Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Holy Shit, Did that Really Just Happen?!?!!

So that is the most appropriate title I could think of for what occured last Friday night. I did get an early birthday spanking, as one of my commenters (I believe Francesca) posted. I also was spanked by a girl for the first time ever. And this was COMPLETELY unexpected.

Here's a bit of a tease: me, bottomless, over the corner of my pool table getting spanked with a pool brush by my best friend while Daddy scolds me on the phone.

Oh, and there are pictures.

Intrigued? You should be. I'll be posting about it soon (by the end of the day I hope). And if everyone is super friendly and encouraging, Francesca might be willing to write a post about Her side of the story (which, since this was her first ever time giving a spanking, should be Very interesting).

Princess Kelly

PS. Thank you everyone for all of the Birthday wishes and swats! hehe. Being 20 I must say is pretty cool. :)


  1. Well now, that's HOT! :-) Hi Kelly!

    I just found your blog, and I love it. :-) In fact, I think I'd like to give you an appropriate birthday present. I've been writing stories about spanking for years (oh, and getting them too, yes. :-) )...and have finally published my own spanking novella. If you send me a message I'll send it to you for your birthday.

    You'd also be more than welcome to post one of the stories here, or review it if you like it. (grin)
    Drop me a line at sassynolagal@yahoo.com , while I go read through some more of your entertaining exploits.

    Happy birthday, and be good!
    ~ sassy

  2. Te he, very cute! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

  3. You were spanked "bottomless"?!?!?! What a horrible thought!!! Oooohhhhhhhh, you meant BARE bottom I hope!


  4. So, please, let's see the pics and hear your blow-by-blow thoughts...
    Warmly, and eager to get hot,
    Jean Marie

  5. Sassy-
    Hey there sweetie. I'm glad you like the blog and welcome! I'd love to read your stories and will send you an email shortly :).

    Hey sweetie! Great to hear from you again :).

    Ok, mister, you're getting a bit too sassy for your own good ;). :-P First you get on to me about my spelling, and now about my word choice? ;) I'm just teasing. But btw, bottomless is different than barebottomed- bare just means your bottom was exposed, bottomless means that you have nothing on the lower half of your body. Now stop giving me a hard time, or I'm going to message Cindy and tell her that she out to switch a bit more often ;). Love you!

    Jean Marie-
    Your wish is my command. :)

    Princess Kelly