Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A New Experience (Francesca's Point of View)

Revelation one: “there was a point at which we could have pursued a sexual relationship, but for the sake of our friendship chose not to.”
Note: I think Kelly decided this and I just followed.

I crossed the line with Kelly in a very real way. This wasn’t a drunken New Year’s kiss, or cuddling during movies, or a dinner date that nudged the boundaries. I saw my feet walking over the line. The line is generally blurry. Not a clear blur between actions, but something I could tell if I was sneaking up on it, but not until I was very close, like the edge of the water and the sky. Friday the line materialized light a repainted crosswalk. And it was crossed.

Saturday, the next day, was Kelly’s birthday. She had been acting out slightly because she was sad that since she was in Dallas and her “daddy” was on the east coast, she wouldn’t be receiving an appropriate birthday spanking. Then her mother broke her elbow. When John, the daddy found out he immediately thought of me and made a bet with me that Babs would turn me on in some way when I got to Kelly’s house that night. Luckily for everyone involved (I think), John only vaguely understands what it is I am “into”. And he lost the bet. Not really having a way to pay up or carry out any sort of humiliation on one another as we live roughly 1100miles away, we channeled Kelly.

Via text message the bet made was that the winner would give a spanking. To whom was not specified. I had won. I was going to give a spanking. I kept waiting for Kelly to say No, that’s silly. We don’t need to. I wasn’t involved. Anything. Maybe she did, but I didn’t hear it. What I finally did heat her say was “We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” I did and I didn’t and I felt like I was feet away from trains colliding. I couldn’t say no. I don’t think I said anything. I pulled her panties down when John told her to. That was my answer.
(Midway through of course, she began asking what her lesson was and why she was in this. Did you know that Kelly has serious back talking or “commentary” problems? I wasn’t exactly surprised.)

She brought me the pool table brush (its true function, I’m still not sure) and lay down across my lap. I was seated in the middle of the couch. The pool table brush is difficult to handle. It doesn’t have a handle. The wood is bristles all the way down, reminded me of the brushes used on horses. The wood was heavy, but the bristles were soft in my hand. It took a bit to figure out if the brush or my wrist should be doing the work. Then we moved off the couch and Kelly had a few minutes of corner time.

We weren’t through yet, teaching my girl a lesson for letting us bet. Yeah, that was the lesson. Riiight. Kelly was leaned over the corner of the pool table with her dress pulled up and her panties abandoned on the floor near the couch. I found it much easier this time, both from the warm up on the couch and the change in position. I think it is probably much easier to put a six year old over your knee than a 19 year old.

Through the entire exercise, John was instructing us on what exactly to do, like on tv dramas when Joe Some performs heart surgery because they’re stuck in an elevator and he needs to save this guy and has the chief of surgery on speed dial on his cell, so that I was just doing the motions, mostly. The instruction let me distance myself from the actions and made it and ok sort of thing for us to be doing. I was not Francesca spanking Kelly; I was being told to, by an authority figure. This let me cross the line safely, and the end I was able to step back over the line, into my lane of Francesca the Friend.

Princesses Francesca and Kelly

PS. Everyone thank Francesca for her wonderful story! Luv ya'll! :)


  1. That was very well written, and something I could definitely identify with. Close friendships can be tricky.


  2. I'm green with envy at your opportunity to turn Kelly's porcelain white ass red. I'll be sad and blue if she doesn't post more pictures of the event.
    Jean Marie

  3. That was a very nice report, and hope to hear more about you and her,


  4. wow kelly lovely post on you spanking young francesca more please love and spanks from tim xxxand love and spanks to francesca xx

  5. Lovely story. Very interesting to hear the details behind the spanking.