Saturday, June 6, 2009

A New Experience Part 1 (Kelly's POV)

So, Francesca said that she is mostly done with her side of this story (which I think I might be more curious to read than anyone else! lol) so I thought I should atleast get part way through my side of it.

So this all happened last Friday, the night before my birthday, and Francesca and I were hanging out in my back house (game room type place above the garage). Daddy and Francesca know each other pretty well, through me of course, and we've all talked on the phone on a number of occasions. Daddy even sent me to the corner once when I was with her (mean Daddy *pout*). Anywho, so this all started with my mother breaking her arm that morning. The only reason that's important is bc Francesca's into casting (a type of medical bondage) and Daddy's first thought when I told him about my mom was that Francesca would get all hot and bothered. By my mother.


So then texts ensued, and Daddy tried to arrange a bet about whether or not Francesca would get hot and bothered, but they never really agreed on terms (I voted that the winner spank the loser- since they both would like that if they won and hate it if they lost- but it didn't totally catch on with Daddy). Anywho, so Francesca comes over and is not aroused based mainly on the fact that its my mother (who we lovingly refer to as the wicked witch of the west) and apparently it wasn't a good cast- just something they through on in the ER. Daddy when he called, was not pleased to hear this, and became a bit of a sore loser. And THEN he had the audacity to blame ME for his loss, saying that I did not give him the full information!


And I was like, sorry Daddy, a bet's a bet. Francesca needs to give a spanking. And Daddy goes, "Yes she does Kelly. Where are you guys?" "In the back house," I replied. "Perfect," Daddy drolled, sounding far too smug for my liking. "Go get the pool table brush."

Now, a bit behind the pool table brush. The pool table brush is a mean SOB that if given to Daddy would reduce me to tears in under a minute. It's not too heavy or big, but its a very solid wood that stings like a mofo. And I used to LOVE it when I self spanked in middle school and high school. I actually scorched my bottom with it once. And of course, Daddy knows all about that. I should have seen it coming.

What happened next all just happened so fast. And I mean, I could never disobey Daddy, and I guess this was a fairly natural place for Francesca and I to go, and it wasn't all that suprising. But still, it was not expected at that moment! I don't think all of this was something that we would have done on our own (we decided long ago not to let our relationship become sexual, and this just pushed that border) but with Daddy telling us exactly what to do (So hot btw) we didn't feel like it was really us, know what I mean?

So that day I looked pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I'd gone out to a nice lunch, and was all done up, and wearing a very pretty black and white 1950s style sundress, which just happens to be one of my favorite things to be spanked in. Its a linen like cotton with a light petticoat that feels so exquisit when it's lifted over my bottom. Daddy told me to give Francesca the brush, and then to lay myself over her lap, her sitting on the middle of the couch. I was so stunned, I couldn't help but obey. And then Daddy told her to lift my dress. I must say, that my previous post about exposure was wrong. The most exposed I have ever felt in my entire life was that moment. No doubt in my mind. I was actually feeling very aware of myself, and embarassed- and I wasn't even bare yet!

That didn't last long though. Daddy asked her what my panties looked like. I groaned inwardly. I loved my panties, but they were very ironic. Navy blue cotton cheeky panties with blue lace trim that say "Miss Pink America" on the bottom. Very appropriate they both agreed. I blushed. Then daddy told her to put her hands in the sides, and told me to lift my hips so she could pull them down. I protested a bit, Daddy scolded me, and I obeyed, lifting my hips so she could pull them down to my thighs.

I was now bare bottomed over the lap of my best friend about to be spanked for a completely fictious reason with my Daddy on speaker phone dictating what we were to do on the last day of my 19th year. He then told her to pick up the brush.....

To Be Continued...

Princess Kelly


  1. Kelly love your latest post with young Francesca spanking your bottie look forward to your next news love and spanks ,tim xxx

  2. This is delicious! I can't wait for the next installement. The pics are exquisite!

    Hope that you had a great time fishing. While you were gone my boyfriend read our e-mails. I was soundly punished with the paddle for some things I said, primarily the fact that I complained after you replied to my story. As Kyle said as he walloped my backside, "You asked for her opinion. She gave it to you honestly." He really gave it to me. He also suggested that I publicly apologize.
    I'm sorry for the drama.
    I'm appreciative for your insights, e-mails, and friendship.
    I'm appreciative to the man who helps me see my errors and corrects them corporally.
    I'm really appreciative for arnica cream and ice packs.

    Warmly, to the point of toasty,
    Jean Marie

  3. Tim-
    Thanks sweetie! :)

    Jean Marie-
    Hi there sweetie. Hm, well now, I'm Very glad things with you and your boy seem to be turning around for the better. Atleast, I hope that's what's going on. And you don't need to apologize, though I must admit I'm glad that your boyfriend laid into you a bit for what happened- I think you were kinda crying out for a spanking. I love our friendship and I'm glad that we can share and be honest with each other :).
    Lol to the last bit. I hope that your bottom feels better soon, and that you got a nice great big hug after your spanking.

    Princess Kelly

  4. Oh gosh you little tease!
    You are a very good writer, and can't wait to hear more.