Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Working Hard, or Hardly Working

Hey ya'll,

So, I guess this is becoming a pattern, me apologizing for not posting more. But this time I actually have a legitamite reason.

I moved back here on Sunday and started my internship on Monday. So of course, I've been super busy, and I can't respond to emails at work (they're pretty strict about that) and my internet has been super shaky in my apartment. I came on campus (snuck into a classroom building) to get the internet to post this. So if I'm out of touch more for the next few weeks that's why. :( It sucks. But i do get emails and read all of the comments, and they make me so happy so please keep sending them.

As of day 3, I like my job a lot, but I'm exhausted! lol, at the end of my internship last year I made the declaration that I was going to stay in school forever, and so far, I'm thinking that might still be the case, lol. :)

I have made friends with my bus driver though :) And I'm kinda obsessed with all the fun "professional" outfits I get to wear- I feel very sexy in them.

I got to see Daddy on Sunday when I moved into my apartment. :) He had been storing my stuff. But I only got to see him for a couple hours. :( He's so busy these days, and I probably won't get to see him this weekend either! I MISS him, And that means more time without a spanking! *stomps foot* I want to spend time with my Daddy!!! It's not fair! Why does he have to be so busy! *throws tantrum*


grumble grumble. Ok, that's enough of my personal life drama for ya'll I assume. I'm going to finish the story (or what I remember of it by this point- again i'm SO sorry) tomorrow night, and do another post this weekend, I promise. I appreciate all the nice comments everyone has left and the emails people have sent.

Princess Kelly


  1. Hmmm, super strict at work, huh?

    You should inquire as to their discipline policies....

  2. mm.... I miss you. And I'll prolly be in trouble at the end of this comment sine i'm tipsy. Oh my. You need to call em for real though. I miss you. And there's actually interesting things to tell you. ANd I need to email you those pictures of your bottom. Pretty hot. Right. xoxoxo