been internet stalking and lusting over
 Princess Kelley: lol
 Francesca: since february
 Princess Kelley: they seem awesome
 Francesca: i know
 Princess Kelley: well then you shoudl get one!
 Princess Kelley: ok
 Princess Kelley: then which is the other?
 Francesca: but now i have to pick and i've narrowed it down to 7 & and 11
 Princess Kelley: ok found it
 Francesca: go to 1:08  on that vid
 Francesca: lol
 Princess Kelley: hmmm
 Princess Kelley: LOL
 Princess Kelley: ok personally i like the 7
 Princess Kelley: but i prefer clitoral stimulation
 Princess Kelley: and i dont' like things to move circularly inside me
 Princess Kelley: find my g spot and stick with it
 Princess Kelley: lol
 Princess Kelley: plus it is MUCH larger- and i'm not stretched enough'; but i am not intimately acquantied with your vagina
 Francesca: hahaha. well I like interesting sensations... and i'm afraid the 7 won't be big enough, or the 11 will be too big,
 Princess Kelley: well how big is the one you're using now?
 Francesca: like i'm just afraid of making the wrong descision
 Princess Kelley: 7  is larger than the one i have, and the one i use is plenty big on me
 Francesca: meh, the entire thing is the same at the insertable lenth as
 Francesca: but i've met bigger penises
 Princess Kelley: hmmm
 Francesca: but i'm leaning toward 7
 Princess Kelley: i'm rewatching
 Princess Kelley: oh 7  moves too
 Francesca: also, 11  charges on a stand and 7 charges just with a cord, adn I think i'd prefer the cord bc you can hide that easier lol
 Princess Kelley: tru
 Princess Kelley: mine has a cord and its very easy
 Princess Kelley: LOL
 Princess Kelley: 1:33
 Princess Kelley: LMAO
 Princess Kelley: i can't handle that moment
 Francesca: well they both plug in, but the  stands up on its charger base
 Princess Kelley: watch 11  at1:33
 Princess Kelley: its on the stand moving
 Princess Kelley: and spinning like rings
 Francesca: lol
 Princess Kelley: i think either will be fine, but i'd personally go with 7
 Francesca: it looks like a seal or dolphin doing tricks
 Francesca: mmk
 Princess Kelley: so if you were leaning towards 7
 Princess Kelley: go with that
 Francesca: thank you!
 Princess Kelley: welcome :)
 Princess Kelley: when we talk next remind me to tell you that i'm supposed to become a sex toy tester for some online site
 Princess Kelley: not adam and eve
 Princess Kelley: ummmm
 Francesca: no
 Princess Kelley: lol
 Francesca: I want to be a sex toy tester
 Princess Kelley: LOL
 Francesca: I can take WAY more than you
 Francesca: lol
 Princess Kelley: true
 Princess Kelley: you can get post
 Francesca: I'll write teh reviews and we can post them under your name
 Princess Kelley: they have a "blogger relations department; ok
 Princess Kelley: we'll split them :)
 Francesca: hahah
 Princess Kelley: Edenfantasies
 Francesca: like toys over 6  inches or mor e than 2 .5 width lol
 Francesca: i was just shopping there!
 Princess Kelley: true fact
 Princess Kelley: lol
 Francesca: but i can get teh  for less on amazon, also giftcard
 Princess Kelley: giftcard is where its at
 Princess Kelley: :)
 Francesca: yup
 Francesca: doubt i'll tell the cousins what i got though
 Princess Kelley: Lol, i'm glad i could be of help to you ;)
 Francesca: ok
 Princess Kelley: LOL
 Princess Kelley: oh and cuteroulette is my new crack
 Francesca: go to bed, i'll let you know what happens. It's my birthday gift to myself
 Francesca: hahahah
 Francesca: I'm so glad
 Francesca: Sara sent it to me
 Princess Kelley: its the gift that keeps on giving
 Princess Kelley: the video of hte cat that can't jump
 Princess Kelley: i feel so bad but i just can't stop laughing
 Princess Kelley: its on my facebook
 Francesca: I know!
 Princess Kelley: over and over and over
 Princess Kelley: and its just so bad but SOOO funny
 Francesca: have you seen kittens jumping at shawdows on teh wall?
 Francesca: they're adorable
 Princess Kelley: yessss
 Princess Kelley: i love that one
 Princess Kelley: my favorite adorable one
 Princess Kelley: has to be the baby kittne and the momma
 Princess Kelley: i say its like me and my nana- comes out like what are you doing to my baby, and then like, why are you out of bed? come back here- i will eat your face
 Francesca: um, you need to post this conversation, or a summary or it, Sex toys, sex toys, ooh! it looks liek a dolphin! OMG kittens!
 Princess Kelley: LOL
 Princess Kelley: sooo true
 Princess Kelley: and the "i need help"
 Princess Kelley: rush to friend's aid
 Francesca: um, that was purposeful
 Princess Kelley: ...with sex toys
 Princess Kelley: LOL
 Francesca: and it worked
 Princess Kelley: lmao
 Princess Kelley: true fact true fact
 Princess Kelley: hey, i'm here for a friend in need :) here for all sex toy emergencies
 Princess Kelley: i should have a hotline
Princess Kelley: now it is time for bed for me :)
 Francesca: ok! night night! sleep tight
 Francesca: and we will talk later, yes? bc I love you a ton
 Princess Kelley: i miss you though- i'll call you this weekend? or over easter break?
 Princess Kelley: yes pleaseeee
 Francesca: you can call me any time. duh. this weekend is good
 Francesca: both really
 Princess Kelley: k :)
 Princess Kelley: night night my love
 Francesca: you too dolface
 Princess Kelley: muah!
 Francesca: ;D

Yeah, that's basically how it goes. Anything and everything ends in kittens and cuteness :)
We know, we're awesome :)

You just wish your best friend was that cool. :)

Princess Kelley

PS. update. She went and saw them in person and is going with 11


  1. Me and Jess bought 2 vibes on amazon for under $15. They work better and are waaaaaaaaay more intense then some of the high end ones we've owned.
    Anyway loved reading your chat LOL. Kara XOXO

  2. Girl chat always makes me laugh, you always get to have way more intimate conversations than any two guys would every consider. And then of course it all turns to kittens.

  3. lol you're such a tool