Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Steal Other People's Shit!!!

A semi-lengthy rant brought about by a recent attempt by a person to steal my videos. So its me talking about how much I hate stealing, why it seems so wrong and hurtful when people do steal from me, and who the person who stole from me turned out to be, and how furiously ironic it was.
I also am instituting a new reward vigilante system which I talk about at the end.

Princess Kelley


  1. Good on you for sending him (or her) a note and naming and shaming them !

    I will keep my eyes pealed for you.


  2. Don't steal Princess Kelley's shit! I will keep an eye out for you. Btw, I love all of your stuff...videos, pics, posts....and I think your gorgeous!!

  3. Please don't refer to the voluptuous and artful renderings you provide to us as mere "shit". I understand that the term is acceptable, casual slang but it denigrates both your beauty and the beauty of what you have produced.

  4. Well said! And thanks for sharing so much :)

  5. Hi Princess Kelley,
    Hi guys,

    I am the person she talks about, who want a copy of her movies in a BDSM forum.

    first,I know that I'm not welcomed here, but i hope you forgive me. I won't do it again I promise.

    I wrote this because i didn't like the way you talked about the Egyptians we all not a Thieves we are a great people and nation who made greatest revolution in modern era.
    your words hurts me so much and the most thing hurts me that I am the cause of that insulting to my country and my great people. WHAT A SHAME...WHAT A SHAME.

    I wrote that request because you are very very beautiful and I want to watch your movies and i don't have the money for it. So I am so sorrey. I asked the moderator of that forum to delete that request and I sent you an email to apologize to you about my mistake, I hope you read it and forgive me.

    I an sorrey kelley.