Friday, June 26, 2009

A Dream Fantasy: Do spanking orgy's happen at spanking parties?

Hey there,
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of me these last few days. It has been really hard, and your words of encouragement have meant more to me than I can adequately express. I lost my boyfriend, my Daddy, and my best friend, and so I’m mourning for quite a bit. Despite the fact that I know that this is probably for the best, and that in the end, he wasn’t good for me, it still hurts.

I’ve been actually doing a lot better the last few days than I expected I would, in large part because of all my friends who have been so supportive. I think also, I’m repressing a bit, pretending like this isn’t really all happening. But I think that’s only healthy. To really think about what is truly going on is to be assaulted by an avalanche, that I just can’t handle.

But none of that is why I’m posting right now. Why I’m posting is because I’m doing well enough that I can, and because I have something to write that has absolutely nothing to do with him! This is supposed to be my space. My place to express myself, and make friends, and I shouldn’t let him ruin that. Of course, this new found strength will come and go, but for the moment I would like to share with you the most amazing dream that I had last night. Well, it started as a dream, then as I woke up and started playing with myself (I ended up taking a cab to work ;)) it became a fantasy, but it’s just too yummy not to share. (btw, I was able to cum, but not as hard as I normally do, and should have, given the story, but I suppose that’s to be expected. I almost felt guilty while playing since I wasn’t thinking about him.)

I was being spanked by a beautiful woman, over her knee, completely naked. She was very strong and professional looking, and we were in an austere room. Being completely naked definitely made me feel exposed, since I was so out of place, but I didn’t really notice my surroundings much at first.

The woman then stopped spanking, paused, and then spread my cheeks wide apart using both of her hands.“Tsk Tsk” she murmured, “spread your legs for me,” she commanded, tapping the insides of my thighs. I obeyed, and she spread my cheeks farther, from the base of the bottom, so my pussy was spread apart as well as my bottom hole being exposed. I could feel the cool air blowing against my wet, exposed lips.

She then looked very closely at my insides and said, “hm…Mr. Jonathon, can you come here for a second please?”

And that’s when I realized we weren’t alone. Mr. Jonathon was there, as well as several others, both men and women, but none of them had really been paying attention. They had been going about as if it was nothing for this woman to be spanking a young, naked girl over her knee.

Mr. Jonathon came over and said, “yes Ms. Angel?”

“Does this look normal to you?” She replied, gesturing towards my swollen kitty which was still fully on display from her spreading. Mr. Jonathon had come over on that side, and I was mortified, knowing he could see everything, as I was bent and tipped over oh so far.

Mr. Jonathon then looked and hmmed, and knelt down. To my complete embarrassment, he then touched and rubbed my wetness with his finger and then appeared to analyze it as though he were conducting a science experiment.

“Well Ms. Angel,” he replied, “It is not uncommon, but it is clear that this patient has been extra naughty.”

“Of course sir. I will take care of it.,” she said as she to slid her finger inside of me, examining my pussy. She then proceeded to give me a very firm spanking for the next 5 or 10 minutes. Mr. Jonathon stayed and watched this time, much to my embarrassment. Every time I kicked or squirmed at all and my legs spread he could see all of my charms.

Ms. Angel then paused again, and once again spread my red hot bottom cheeks wide, only for both of them to discover that I was even wetter!

They then called over a handful of other people, both men and women, to come and take a look, each taking a turn examining and probing me. As they continued to explore and invade, I got wetter and wetter. Someone then mentioned that perhaps they should try beads. So as Ms. Angel held my cheeks, one person had their fingers inside my pussy, and Mr. Jonathon inserted the beads in my bottom.

I moaned and mewed, almost crying from embarrassment and arousal. And then, after they each did another exam, she began spanking again on the fullest part of my bottom, and I came, hard over her lap while everyone watched.

They were all shocked and tsk-ed to themselves. One of them came over and removed the beads. Ms. Angel then flipped me over so I was sitting in her lap as another beautiful woman (who’s beauty made my nipples hard and made me very aware of my nudity) pulled up a chair and sat down hip to hip with Ms. Angel and the two of them stretched me out on my back, over their two laps.

I was so humiliated. They could all see my chest and face and then Ms. Angel and the other girl lifted up my legs so that I was in diaper position. They also opened my legs wide, and I could feel the air on my pussy. I tried to hide my face and breasts with my arms, but one of them grabbed them, holding my hands firmly above my head so I was completely exposed.

Mr. Jonathon then came back over, looking analytically, and gently probed and fingered my dripping pussy. He then declared to the others (not to me, no one ever addressed me) that my pussy needed to be spanked, and he proceeded to do just that. As he did Ms. Angel (who’s stunning face I was now forced to watch) played with my breasts and lightly tickle tortured me as well.

I then came, hard, squirting all over Mr. Jonathon’s hand. The other woman shook her head and tsked again, wiping me up with a towel, as though I were a child, and incapable of doing it myself.

As I was recovering, Mr. Jonathon whispered something in a man’s ear. The man then returned with a butt plug and a small dildo type object. The plug was placed in my bottom, and the dildo inserted into my kitty. I was then dressed in panties that were far too tight, in order to keep them both in place, Mr. Jonathon informed Ms. Angel. He told her that I was to wear them for the rest of the day........

Then I woke up. :(

I know desperately want to be in a room full of spankos. I think when I finally get to go to a spanking party, my room, is going to be a spanking orgy room. Can we say, yes please?


  1. Bravo, Kelly, on your resilence!

    Bravo on a fantastic dream/story!

    Where does the line form for applicants to top and bottom with you?

    Jean Marie

  2. Hey, Kelly, sorry to hear you're having a rough time, recently. I saw this amatuer slumber party spanking video on spankingtube, and I thought of you and the slumber party scene you talked about fantasizing of a few posts back. Talk with you later!,-feat-KSJ-and-friends-spanked-by-brother


  3. Princess:

    What a wonderful sexy dream. I can imagine that you're hoping you have another one soon.

    And sorry about the breakup. I know it's tough when you're growing through it, but, remember, you're only 20 years old and you have your whole life ahead of you. Trust the advice from an old dude. One day you'll look back at this as a blip on your radar screen.

    And you're ahead of the game becaus you realize you're a spanko and what you're looking for in a guy. A lot of women don't accept the fact that they're spankos until they're in their 40s.

    Good luck in finding the right guy. You've got a lot of time to search for him. Don't rush it and enjoy the journey of life. And I hope you didn't mind the tone of this because I know the pain is still real even though you're young. But it's often darkest before the dawn.

  4. Jean Marie-
    Lol, thanks sweetie :) Its hard, but I'm trying to be strong and get through this. I'm not going to let him control me anymore. :)

    Aqua- OMG that was AMAZING!!! lol, so great! :) The spanker was kinda mean- if only he was a sweet daddy- but still! great! lol :) Definitely a fun scene :) Thanks so much for sharing! I hope to hear from you again soon :)

    Florida Dom-
    :) Thank you for your kind words of advice and encouragement, they really do mean a lot to me :) big hug!

    Princess Kelly